Robots And Soccer Highlight Many Differences Between Daschbachs

Robots And Soccer Highlight Many Differences Between Daschbachs

Leo Daschbach and William Daschbach are both outstanding runners for the Highland Hawks. Last season, Will and Leo ran respective times of 15:34.9 and 15:30.2 for 5K at Desert Twilight. At the Cross-Country State Championships in November, it was Leo who ran the top performance of the day with a fearless kick down the home stretch to clock in at 15:52.8. Will is a Senior and currently holds a 4.12 weighted G.P.A., while Leo is only a sophomore, and also plays Outside Wing for the Highland Soccer Team. On the track, Will and Leo hold respective PRs of 9:50.33 and 9:53.57 for 3200m. We wish them the best this upcoming outdoor season.

Who got started in running first and how?

W: I got into to running first and it was at Val Vista Lakes Elementary running the 5k test for getting my black belt and I remember passing a lot of older kids and from there I joined the running club at my elementary school.

Will & Leo how have you helped each other throughout your careers?

L: William forced me to run my freshman year, I probably never would have run if he hadn't.

W: There's definitely a lot of competition during races and that pushes me to race my best.

Leo, you are a top varsity athlete not only for cross-country but also for soccer. What helps you achieve balance between the two?

L: I prioritize running over soccer. The training mostly doesn't overlap but when it does I'll normally run.

Leo, Coach Monty mentioned how unexpected your victory at the Cross-Country State Championships was. Has that victory changed your perspective on your running career and if so, how? Are you more confident? Do you take certain things more seriously?

L: Yes, it has changed my perspective, I had never really seen myself as being one of the top competitors until later in high school. Now I see myself as one of the best and as a leader and example for my team.

Will & Leo: What is/are your favorite post-race meal(s)?

L: protein shake

W: Favorite post meal for me would be a protein bar and lots of water, I can't eat much after races.

Will & Leo: What is it like to live with your biggest rival? Are you guys competitive at home?

L: We don't see each other as rivals outside of the course but I am always trying to be the best that I can be in every aspect of my life.

W: It's pretty much competition for 100 percent of the time, most cereal eaten, chores done, who can finish their homework the fastest. I'd say it's pure intensity 100% time on and off the course.

How are you most different from one another, (academically, personalities, music tastes etc.)?

L: I think our personalities are very different, we prefer to hang out with different types of people and enjoy different activities in our free times.

W: I'm all in to the AP scene for school and Leo is just chilling out taking easier classes.

What are your respective goals this track season?

W: I want to break the school records for the mile and two-mile, 4:12 and 9:22.

L: I want to compete for the mile and two-mile, earn Top-3 at State and start trying to run shorter distances like the 400. My dad wants me to try the 200 (which seems a bit too easy if you ask me).

Will, you're a Senior. Do you intend to compete at the collegiate level and if so, are you circling a few schools, or have you committed already?

W: I'm definitely on board for competing on the collegiate level but really want to focus on my degree in robotics I intend to take, so I'm looking at D2 and D3 schools. My main school I'm looking at is UC Santa Cruz.