Courtney Pansza: Drawing & Running for the Next 4 Years

Name: Courtney Pansza
High School: Verrado High School
Signed With: Savannah College of Art and Design

Why the Savannah College of Art and Design? What are your career aspirations?

I was having difficulty the start of senior year, I knew I wanted to go to an art school but I was for sure wanting to continue my running career. I was interested in Fashion design. When I went college searching online I was not able to find the right school for me, until my friend as well as teammate and classmate in art class recommended SCAD to me. I looked it up and discovered how perfect the fit was for me.

Heading to Georgia will be a change of climate, are you looking forward to the humidity?

I have spoken to my parents a lot about this actually, I am not too afraid of the humidity, it will, however, be an uncomfortable change I will have to get used to but it might be better on my lungs than the dusty desert.

What has been the best part about running track on the west side of town?

I love my school, I wouldn't want to attend any other high school. And to top it off we have a great athletics program. It is fun coming from the west and beating D1 runners in the east.

What are you going to miss the most about Arizona?

I am actually from Kansas City, Missouri, I have come to love Arizona but the biggest thing I am going to miss is my family and boyfriend that has supported my running career probably more than any other runner's family I have seen.

What is your favorite piece of artwork you have made?

Well what most don't know about me is I am actually a really big Phoenix Suns fan and I recently did a portrait of Isaiah Thomas that I am proud of.