Workout Wednesday: Campo Verde's Half-Mile Repeats at Zanjero Park

We caught up with Campo Verde Coyotes of Gilbert, AZ on the week of their season-opener meet in Coolidge, for some grueling half-mile repeats in 108-degree weather. Throughout the workout the boys and girls encouraged each other to give their best repeat after repeat. Up next for the Coyotes will be the Desert Solstice Festival down in Tucson, AZ.

According to Coach Applebach, the goal of this workout was to elicit vVO2Max for as long as possible with the rest in between each rep, equal to the prescribed interval pace.

  • 6-minute warm-up jog
  • Dynamic exercises the rest of the way to Zanjero Park
  • ½ mile loop at vVO2Max Pace
  • 1:1 recovery to run ratio, walk/trot the recovery interval
  • Sub 3:15 complete 7, 3:16-3:30 complete 6, 3:31-3:45 complete 5, all else complete 4-5
  • Jog back to CV with sprint between cones, Chocolate Milk, Rope Stretch
Post-Workout Interview with CVXC Boys