Rachel Field Is In It For The Long Run

(Rachel Field placed 11th among Division 4 Girls at the State Championships last year.-photo by John Hays)

Year: Senior
Where are you from and when did you begin running?
I am from Gilbert Arizona and I began running in the 8th grade. My dad ran track and cross country in high school and when I switched to Gilbert Christian in 8th grade, he found out they had a cross-country team he said I should go out.
What's your favorite workout?
I'd have to say hill repeats at Discovery Park or Tempo runs.
Do you listen to music before your race? If so, what's on your playlist?
My two favorite songs are Wreak Havoc and Purple Lamborghini. I do love to listen the Rocky Playlist as well.
What is your favorite memory of cross-country over the course of your career?
(Below: Rachel placed 4th in her race at the Mt SAC Invitational.-photo by Clark Kranz)
I think I'd have to go with an 8th grade race. The first time I tried to lead the race I went the wrong way. It was supposed to be a two-mile race and we ended up running three miles because I led the lead group off course. For high school, I think going up to Mt. SAC with my team was so much fun. I loved the course because the first mile was all flat but after that it was basically all hills. It's challenging but definitely one of the most fun courses we've ever ran because it's a mental game and it's fun to compete there.
Do you have any role models on the Gilbert Christian XC team or from years past, and what is the most valuable lesson you learned from them?
I'd have to say Logan Pinkerton. He had always been the fastest kid at Gilbert Christian and even though he didn't have many people to push him in practice but to see how he could mentally battle with himself and push himself to be the best athlete he could be was super encouraging. He's running for Wheaton University now.
What advice of your own would you give to any Gilbert Christian athlete hoping to win a State title?
(Right: Rachel Field placed 11th in the 1600 meters at the State Meet last May.-photo by John Hays)
Run your race. When you go out and try to base your race off other runners that's when you get yourself into trouble. I learned that at the State Championships in the mile. I knew Meaghan Barney was a 5:04 miler and though I told myself not to be in front of her, I screwed up my race because I tried to base it off what she was doing.
Are you involved in any activities outside of cross-country at Gilbert Christian and if so which one(s)?
I play basketball, I'm a part of the robotics team and NHS, and I've also done a couple of school plays. I like to stay busy.
Do you intend to run after high school and if so have you verbally announced commitment to any program?
I definitely plan to run after high school. I'm trying to decide what would be best for my education. I'm talking to some schools but I haven't made a decision yet. I was thinking of running at Paradise Valley Community College for a year before transferring to a University, because they have a phenomenal coach. Other than that, I'm kind of interested Morgan State and opening a dialogue with them. Maybe Arizona State or University of Arizona. I would really love to go to Cornell and though I wouldn't be a recruit but they said if I went there I could do their fitness test and run for them.

Your coach said you were able to take running up to a new level through the work you put in over the summer. Do you credit Coach Barney with helping you accomplish that?
For sure My brother and I went to the Anasazi Running Camp where they taught us about the Arthur Lydiard system which consists of increasing your capillaries by getting in as many miles as possible during the preseason. The things he taught us at that camp were extremely helpful for how to train yourself physically and mentally.
If you could go on a long run with any professional athlete (living or otherwise) who would it be?
Steve Prefontaine because he inspired my dad when he was in high school and I think it would be cool to meet one of my dad's heroes and to go for a run with him and see what kind of workouts he liked doing and what drives him to run.
Do you intend to run at any post-season meets, and if so which one(s)?
I probably won't for cross-country just because basketball starts next week. I'll start going to practice after State, but I am going to try to do a couple of indoor meets before track.