Editing Your Athlete Profile

Once you've claimed your athlete profile, there are lots of things you can do to customize it. Here's a quick guide to doing that.

Note: This article, and all other articles assume a couple of things. They assume that you have established a username (registered) on the system and that you are logged in. If you haven't done that yet, go ahead and do it now. In addition, many of the functionalities assume that you are a MileSplit Insider. If you are not an Insider already, you can become one here.

If you (or a parent) have claimed your athlete profile, you can now return to your athlete profile (make sure you're logged in!) and customize how your profile looks.

The first thing most people want to do is to add a profile photo and/or a cover photo. Your profile photo will appear over the lower left part of your banner, much like it would on your Facebook page. Your cover photo appears in the middle of your athlete page banner, in the same area that the photo of the track with lanes three and four shows as a default image on your athlete profile.

To make any changes to your athlete profile, begin by clicking the Edit Profile button in the upper right of the banner at the top of your page. The utilties to upload photos are on the right side of the edit page of your profile. The steps for adding photos are pretty much self-explanatory except for one thing--the edit page does not give you the dimensions of the photos to upload. The results of uploading profile and cover photos are generally much better if you do the resizing and photo editing first on your own rather than allowing the system to automatically configure the photos to the available space.

If you upload a profile photo, the pixel dimensions of that photo should be 150 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. If you upload a cover photo, the pixel dimensions of that photo should be 900 pixels wide by 300 pixels high.

All of the other profile information options are more or less self-explanatory.

The Feed tab of your athlete profile registers the most recent 50 instances of meet results and articles in which you were tagged. You have no edit options on this part of your athlete profile.

The Articles tab of your athlete profile works much like the Feed tab except that it shows only inclusions in articles.

The two tabs of greatest importance for our present purposes are the Photos and Videos tab. As a rule, when photos and videos are posted on the site, the athlete(s) appearing in the photo or video are not tagged. We mostly leave that exercise to the end user. In either case, you will go to the meet page in which you wish to tag a photo or video, find the album (if a photo) and photo within the album or find the video in which you appear. Once you are at the actual photo or video, all you need to do is to find the athlete search box beneath or beside the item, type in your name, and click Search. From there, click on your name in the list of athletes that appears.

If you have a common first and last name, you will probably want to include the two-letter abbreviation of your home state after your last name when you search. This will help to bring your name toward the top of the search list.

Once you have tagged yourself in a photo or video, a thumbnail of that photo or video will be added to your athlete profile under the appropriate tab. Clicking on the thumbnail will link to the original photo or video. Many of the photos and videos on the site, however, are Insider content and, while the thumbnails will appear on your athlete profile page without Insider status, will not be viewable without that status.

If there are mutliple copies of your athlete profile, please contact the webmaster for your state (lower left corner of any page on that state's site) and request a merge of athlete profiles. The state webmaster will be happy to do that for you. By doing this, you not only condense your performances into one list, but you help to ensure that all future performances go to the same profile page.

In most cases, a merge is necessary because you have competed for two different high schools, a high school and a college, or a school team and a club team. After a merge, your profile will still appear on any team pages that you are affiliated with, but all performances, regardless of affiliation, will appear on the same profile.