D.J. Ware signs with the Wildcats

Name: D.J. Ware

High School: Chandler HS

Signed With: University of Arizona

First off is this a track and football scholarship or just track?

Just for track

Why did you choose to stay local?

I chose to stay local to be closer to home

Do you see yourself moving up or specializing in the short sprints?

I want to specialize in the 100 and 200m dash.

What are you planning for your classroom specialty?

I'm definitely planning on something related to business not exactly sure yet.

Who has helped you get to where you are now in track the most?

I would say my parents, Coach Rawle and my Chandler coaches (Coach Eric and Coach Scott).

Winning state may not have been a shocker for you, but probably was for a lot of other people. How did winning the state meet give you confidence going forward?

It gave me the confidence that I can truly compete with anybody and it made me not as nervous to compete as well like I would be before.