Q&A Interview: Turner Washington

(Photo by Andy Morales)

Name: Turner Washington

High School: Canyon Del Oro

Grade: Senior

Where are you from and when did you begin throwing?

I was born in Denver, but moved to Tucson when I was four. I started throwing competitively in the 7th grade, however it was never a real focus until sophomore year.

What was the first major breakthrough you remember making at a track meet?

My first major breakthrough was when I threw 182 in the discus during my sophomore year. It was at this point when I realized I could make a future for myself in the throws.

Who is your role model and what's the most valuable thing they've taught you?

John Karahalious, or better known as John "The Greek", has been a major role model, teaching me that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to.

What's a typical training week like for you?

Sunday: Lower body lifting session heavier weights

Monday: Upper body lifting session with heavier weights; 25-40 discus throws depending on the caliber of meet that week

Tuesday:  10 standing shot put throws, 25 discus throws

Wednesday: Upper and Lower body lift with lighter weights; If there isn't a meet that day I'll take 25 discus throws in practice, and work a lot of shot put

Thursday: Off

Friday: If the meet is Saturday I'll take 12 discus throws

Saturday: Invite

Throws are such technical events and you've had so much success in Discus. What do you enjoy about throwing Disc most?

I love throwing discus because the technique is so cut throat coming down to millimeters and thousands of seconds. If you rotate by a couple degrees too much on the left foot out of the back you're done for.

You've committed to attend and compete for the University of Arizona in Tucson. What went into making that decision and what sort of things have you been discussing with your future coaches?

Family was the biggest decision factor. I wanted to be somewhere if say I blew an ACL, I could still remain happy. My future coach and I have discussed how my first year of training will go.

What interests you academically at U of A?

I would like to major in physiology, but I'm not completely sure yet.

What advice would you give to younger throwers?

I would tell the younger throwers to stick with it, throwing is full of ups and downs. Specifically, for discus throwers I would tell them that you are a thrower that lifts, not a lifter that throws. Basically saying to direct more attention towards your technique because strength will come over time.