Schadler's Ready To Roll And Highland Look To Repeat

With the season now underway and the Highland boys in shape to bring their A-game to any meet, returning Division 1 State Champion Leo Daschbach will face the Division 2 Boys State Champ Rylan Stubbs from Campo Verde. Stubbs will be looking for redemption as he succumbed to David Nelsen's (Hamilton, 2018) kick at last year's race but we could see some wicked fast sub-16 times come out of Desert Solstice tonight with the fastest two returning milers, pulling the field.

Let's not forget about the handful of other guys aiming to throw down with these guys including Connor Heron who broke 16-minutes at last year's Doug Conley Invitational, Zach Gomez (Queen Creek, Sr.) who ran 4:21 for 1600m this past spring, and Derek Baca (Casteel, So.) a top-10 D3 finisher at last year's State Meet.
What kind of breakout performances might we see out of Crooked Tree Golf Course Tonight?

Boys 5,000m

X1Leo Daschbach11Highland High16:07.001
X2Braedon Palmer11Sunrise Mountain High School16:10.402
X3Rylan Stubbs12Campo Verde High School16:10.603
X4Zach Gomez12Queen Creek High School16:20.004
X5Connor Heron11Desert Mountain High School16:31.205
X6Derek Baca10Casteel16:34.006
X7Jacob Block12Basha High School16:35.707
X8Kenny Edwards11Campo Verde High School16:43.108
X9Kyle Shirley12Casteel16:52.209
X10Ernest Green11Highland High16:55.0010
X11Kyle Partin12Marana High School16:55.0011
X12Dallin Archibald12Highland High16:55.2012
X13Caden Resendez11Highland High16:58.8013
X14Garrett Anderson11Campo Verde High School16:59.6014
X15Noah Harry12Vista Grande High School17:01.1015
X16Broderick Bourgeois12Red Mountain High School17:04.7016
X17Jacob Stabler11Perry High School17:08.6017
X18Ryan Dempsey11Hamilton High School17:09.6018
X19Gavin Vogt12Hamilton High School17:11.7019
X20Johnathon Lane10Walden Grove17:14.0020
X21Dayton Carlson10Casteel17:18.4021
X22James Craig Cardon11Perry High School17:20.5022
X23Justin Pace10Sunrise Mountain High School17:20.7023
X24Chalen Lozano11Marana High School17:21.0024
X25Sam Green11Highland High17:21.0025
X26Mason Hall 9Show Low High School17:23.6026
X27Daniel Kirkland12Casteel17:24.3027
X28Christian Tamura12Campo Verde High School17:25.2028
X29Marcus Behling12Perry High School17:28.9029
X30Zac Whaley11Campo Verde High School17:29.0030
X31Beau Williams11Show Low High School17:31.6031
X32Miles Thomas11Sunrise Mountain High School17:32.5032
X33Denton Hardt11Queen Creek High School17:33.5033
X34Kade Saunders12Highland High17:34.3034
X35Kyle Miller11Desert Mountain High School17:34.6035
X36Alec Rinsem10Highland High17:39.0036
X37Brandon Gonzalez12Flowing Wells High School17:43.0037
X38Shjon Oelke11Casteel17:43.0038
X39Kent Garner11Highland High17:45.70--
X40Marquavias Brandenburg10Red Mountain High School17:47.2039
X41Thomas Sewell10Red Mountain High School17:47.9040
X42Wyatt Hanson10Campo Verde High School17:50.2041
X43Pierre Cuyeu12Desert Vista High School17:51.0042
X44Martin Fuller10Desert Vista High School17:51.3043
X45Jagger Zlotoff10Highland High17:53.60--
X46Devonte Dietz12Flowing Wells High School17:54.0044
X47Connor Anderson12Desert Mountain High School17:54.2045
X48Vincent Larente11Desert Vista High School17:55.5046
X49Nathan Mann11Casteel17:55.7047
X50Avery Dylla12Ironwood Ridge High School17:57.4048
X51Graham Farnsworth11Casteel17:58.5049
X52Jake Dalton11Highland High17:59.90--
X53Mac Jones11Campo Verde High School18:00.1050
X54Jordan Mares11Morenci Jr./Sr. High School18:00.8051
X55Joseph Hamilton10Red Mountain High School18:01.0052
X56Max Rogers12Red Mountain High School18:01.7053
X57Joseph Carlson11Casa Grande Union High School18:02.0054
X58Dan Darnell12Hamilton High School18:02.6055
X59Ryan Crockett12Highland High18:03.10--
X60Jeffrey Redmond10Show Low High School18:04.9056
X61Michael Sexson11Hamilton High School18:05.1057
X62Owen Jackson12Perry High School18:07.3058
X63Nick Basha11Desert Vista High School18:08.5059
X64Nolan Billetor 9Desert Vista High School18:09.2060
X65Nicolo Perciballi11Desert Vista High School18:09.3061
X66Braden Watkins11Red Mountain High School18:10.1062
X67Seth Chacon10Walden Grove18:10.2063
X68Adam Hauck12Hamilton High School18:10.7064
X69Ryan Hoyt 9Desert Vista High School18:11.3065
X70Blake Halbert11Highland High18:11.50--
X71Caydn Baldwin10Basha High School18:11.8066
X72Austin Hutchings10Perry High School18:12.2067
X73Masen Hofmann11Red Mountain High School18:13.2068
X74Alessandro Soto11Marana Mountain View High School18:14.0069
X75Gavin King12Perry High School18:14.1070
X76Cody Butler12Hamilton High School18:14.9071
X77Alejandro Corrales12Nogales High School18:15.0072
X78Joey Bosi11Perry High School18:15.3073
X79Aldin Pablo10Trevor G. Browne High School18:16.1074
X80Carson Zych12Basha High School18:17.3075
X81Joesph Meagher10Casteel18:17.50--
X82Alex Linford12Basha High School18:18.1076
X83Kavy Manique11Basha High School18:19.4077
X84Ryan Gomez11Red Mountain High School18:20.00--
X85Kyle Havey12Perry High School18:20.30--
X86Elliott Vanderploeg12Red Mountain High School18:21.30--
X87Marshall Hammond12Highland High18:21.90--
X88Carter Morales12Desert Mountain High School18:22.6078
X89Ethan Bukowski 9Desert Vista High School18:22.70--
X90Johnathan Estrada 9Desert Vista High School18:22.90--
X91Luis Chavez12Trevor G. Browne High School18:23.1079
X92Eryk Mejia12Marana High School18:25.0080
X93Dana Crist11Perry High School18:25.70--
X94Samuel Anderson11Perry High School18:26.60--
X95Jake Oaks11Queen Creek High School18:28.5081
X96Matthew Sylvester12Morenci Jr./Sr. High School18:29.4082
X97Sean Kartchner12Morenci Jr./Sr. High School18:30.0083
X98Dawson Beck12Red Mountain High School18:30.80--
X99Reichen Cooke11Show Low High School18:31.1084
X100Logan Kerr 9Desert Mountain High School18:31.3085
X101Noah Werbelow11Desert Vista High School18:32.40--
X102Dj Colbourne 9Casteel18:32.60--
X103Stephon Hendricks10Baboquivari Middle/Senior High School18:33.4086
X104Samuel Bench10Red Mountain High School18:35.30--
X105Makay Blackburn10Desert Vista High School18:36.50--
X106Lucas Padilla12Campo Verde High School18:36.60--
X107Hayden Gelder10Basha High School18:38.1087
X108Nathan Hunt 9Desert Ridge High School18:38.8088
X109Dante Deanda11Morenci Jr./Sr. High School18:40.0089
X110Cesar Ruiz11Nogales High School18:40.0090
X111Chris Broze10Desert Vista High School18:40.80--
X112James Kinney10Perry High School18:41.00--
X113Isaiah Reed12Flowing Wells High School18:44.0091
X114Cage Campbell12Highland High18:44.30--
X115Tanner Lattie12Sunrise Mountain High School18:45.6092
X116Jacob Blais12Marana Mountain View High School18:46.0093
X117Thomas Reyes10Casa Grande Union High School18:46.0094
X118Adam De La Riva10Desert Vista High School18:46.90--
X119Aiden Penry11McClintock High School18:48.5095
X120Ethan Whitman11Higley High School18:49.0096
X121Cade Woolf10Red Mountain High School18:49.30--
X122Caal Figueroa11Highland High18:51.10--
X123Miles Mcleskey 9Highland High18:52.40--
X124Hunter Ray11Desert Ridge High School18:52.6097
X125Andrew Alexander10Desert Mountain High School18:53.6098
X126Nick Shank12Vista Grande High School18:54.7099
X127Mario Weiler11Marana Mountain View High School18:58.00100
X128Marshall Smith12Desert Vista High School18:58.20--
X129Reid Gunnels10Sunrise Mountain High School18:58.40101
X130Caleb Taylor12Red Mountain High School18:58.80--
X131Connor Donihi10Desert Vista High School18:59.50--
X132Ben Waggener12Arcadia High School19:00.10102
X133Micah Simpson Jr12Desert Vista High School19:00.10--
X134Jason Dylla12Ironwood Ridge High School19:00.40103
X135Meyson Tyler11Casteel19:00.70--
X136Anthony Cox10Campo Verde High School19:01.20--
X137Brock Hyman 9Queen Creek High School19:05.30104
X138Zaire Blevins 9Desert Vista High School19:05.90--
X139Will Barmetler12Highland High19:06.70--
X140Trenton Lundin12Campo Verde High School19:06.90--
X141Davin Soto12Casa Grande Union High School19:07.00105
X142Noah Patch10Desert Vista High School19:08.10--
X143Wilbert Esquivel12Salpointe Catholic High School19:10.50106
X144Vade Pierce10Desert Vista High School19:10.70--
X145Kenneth Hernandez 9Vista Grande High School19:12.20107
X146Dane Gomez11Perry High School19:12.80--
X147Canyon Cooke12Show Low High School19:14.20108
X148Riley Merry12Flowing Wells High School19:15.00109
X149Logan Beck10Red Mountain High School19:15.30--
X150Dennis Leung 9Desert Vista High School19:15.60--
X151Ryan Lundgreen11Highland High19:18.20--
X152Conner Robertson 9Show Low High School19:18.20110
X153Owen Berry11Walden Grove19:18.70111
X154Sean Flynn 9Perry High School19:19.60--
X155Chris Campos12Desert Ridge High School19:20.20112
X156Alexander Atkinson 9Blue Ridge High School19:20.80113
X157Mays Jones11Desert Vista High School19:21.90--
X158Will Perciballi 9Desert Vista High School19:22.90--
X159Jose Rodelo12Trevor G. Browne High School19:23.40114
X160Keaton Flake12Snowflake High School19:23.80115
X161Ethan Overson12Highland High19:24.00--
X162Jesus Cebreros10Trevor G. Browne High School19:24.20116
X163David Hermosillo11Valley Vista High School19:24.40117
X164Cecoda Clodfelter11Blue Ridge High School19:25.80118
X165Gavin Nielsen10Highland High19:26.80--
X166Matthew Mayer10Walden Grove19:26.90119
X167Fabian Reiser11Marana Mountain View High School19:28.00120
X168Adam Hansen11Desert Vista High School19:28.40--
X169Ryan Sparks12Hamilton High School19:31.00121
X170Victor Villalvazo12Highland High19:31.60--
X171Jacen Hagen12Desert Ridge High School19:33.20122
X172Jonas Valdez11Perry High School19:34.50--
X173Elijah Farringer 9Marana Mountain View High School19:36.00123
X174Luke Jennings10Higley High School19:36.40124
X175Caleb Crook12Marana Mountain View High School19:37.00125
X176Emmanuel Arvizu 9Rio Rico High School19:37.30126
X177Gabriel Baca12Morenci Jr./Sr. High School19:37.30127
X178Anthony Chanez12Morenci Jr./Sr. High School19:38.40128
X179Andy Puig12Rio Rico High School19:38.90129
X180Diego Logan-behshad 9Salpointe Catholic High School19:39.20130
X181Brayden Jolley10Benjamin Franklin19:39.40131
X182Benjamin Hanson10Highland High19:39.70--
X183Gabe Serna11Immaculate Heart High School19:41.00132
X184Tyler Evans 9Hamilton High School19:41.70--
X185Isaac Davis11Casteel19:42.20--
X186Benjamin Thomas11Salpointe Catholic High School19:42.30133
X187Caleb Kettring11Casteel19:43.20--
X188Gavin Ray10Highland High19:44.00--
X189Wesley Blair12Campo Verde High School19:44.40--
X190Matthew Diaz12Salpointe Catholic High School19:44.60134
X191Anthony Jones 9Higley High School19:44.80135
X192Hector Leon11Rio Rico High School19:46.30136
X193Tanner Golightly10Casteel19:46.40--
X194Cade Russo10Hamilton High School19:46.90--
X195Rylan Sweigart11Desert Ridge High School19:49.10137
X196Caden Engel 9Highland High19:49.70--
X197Joesph Martinez12Valley Vista High School19:50.90138
X198Grant Gilbert12Sunrise Mountain High School19:52.30139
X199Isiah Johnson 9Basha High School19:53.40140
X200Kylan Atkinson11Blue Ridge High School19:53.70141
X201Angel Joaquin 9Baboquivari Middle/Senior High School19:55.00142
X202Ivan Meza10Trevor G. Browne High School19:55.60143
X203Jacob Geile11Salpointe Catholic High School19:55.70144
X204Justin Perillo10Desert Vista High School19:56.50--
X205Connor King10Basha High School19:57.20--
X206Brandon Ericson10Highland High19:57.80--
X207Daniel Casanova12Ironwood Ridge High School19:58.40145
X208Dallin Coleman10Ray High School19:58.60--
X209Xavier Bentancourt11Flowing Wells High School19:59.00146
X210Adam Coates12Desert Mountain High School20:00.20147
X211Jack Zaharis 9Highland High20:00.90--
X212William Clayton12Casteel20:01.40--
X213Corbyn Nielsen10Highland High20:02.10--
X214Richard Kausche12McClintock High School20:04.10148
X215Matthew Smith11Perry High School20:04.60--
X216Logan Brethaur10Desert Mountain High School20:04.70--
X217Diego Gomez10Flowing Wells High School20:05.00149
X218Amaan Simpson 9Desert Vista High School20:05.60--
X219Erick Galation12Casa Grande Union High School20:06.00150
X220Adam Vanderploeg10Red Mountain High School20:06.10--
X221John Rebeta12Highland High20:06.70--
X222Juan Cervantes10Nogales High School20:07.00151
X223Gabriel Harry10Vista Grande High School20:10.00152
X224Kaelan James10Desert Vista High School20:10.20--
X225Cesar Rebollo10McClintock High School20:12.30153
X226Jacob Fitzhugh11Payson High School20:12.70154
X227Jace Owens11Show Low High School20:13.90155
X228Brett Becicka 9Desert Mountain High School20:14.00--
X229Henry Nasewytewa10Desert Vista High School20:14.10--
X230Kaden Clark10Snowflake High School20:15.50156
X231Michael Venard 9Queen Creek High School20:15.60157
X232Brandon Lythgoe12Highland High20:16.20--
X233Braden Brimhall 9Blue Ridge High School20:16.20158
X234Jarron Stevens 9Desert Ridge High School20:16.30159
X235Chris Pedersen12Campo Verde High School20:17.10--
X236Bryce Jameson 9Desert Ridge High School20:17.90160
X237Jacob Clendening12Vista Grande High School20:18.10161
X238Jett Crandall 9Benjamin Franklin20:18.60162
X239Braedon Barham10Red Mountain High School20:19.60--
X240Gibran Chavez10Nogales High School20:20.00163
X241Tyler Negroni 9Hamilton High School20:20.80--
X242Carlos Medina11Flowing Wells High School20:21.00164
X243Tyler Fichiera11Basha High School20:21.70--
X244Roque Mora11Sahuarita High School20:22.00--
X245Nate Mcmullen10Campo Verde High School20:22.20--
X246Daniel Corrales 9Nogales High School20:23.00165
X247Matthew Camp 9Perry High School20:23.10--
X248Carter Lewis10Hamilton High School20:23.30--
X249Juan Hernandez12Salpointe Catholic High School20:23.40166
X250Mason Williams11Highland High20:23.90--
X251Allen Aday 9Blue Ridge High School20:24.00167
X252Daniel Peterson12Snowflake High School20:24.30168
X253Ben Hall12Salpointe Catholic High School20:24.70169
X254Daniel Griffith10Vista Grande High School20:25.80170
X255Brenden Weber10Higley High School20:26.60171
X256Trenton Bollschweiller11Campo Verde High School20:26.80--
X257Logan Marek 9Ironwood Ridge High School20:28.60172
X258Brendan Cosseboom10Highland High20:29.00--
X259James Cannon10Hamilton High School20:30.10--
X260Caden Kennedy 9Highland High20:30.50--
X261Diego Martin-valdez10Salpointe Catholic High School20:30.80--
X262Luke Merkley11Higley High School20:35.30173
X263Tim Mooney12Desert Vista High School20:36.00--
X264Jesus Salcido11Tohono O'Odham High School20:36.70--
X265Garrett Rosen10Campo Verde High School20:37.40--
X266Matthew Guinn12Campo Verde High School20:39.10--
X267Jake Santos 9Hamilton High School20:39.60--
X268Jacob Flanders 9Desert Vista High School20:41.40--
X269Nathan Hess12Desert Vista High School20:41.40--
X270William Mckay12Desert Mountain High School20:42.80--
X271Kyle Prescott11Desert Mountain High School20:42.90--
X272Ryan Willems 9Desert Vista High School20:44.20--
X273Josh Head10Desert Mountain High School20:45.40--
X274Scott Bloomfield12Snowflake High School20:45.50174
X275Dalton Hoverson10Basha High School20:47.60--
X276Devan Neighbors 9Desert Vista High School20:47.60--
X277Brandon Morrison10Valley Vista High School20:48.60175
X278Arturo Tello10Marana Mountain View High School20:49.00176
X279Michael Kupfer12Desert Mountain High School20:49.00--
X280Carson Stoltzfus10Basha High School20:49.10--
X281Donoven Ong10Campo Verde High School20:49.20--
X282Keaton Payne 9Queen Creek High School20:49.60177
X283Caden Wenzel 9Desert Ridge High School20:49.70--
X284Eric Lopez11Rio Rico High School20:51.00178
X285Josh Mickey12Hamilton High School20:52.30--
X286Parker Savage 9Desert Vista High School20:54.70--
X287Jereese Tashquinth10Tohono O'Odham High School20:55.30--
X288Tayse Laughing 9Vista Grande High School20:55.40179
X289Jonah Greer 9Highland High20:55.80--
X290Axzavier Navarro 9Sunrise Mountain High School20:56.80180
X291Jaden Culley11Desert Ridge High School20:56.90--
X292Nash Porter10Queen Creek High School20:58.70181
X293Baldemar Guillen 9Trevor G. Browne High School21:01.40182
X294Joel Gardener10Ironwood Ridge High School21:01.70183
X295Russell Baker12Snowflake High School21:02.00184
X296Ryan Kay11Snowflake High School21:02.00185
X297Dane Jensen12Desert Mountain High School21:02.10--
X298Alex Latella11Highland High21:02.60--
X299Morgan Higginbotham12Desert Vista High School21:03.10--
X300Mathew Abramson12Casteel21:03.50--
X301Elias Allen 9Vista Grande High School21:05.50--
X302Greyson Akers 9Red Mountain High School21:06.20--
X303Blake Holbert10Red Mountain High School21:07.10--
X304Blake Tuszynski 9Desert Vista High School21:08.40--
X305Preston Garcia10Tohono O'Odham High School21:08.50--
X306Max Zavalza12Salpointe Catholic High School21:08.50--
X307Ethan Hubbard11Perry High School21:09.90--
X308Mason Lipp 9Desert Vista High School21:12.00--
X309Jordan Hargel11Payson High School21:13.10186
X310Kaden Gonzalez 9Desert Vista High School21:13.10--
X311Roman Gomez11Red Mountain High School21:14.20--
X312Jose Castillo12Trevor G. Browne High School21:15.90187
X313Lance Power10Red Mountain High School21:18.20--
X314Jake Murray 9Benjamin Franklin21:18.60188
X315Antonio Hernandez12Salpointe Catholic High School21:19.60--
X316Tyler Crockett11Marana High School21:21.00189
X317Dagoberto Gastelum11Flowing Wells High School21:21.00--
X318Kyle Arnold12Arcadia High School21:23.00190
X319Matthew Rutter10Ray High School21:23.30--
X320Ethan Bertrand12Campo Verde High School21:23.80--
X321Alexander Harris11Salpointe Catholic High School21:24.70--
X322Matthew Coulthard12Marana High School21:29.00191
X323Kaden Gilliland 9Highland High21:30.00--
X324Seth Uribe11Highland High21:30.80--
X325Hudson Asher 9Hamilton High School21:32.80--
X326Corbyn Van Hoose11Valley Vista High School21:34.10192
X327Brock Scott 9Highland High21:34.40--
X328Zac Plamondon10Hamilton High School21:34.40--
X329Zane Whitener10Higley High School21:37.00193
X330Kenneth Gentry12Hamilton High School21:40.30--
X331Evan Sewell 9Highland High21:40.70--
X332Beau Crews 9Sunrise Mountain High School21:42.20--
X333Aiden Maes 9Highland High21:42.40--
X334Blake Baird11Perry High School21:42.90--
X335David Appelo-hunt10Vista Grande High School21:43.20--
X336Caleb Salcido 9Flowing Wells High School21:44.00--
X337Matthew Klein11Valley Vista High School21:44.60194
X338Spencer Paakkonen 9Hamilton High School21:44.70--
X339Logan Smith10Campo Verde High School21:45.90--
X340Isia Martinez 9Vista Grande High School21:47.90--
X341Zachary Hooper 9Hamilton High School21:48.40--
X342Isaiah Sunbear11Baboquivari Middle/Senior High School21:49.20195
X343Noah Jodon 9Desert Vista High School21:50.10--
X344Andrew Orr 9Basha High School21:50.70--
X345Caleb Bensen 9Highland High21:50.80--
X346Luis Nunez 9Perry High School21:51.60--
X347Carson Ridgeway 9Benjamin Franklin21:51.90196
X348Collins Maiyo10Marana High School21:52.00197
X349Walter Cole12Casteel21:53.80--
X350Devin Phillips11Hamilton High School21:56.20--
X351Niko Ristagno12Desert Mountain High School21:56.80--
X352Zach Needham 9Perry High School21:57.00--
X353Ryan Amarillas10Walden Grove21:58.80198
X354Christopher Menghini 9Payson High School21:59.30199
X355Ryan Williams12Morenci Jr./Sr. High School22:00.20200
X356Daniel Eisele 9Salpointe Catholic High School22:00.20--
X357Tyler Laughlin11Basha High School22:00.90--
X358Dylan Bosworth10Desert Ridge High School22:01.80--
X359Michael Van Dyke10Marana Mountain View High School22:02.00--
X360John Gengler12Salpointe Catholic High School22:03.10--
X361Tyler Embley12Campo Verde High School22:03.60--
X362Wyatt Preble 9Salpointe Catholic High School22:04.70--
X363Gilbert Lucero11Valley Vista High School22:04.70201
X364Elijah Davis 9Red Mountain High School22:04.90--
X365Miguel Valdez11Nogales High School22:06.00202
X366Jayden Wade12Basha High School22:06.30--
X367Isaac Sunbear11Baboquivari Middle/Senior High School22:07.10203
X368Peter Manghini12Payson High School22:09.60204
X369Heber Espinosa10Snowflake High School22:09.80205
X370Tony Todora10Desert Ridge High School22:10.20--
X371Nolan Burke 9Hamilton High School22:10.60--
X372Preston Coates10Higley High School22:10.60206
X373Andrew Dalton 9Highland High22:11.80--
X374Henry Frobom11Queen Creek High School22:12.00--
X375Ethan Mobley 9Salpointe Catholic High School22:12.00--
X376Sean Cahill 9Red Mountain High School22:12.10--
X377Trysten Zapata12Hamilton High School22:12.90--
X378Max Lunifeld10Arcadia High School22:15.10207
X379Gabriel Hetrick 9Red Mountain High School22:15.70--
X380Giavanni Casciato 9Hamilton High School22:16.30--
X381Grady Rucker12Salpointe Catholic High School22:16.50--
X382Ethan Crowe 9Basha High School22:18.20--
X383Clark Lemon10Desert Vista High School22:18.50--
X384Evan Randall 9Queen Creek High School22:19.40--
X385Harrison Smith11Campo Verde High School22:19.40--
X386Mason Faust11Desert Mountain High School22:19.60--
X387Jose Chacon11Rio Rico High School22:22.50208
X388Aiden Tsingine 9Marana Mountain View High School22:23.00--
X389Luke Larson12Highland High22:23.20--
X390Russell Bauer-wood 9Marana High School22:24.00209
X391Mckay Mason10Red Mountain High School22:25.50--
X392Brandon Hughes10Campo Verde High School22:26.00--
X393Arnov Arora 9Perry High School22:27.90--
X394Andre Alvarez 9Nogales High School22:28.00210
X395Colton Aeppli 9Queen Creek High School22:28.90--
X396Christopher Heron 9Desert Mountain High School22:29.90--
X397James Griffin10Highland High22:31.90--
X398Nicholas Lorenzini10Desert Mountain High School22:33.50--
X399Jamari Vanorsby12Valley Vista High School22:35.20211
X400Luis Ayala12Arcadia High School22:35.60212
X401Isaac Brand11Sahuarita High School22:36.00--
X402Joe Dominguez12Perry High School22:37.00--
X403Michael Vertin11Highland High22:37.50--
X404Jordan Cates12Desert Vista High School22:39.00--
X405Liam Mormon12Campo Verde High School22:39.10--
X406Lowell Marzan12Campo Verde High School22:39.40--
X407Britton Ballard11Snowflake High School22:40.70--
X408Miguel Bravo 9Desert Vista High School22:41.00--
X409Justin Mou10Campo Verde High School22:44.50--
X410Nabor Rios11Perry High School22:45.90--
X411Joe Hudson10Desert Mountain High School22:46.00--
X412Trevor Williams10Snowflake High School22:47.50--
X413Jose Nunez11Perry High School22:48.10--
X414David Maddox 9Rio Rico High School22:48.70213
X415Josh Lane12Highland High22:52.90--
X416Justin Haas 9Red Mountain High School22:54.60--
X417Zigy Shively10Higley High School22:54.70--
X418Noah Sarsam10Hamilton High School22:56.70--
X419Luca Sotelo10Casteel22:56.90--
X420Ethan Vibal11Salpointe Catholic High School22:58.40--
X421Spencer Cihak12Desert Mountain High School23:01.50--
X422Jared Tyburec12Salpointe Catholic High School23:03.20--
X423Luke Miller 9Desert Mountain High School23:03.50--
X424Andrew Ward13Payson High School23:03.60214
X425Robert Lees 9Red Mountain High School23:04.30--
X426Gehden Agena11Desert Mountain High School23:05.30--
X427Ryan Ramsden10Salpointe Catholic High School23:07.90--
X428Collin Bramlett 9Perry High School23:09.00--
X429Bryce Dunn 9Hamilton High School23:09.90--
X430Adam Hobbs 9Show Low High School23:10.90--
X431Demario Todd10Walden Grove23:11.60215
X432Joey Stoltz 9Basha High School23:13.60--
X433Matt Sokol 9Highland High23:14.90--
X434Robert Beers11Arcadia High School23:15.00216
X435Jean-paul Stanek 9Perry High School23:15.00--
X436Joseph Woolridge 9Blue Ridge High School23:15.60217
X437Hyrum Baker 9Snowflake High School23:16.30--
X438Brandon Fechter12Hamilton High School23:22.90--
X439Joseph Ash10Marana High School23:24.00--
X440Jonah Abbott 9Highland High23:24.80--
X441Luis Chacon11Trevor G. Browne High School23:25.70--
X442Spenser Anglen 9Casteel23:27.20--
X443Miguel Quintero-cardenas12Rio Rico High School23:28.00218
X444Noah Fish10Snowflake High School23:32.50--
X445Kyler Owens 9Show Low High School23:33.00--
X446Jose Santiago 9Trevor G. Browne High School23:33.10--
X447Remington Hickman10Walden Grove23:34.20219
X448Kevin Coulthard 9Marana High School23:35.00--
X449Mac Glaesser 9Salpointe Catholic High School23:35.80--
X450Caden Myers 9Desert Ridge High School23:36.60--
X451Oscar Contreras 9Nogales High School23:37.00--
X452Matthew Gaytan 9Red Mountain High School23:41.20--
X453Benjamin O'hearne10Benjamin Franklin23:42.00220
X454Diego Peralta12Valley Vista High School23:42.10--
X455Ryan Vanwagenen10Vista Grande High School23:43.40--
X456Carson Trickel10Arcadia High School23:44.30221
X457Charles Kydd10Red Mountain High School23:47.80--
X458Leonel Perez10Trevor G. Browne High School23:48.40--
X459Ethan Burleson 9Red Mountain High School23:48.60--
X460Eli Landry11Arcadia High School23:51.90222
X461Mason Lundin10Campo Verde High School23:52.90--
X462Desean Halwood10Arcadia High School23:53.00--
X463Adrian Cazares 9Desert Vista High School23:56.50--
X464Ezekiel Trezzo12Valley Vista High School24:00.50--
X465Zach Guest10Queen Creek High School24:00.90--
X466Rio Antone12Tohono O'Odham High School24:08.10--
X467Chandler Krider12Snowflake High School24:08.30--
X468Andy Elkins11Salpointe Catholic High School24:09.90--
X469Ethan Abbott 9Highland High24:10.10--
X470Brycen Catania10Highland High24:10.20--
X471Zachary Mitchell11Casa Grande Union High School24:11.00223
X472Tj Lee10Morenci Jr./Sr. High School24:11.70--
X473Carson Beck12Hamilton High School24:11.80--
X474Jason Tolzman12Campo Verde High School24:14.80--
X475Bryson Miller 9Walden Grove24:16.30--
X476Ryan Charvet10Casteel24:17.20--
X477Hayden Ashton10Higley High School24:18.80--
X478Noah Pineda10Casa Grande Union High School24:21.00224
X479Carter Papa 9Snowflake High School24:21.10--
X480Benjamin Kausche 9McClintock High School24:22.40225
X481Chris Wile 9Morenci Jr./Sr. High School24:24.50--
X482Jace Miller10Casteel24:26.70--
X483Carter Steere 9Casteel24:26.80--
X484Marcello Rodriguez11Desert Ridge High School24:29.10--
X485Alexander Gonzalez12Valley Vista High School24:31.30--
X486Gustavo Gerardo 9Nogales High School24:32.00--
X487Joaquin Fragoso10Flowing Wells High School24:32.00--
X488Ryne Krzesinski10Highland High24:35.30--
X489Ricardo Gomez10Vista Grande High School24:36.10--
X490Hadi Qureshi 9Highland High24:37.70--
X491Xavier Fellin 9Campo Verde High School24:37.90--
X492Michael Wilson 9Red Mountain High School24:40.10--
X493Carter Miller10McClintock High School24:46.10226
X494Nick Aquila12Valley Vista High School24:49.90--
X495Luke Wybourn10Campo Verde High School24:53.50--
X496Jarom Williams11Snowflake High School24:54.60--
X497Nathan Peterson 9Snowflake High School24:55.10--
X498Jason Shamah10Hamilton High School24:56.20--
X499Joshua Beebe11Marana High School24:58.00--
X500Aidan Parsons10Desert Vista High School25:01.50--
X501David Pasquini12Payson High School25:05.20227
X502Gonzalo Gerardo11Nogales High School25:12.00--
X503Justin Lane10Highland High25:12.20--
X504Hayden Reeves 9Queen Creek High School25:15.60--
X505Javier Villarreal 9Rio Rico High School25:17.80--
X506Alex Mcewan10Rio Rico High School25:23.20--
X507Saul Torres10Ray High School25:26.80--
X508Juan Rivera10Ray High School25:28.80--
X509Eddie Maddox 9Rio Rico High School25:34.90--
X510Glen Lee11Queen Creek High School25:35.00--
X511Caden Despain12Snowflake High School25:40.80--
X512Michael Simpson 9Casa Grande Union High School25:42.00228
X513Kimball Johnson11Casteel25:42.60--
X514Oliver Livingstone 9Snowflake High School25:44.20--
X515Tristin Morgan 9Sunrise Mountain High School25:44.90--
X516Cameron Marsaglia11Arcadia High School25:45.60--
X517Joseph Mcknight12Marana High School25:47.00--
X518 Edgar 9Walden Grove25:47.60--
X519Alec Winn 9Hamilton High School25:48.90--
X520Noah Rasmussen10Marana High School25:51.00--
X521Hayden Blackhall 9Marana High School25:52.00--
X522Andrew Stanbrook 9Immaculate Heart High School25:55.00229
X523Zac Bloomfield11Snowflake High School25:56.70--
X524Nathan Gelfi 9McClintock High School26:01.90230
X525Alex Shulta 9Highland High26:02.90--
X526Jarret Gardner12Snowflake High School26:03.20--
X527Aidan Rosales11Campo Verde High School26:03.40--
X528Jesse Antonio 9Baboquivari Middle/Senior High School26:05.00231
X529Carson Cooper 9Marana Mountain View High School26:08.00--
X530Dale Snook 9Flowing Wells High School26:10.00--
X531Kegan Anderson11Campo Verde High School26:10.10--
X532Mario Esquivel12Morenci Jr./Sr. High School26:10.70--
X533Ky Ortega11Vista Grande High School26:15.60--
X534Mason Covington 9Perry High School26:16.00--
X535Scott Myers-haeussler10Arcadia High School26:22.20--
X536Elijah Brown10Basha High School26:23.20--
X537Micheal O'brien11Desert Mountain High School26:25.70--
X538Elijah Woolridge 9Blue Ridge High School26:25.80232
X539Colby Gresko11Snowflake High School26:26.10--
X540Austin Rice12Payson High School26:26.30233
X541Chandler Johnson12Valley Vista High School26:28.70--
X542Xavier Urias 9Marana High School26:31.00--
X543Hanson Nguyen 9Perry High School26:31.50--
X544Kenyon Willer 9Walden Grove26:34.40--
X545Ramses Vasquez11Nogales High School26:43.00--
X546Roland Drey11Marana High School26:44.00--
X547Jacob Martin 9Immaculate Heart High School26:47.00234
X548Marcus Grijalva 9Morenci Jr./Sr. High School26:50.40--
X549Tyler Davis 9Marana High School26:51.00--
X550Nathan Larson 9Marana High School26:57.00--
X551Benjamin Trieu10Vista Grande High School27:02.20--
X552Nico Patterson 9Morenci Jr./Sr. High School27:05.00--
X553Jonah Landry10Arcadia High School27:11.20--
X554Michael Kemenes11Snowflake High School27:15.80--
X555Raul Singh10Perry High School27:18.50--
X556David Lopez12Trevor G. Browne High School27:31.40--
X557Blaise Hawkins11Highland High27:33.30--
X558Miguel Inzunza10McClintock High School27:36.20235
X559Michael Wooster11Marana High School27:40.00--
X560Marcus Chavez11Flowing Wells High School27:49.00--
X561Braden Smith 9Casa Grande Union High School27:51.00--
X562Michael Dominguez 9Red Mountain High School27:53.50--
X563Omker Arasaiah10Hamilton High School27:54.70--
X564Aiden Sierrs 9Marana Mountain View High School27:55.00--
X565Noah Cornaby 9Sahuarita High School27:57.00--
X566Mercedez Roberts11Casteel27:59.90--
X567Bridger Harger10Payson High School28:02.60--
X568Wilson Davis11Arcadia High School28:03.80--
X569Walter Palazuelos 9Nogales High School28:15.00--
X570Nate Foltz10Casteel28:24.20--
X571Ruben Reiser10Marana Mountain View High School28:30.00--
X572Mario Sanchez12Nogales High School28:31.00--
X573Taylor Carpenter12Highland High28:51.80--
X574Andres Fragoso10Flowing Wells High School28:55.00--
X575Isaac Axlund 9Payson High School29:03.10--
X576Declan Moralee10Ironwood Ridge High School29:09.00236
X577Ryan Degrood 9Immaculate Heart High School29:10.00237
X578Sebastian Moscoso 9Immaculate Heart High School29:14.00238
X579Justin Keegan11Payson High School29:21.60--
X580Joseph Sattler 9Queen Creek High School29:30.70--
X581Matthew Polanco 9Immaculate Heart High School29:39.00239
X582Cameron Legate10Walden Grove29:44.70--
X583Gabriel Polanco10Immaculate Heart High School30:06.00240
X584Damian Stratton12Basha High School30:07.10--
X585Bryant Espinosa 9Snowflake High School30:26.90--
X586Sergio Sanchez 9Marana Mountain View High School30:37.00--
X587Daniel Quijada12Nogales High School30:49.00--
X588Ayden Rogers11Flowing Wells High School30:51.00--
X589Luke Robicheau 9Campo Verde High School30:54.60--
X590Colin Whitehead11Marana Mountain View High School30:57.00--
X591J.t. Lafortune10Campo Verde High School30:58.20--
X592Will Richmond10Desert Vista High School31:40.10--
X593Josh Sieglaff10Salpointe Catholic High School31:54.50--
X594Sajjan White 9Casa Grande Union High School32:28.00--
X595Owen Greaney10Marana High School32:41.00--
X596Rayshawn Young 9Hamilton High School33:16.00--
X597Aidan Carson11Hamilton High School34:09.60--
X598Logan Johnson 9Casteel34:20.50--
X599Posniack Jacob 9Hamilton High School34:52.90--
X600Dahltyn Perkins11Show Low High School35:28.10--
X601Connor Nelson 9Red Mountain High School35:51.10--
X602Corrigan Sinclair11Campo Verde High School36:42.10--
X603Christian Jones12Morenci Jr./Sr. High School42:35.70--

Championship Meet - 83 Teams Team Scores

1Highland High61110121325--
2Campo Verde High School8338142830--
4Perry High School1931722295867--
5Red Mountain High School2001639405253--
6Hamilton High School2131819555764--
7Desert Mountain High School248535457885--
8Sunrise Mountain High School2502233292101--
9Desert Vista High School2504243465960--
10Basha High School301766757677--
11Show Low High School30526315684108--
12Queen Creek High School37943381104157--
13Flowing Wells High School427374491109146--
14Morenci Jr./Sr. High School43251828389127--
15Marana High School495112480189191--
16Marana Mountain View High School5056993100120123--
17Walden Grove5112063111119198--
18Trevor G. Browne High School5267479114116143--
19Vista Grande High School5341599107152161--
20Desert Ridge High School5568897112122137--
21Casa Grande Union High School6265494105150223--
22Nogales High School6417290151163165--
23Salpointe Catholic High School647106130133134144--
24Ironwood Ridge High School65148103145172183--
25Blue Ridge High School697113118141158167--
26Higley High School69996124135171173--
27Rio Rico High School777126129136178208--
28Snowflake High School797115156168174184--
29Valley Vista High School816117138175192194--
30McClintock High School84795148153225226--
31Baboquivari Middle/Senior High School85786142195203231--
32Benjamin Franklin897131162188196220--
33Arcadia High School927102190207212216--
34Payson High School957154186199204214--
35Immaculate Heart High School1070132229234237238--
--Sahuarita High SchoolNTS
--Tohono O'Odham High SchoolNTS
--Ray High SchoolNTS