Q&A Interview: Morgan Foster

Name: Morgan Foster

School: Chandler High School

Year: Sophomore

Where are you from and when did you begin competitive running?

I was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. I began running when I was 9. I did compete triathlon and showed natural talent in the sport, so my parents signed me up and I've loved it ever since

You ran club Track first with the Arizona Cheetahs & Arizona Elite. What impacted you the most from your experience with Club Track? What was the most important thing you learned?

I think I developed a love for the sport and learned to stick with it and to work hard. At first it was 3 or 4 times a week. Then as I got older it was 6 days a week. I became very dedicated.

What does a typical training week look like for you?

The hardest workout of the week is definitely Monday's. It depends on what we have that week but even when there's a meet Mondays are usually difficult

Tuesdays are longer aerobic runs, with some ab workouts after

Wednesday is another workout day

Thursday-a run, ab-work

Friday-another workout

Saturday-long run


What is something that helps you mentally prepare for a race?

I love going to the meets early just to say all my friends. Watching them compete and watching them doing well helps get me into the mindset of 'you're racing in a couple of hours but they did it so you can do it.' I kinda' forget that I'm about to race when I'm with them, but it's good to get my mind off of it. It helps with the nerves a lot.

You're very talented in a variety of events. Which one is your favorite to run in Track?

For sure the 800. I kinda' switches off sometimes, but these past two years it's definitely been the 800. The mile comes in a close second. I've really had to work on my kick.

                                    (Photo by Ben Crawford)

What's your favorite pre-race meal?

My teammates love to tease me about this, but I usually have a bean and rice burrito about 3-4 hours before I race. I'm very superstitious when it comes to races.

Do/Did you have any role models on the team or from years past? What's one piece of advice they gave you?

Alexis Nichols (who is currently running for ASU). She was a Senior on the team last year. She helped me learn the ropes and taught me to focus on what I was doing.

You have swimmers on the team? Do you do any sports besides running (Biking, soccer etc.)?

I used to play soccer for about ten years, but I recently quit and I also did triathlons for a couple years, but I've been committed to running for about two years now.

Do you have a pro-runner/athlete you'd like to meet?

I like a lot of them like Emily Infeld and Colleen Quigley. I went to the Olympic Trials last year and I got to meet a lot of the American distance runners, but one person who I would have liked to but didn't get to meet was Emma Coburn.

What's your favorite subject in school? Why?

I would probably have to say Chemistry. I like the labs that I do. It's fun knowing the why things happen, for me personally.

You ran your State record for 800 meters at the Portland Track Festival. Have you and Coaches talked about racing any post-season meets this year? And if so do you know which?

I'm hoping to get accepted into more meets like Brooks PR or Portland Track Fest again.

(Photo by Kirby Lee-Morgan anchors Chandler 4x800 to a US #1 at Arcadia)