Arizona Watch List - Nick Dale



We are starting our Arizona Watch List series and will continue with it for the next few weeks.   As the cross country season gets underway new athletes will be added to the list.  Good luck to everyone!  See you on the course!


Journal Questions:


Name:  Nick Dale


High School: 

Mountain Ridge


Year of Graduation: 2014


Best time in a 5K and a 3 Mile Race:

My best 5K time is 16:26.30


What are your goals for the upcoming season:

I want to be top 10 in the state


How is your summer training going?   Your favorite workout?  What kind of summer mileage do you run?

My summer training has been going great.  My favorite workout has to be hills and my mileage is too far to count.


How long have you been running and how did you get started:

I have been running for about four years now. I started in seventh grade on my middle schools Cross Country team.


Will you be competing out of State this season?  If so, when and where?

Yes my team competes in Stanford during the season on September 29.


What are your favorite courses and the toughest courses to run in State and out of State.

My favorite course has to be Flagstaff which is the first race of the year. For me the hardest course is always state.


So far in your high school career, what is your favorite cross country race or cross country memory?

My favorite cross country race was Flagstaff of freshman year because I surprised so many people with where I placed.


When you are not running what do you like to do?

When I'm not running I normally am playing video games, listening to music or hanging out with my friends and teammates.


Do you cross train (lift, swim, bike etc)?

Over the summer I swam, lifted weights and played soccer but now I am focusing on only running.


Do you think you would like to run competitively after high school?

Yes I am already starting to look at colleges that interest me so I can contact them to see if I could make their team.


What were your favorite Olympic sports and did they inspire you in any way?

My favorite Olympic sports are swimming and track because I grew up in a family that loves swimming and I can relate to the track runners.


Quick Six:


Favorite Pre-race Meal?

Oatmeal Bars


Kind of shoes you train in?

Asics or Brooks


Favorite athlete (running or otherwise)?

Michael Phelps


Favorite TV show or movie?

The Guardian


Favorite song?

Too Close by Alex Clare


Favorite quote?

"To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift"- Steve Prefontaine