Daschbach Gives Us A Brief Look At His Senior Season

The Hawks placed second at the State Meet, last year with 41 points. - photo by John Hays

Back To School: Senior Year

School started on August 1st. Five AP classes plus Spanish IV is a lot of work. Balancing classes and training are just part of being a student athlete, my current training routine: I run every morning at 5 a.m. and double in the afternoon heat on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I also lift Mondays and Fridays after school, maybe Monday and Wednesday depending on if I am travelling or have a meet on the weekend. We also lift Tuesdays and Thursdays in Coach Monty's P.E. class, so between running and lifting I get about 13 training sessions per week. I'm currently doing 70-mile weeks, but we may drop to 60 depending on how I am feeling once we get to the thick of things.

Diet And Training

Right now, I feel stronger than I have ever before. The thing that keeps all this chugging smoothly is the diet. I eat about 4-4.5k calories in a weekday, all my main meals aside from breakfast are chicken, rice, and broccoli. And yes, I eat the same thing every day and yeah, it's a little tiresome but it's the ideal meal. Although it is exhausting, I love every minute of it, every bite, every run, every lift, I love the process more than the product, the idea of times and medals don't appeal to me as much as pushing my limits and "testing the limits of the human heart."

What's To Come

I currently have 4 visits set up for the following 6ish weeks: Oregon, UCLA, CU Boulder, Washington, and. I'm very grateful for the opportunities I've been given, more on those in the following journal entries. Above everything in the coming season, I am most excited about my team. The guys are so bought in, they're so hungry and committed and I love it. Everyone is just finally coming together after 3 years of struggle and hard, hard work. It is beautiful, they're tough as nails and deserve everything great that will come.

We have a bright season ahead of us. It's time that we ended Desert Vista's reign of terror comes to an end. Too long has Arizona lived in their shadow! But seriously, all joking aside, we are so strong and close. I have no doubt we can take the State Title, and I truly believe we have a chance at going to Oregon. The fact is I don't want to go alone, I want my team there, and I know that they deserve to be there with me. We just have to stay healthy, be consistent, and race well. Anything can happen once the gun goes off.