Q&A Interview: Tyrees Moulton

Name: Tyrees Moulton

School: North Canyon HS

Grade: Junior

 MileSplit AZ: Your coach told me you are from Jamaica. How is competitive running different in Jamaica from the U.S.?

 I moved to Arizona when I was 6 years old . Running in Jamaica is comparable to how American football is in the United States.  Every athlete wants to be like Usain  Bolt in Jamaica.

MileSplit AZ: When did you begin competitive running?

I started running competitively in 7th grade at Vista Grande Middle School. Coach Airabin Justin started coaching me in middle school and still coaches me at North Canyon.

MileSplit AZ: You run a variety of races from the 100m to the 800m? Are there any other races or events that you compete in?

I run the 200m dash and sometimes for fun I will participate in the long jump. At a dual meet I have jumped over 21 feet, so I was happy with that. The 200m and 400m are my main focus this year and of course the relays.

MileSplit AZ: What is your favorite event or race?

That is difficult I really enjoy the 200m and 400m, however the 200m race is so fun and is fast! I tried the 800m for the first time at the Aztec invite and it took me a few days to recover, however I did like it.

(Above photo Daniel Lozano 2016 800m state champ of Boulder Creek and Tyrees Moulton of North Canyon both broke Nathan Rodriguez's Aztec Invite 800m record this season)

MileSplit AZ: What does a typical training week look like for you?

Our most difficult training day is usually on a Monday. A typical workout will consist of multiple 250m's and 200m repeats. In the off season we run longer intervals such as 500m-800m repeats to work on our stamina. We also weight lift 2-3 times a week which helps us stay strong throughout the season. We do have recovery days after a meet or hard workout. I train year round which keeps me fit and strong all season as well.

MileSplit AZ: What is something that helps you mentally prepare for a race?

I like to be around my friends and to feel positive energy. They help me relax but we also have fun. I say to myself before a race, "Show them what you got!"

MileSplit AZ: What is your favorite track meet?

I really like Arcadia and will be racing the 400m and 200m in the elite sections. There is great competition and everyone always runs fast.

MileSplit AZ: What are some goals you would like to accomplish this season?

I want to run under 47 seconds in the 400m  and under 21 seconds in the 200m. Also this an important year for recruiting and I hope to impress many colleges.

MileSplit AZ: Do/Did you have any role models?

My role models are my coach, teammates, and other athletes in Arizona. Some of these athletes include Isaiah Oliver, Bobby Grant, and Jasmine Stauffacher-Gray.

MileSplit AZ: What motivational advice do you give the younger athletes?

Anyone can be great at track and field, however some give up easily because it's a difficult sport. Also focus on your own race...pick your own goals. Do not worry about everyone else or you will lose sight of what's important.

MileSplit AZ: Will you be racing at any national invitationals this season?

I will be racing at Chandler Rotary, Arcadia, and hopefully New Balance Nationals.

MileSplit AZ: What is your favorite subject in school?

My favorite subject in school is biology, however I plan on becoming an architect in college.

MileSplit AZ: Do you have any other hobbies or interest?

On my free time I like to hang out with my friends, listen to music, and draw. I basically relax because I train so hard at practice. It is important to have balance.

MileSplit AZ: What is something interesting or unique about yourself that you would like to share?

I speak Jamaican. I would be very impressed if someone came up to me at a meet and started speaking to me in Jamaican!