Best Of The West Athlete Spotlight - Sherod Hardt

Sherod Hardt comes from a very talented running family.  His two sisters, Whitney (04) and Kari (06) collected a long list of championship titles including multiple State Titles.  Both sisters went on to run at ASU.

Sherod appears to be following in their footsteps, so to speak, as he continues to improve each season.  He also joins a group of elite runners in Arizona and most of them are in the same division.....4A II.  

During the 08 cross country season, Sherod finished 3rd at the Arizona 4A II State Meet behind Brian Shrader and Tim Freriks but his best race came at the Nike South West Cross Country Regionals in Tempe where he placed 7th, just missing a spot in the National Meet.  Two weeks later Sherod placed 14th at the Foot Locker West Regional Meet on one of the toughest courses in the country.  Sherod's senior year looks promising for his final prep cross country season as he continues to knock out new PR's.

Sherod spent some time with Milesplit Arizona talking about his family, his training and his upcoming Track Season.





5000 Meter Run - 15:29.50
Three Mile Run - 14:37.00
1500 Meter Run - 4:15.21
1600 Meter Run - 4:22.31
800 Meter Run - 1:59.29
3200 Meter Run - 9:29.01


AZTrackXC: Sherod, you come from a family of runners with both your sisters, Kari and Whitney running collegiately.  Do they ever give you advice and if they do, do you lister?

Sherod Hardt: Yes, they give me advice and YES I listen.  Really good advise from both of my sisters is to KEEP IT FUN and ENJOY IT.


AZTrackXC:  When did you first get involved with track and field.  

Sherod Hardt:  Elementary school 


AZTrackXC:How long have you been running?

Sherod Hardt: Since Jr. High


AZTrackXC:What is a typical training week like for you?

Sherod Hardt:  I run 6 days a week taking Sunday off , 2 days a week are hard days and I do a double run on those days, 2 days are recovery  one day is a Med/Long day and then Saturdays are always my long runs and lots and lots of strides.

 AZTrackXC: What are your goals for the upcoming track season?

Sherod Hardt: I would like to run sub 4:15 for the mile, and 9:15 or faster in the 3200.  I would like to step onto the National Stage as well by attending Arcadia invite and doing some post HS races.


AZTrackXC:How do you prepare yourself mentally for a race? 

Sherod Hardt: Positive self talk and visualization of the race.

AZTrackXC: Many younger runners look up to top athletes like yourself.  What message would you tell younger runners who aspire to be at the top? 

Sherod Hardt: Prepare yourself to be the best by working hard and doing all the little things .  The little things are what helps an athlete reach their fullest potential.  It is important to be focused, self motivated and dedicated to what you are doing.  Running is not always the most fun thing to do especially when you have to do it alone so try and keep it fun and in the end it will all  pay off and  being at the top of the sport is something that makes it all worth it.


AZTrackXC:If you had to attribute your success to one thing, what would that be?

Sherod Hardt: Hard work.



AZTrackXC:Do you have any role models or mentors in track and field or cross country?

Sherod Hardt: I would have to say my sisters… they both  have really struggled during their collegiate years and they continued to push through it and work hard.  Their hard work and  their examples to me not only with running but in life make them super role models and someone that I  look up to.


AZTrackXC:What does your season look like?  When is your first race and will you be competing in any out of state track meets during the season or post high school season?

Sherod Hardt: My season will be pretty busy with racing because my HS team really counts on me.  My first race will be March 6th at home for our invitational.  Big races that I am focusing on is Chandler, Arcadia and State.  I am also planning on running in at least one post season meet like NON.


AZTrackXC:Person you look forward to running against? 

Sherod Hardt: Brian Schrader, Steve Magnuson, and Tim Freriks.


AZTrackXC:Most of us only know you as a runner.  What is one thing you would like us to know about you outside of running?

Sherod Hardt: I am LDS and will serve a mission following HS.


AZTrackXC:Do you have any superstitions?

Sherod Hardt: NOPE


AZTrackXC:Looking back on your cross country season, what was your favorite cross country moment. 

Sherod Hardt: When our team went to California for MT. Carmel Invite… it was a blast and I ran FAST.


Quick Six


Favorite pre-race Meal?

Oatmeal and  homemade toast


Favorite TV show?

Medium or Law and Order


Favorite race (meet)? 

Cross: Mt. Carmel, Track: Chandler


Track or Cross Country?

Cross County


Favorite Track Event?



Celebrity crush?

Taylor Swift