Q&A Interview: Thomas Cain

Name: Thomas Cain

School: Cibola High School

Grade: Junior

Where are you from and when did you begin competitive running?

I am from Yuma, Arizona and I began running my freshman year which was the 2014-2015 track season. I even remember the date, February 3rd.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

Due to the heat we do most of our base workouts in the morning with speed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Our coach emphasizes long runs every Saturday to add to our high mileage.

What is something that helps you mentally prepare for a race?

I try not to psych myself out too much and over think the race. So I usually talk to my teammates or just listen to music.

What music do you like to listen to before a race?

There are a few songs that get me pumped up that I have on a playlist. The songs "Dream" by Imagine Dragons and "In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins. Besides that, just today's hits.

What's your favorite XC memory?

Last year or my first year, which was my first year of cross country, I vividly remember running Twilight's Sweepstakes race. My coach wanted to me to hold back the first mile and I came through about 5:15 and negative split and ended up breaking 16 for the first time after going from 52nd to 39th on a kick.

What's your favorite pre-race meal?

Usually before big meets some of my teammates (Nick, Wally, Jake, Gabe) go to Olive Garden to carb up and I either get lasagna or spaghetti.

What's your season goal?

My goal for the season was to keep improving as the season progressed and to reignite the flame the alumni handed off to us by winning a City and Sectional title while placing as high as possible at State.

    (Photo provided by Thomas Cain)

Do/Did you have any role models on the team or from years past?

I really look up to Coach Norton's son, Ryan. He was a solid, consistent runner in High School and ran in college where he never stopped getting better. Of course my Coach is someone I look up to.

What's one piece of advice he gave you?

Right before the State two mile Ryan told me it would be a mental game and to think entirely positive during the race.

What motivational advice of your own do you give the younger athletes?

I tell them to rely on the training and coach's word to succeed.

                   (Photo provided by Thomas Cain)

Do you have a favorite pro-runner/athlete?

Yes, I like Aaron Craft. He is a basketball player who went to Ohio State and his entire game is hustle and I truly admire that.

What's your favorite subject in school? Why?

My favorite subject is Math since numbers flow through my mind easily.

 What's something unique about you outside of running?

I only started running at the end of my freshman year, but before that I played basketball and football for the school and on a travel basketball team. Also I played soccer on a travel team until 7th grade and my elder sister plays it in College.

Will you be racing any post-season meets (NXN or FL West)?

Yes, I will be racing NXR in hopes to qualify for Nationals. If not, I hope to qualify at FL West.