Desert Twilight By The Numbers

In the Sweepstakes race, Jenna Hutchins will be looking to challenge Arizona's Lauren Ping and Hana Hall for the individual title. Hutchins was a Foot Locker All-American last year and has shown some wicked fast speed on the track as well. The younger Ping has been training extremely well with Desert Vista. She finished runner-up at Woodbridge last weekend and she could just as easily smoke the field on Friday night. We've also got to consider Hall as she has taken some solid early season victories and we've seen her show up when she's pushed over the longer distances.
Niwot were a strong team last season with a runner-up finish at Twilight and a 5th place finish at Nike Cross Nationals. Meanwhile, Desert Vista will look to bring the victory home for the Thunder for the first time since 2016. Then Downers Grove South out of Illinois are also eager to challenge the Southwest teams on their turf.
We'll give you our subjective rundown of Desert Twilight later, but have a look at the projected scores and top finishers based on this weekend's performances. 

Championship Meet - 54 Teams

X1Jenna Hutchins10Science Hill High School17:14.101
X2Cameron McConnell10Cherokee Trail High School17:24.602
X3Samantha Blair10Eagle Valley High School17:33.603
X4Mckenna Mazeski 9Cherokee Trail High School17:38.804
X5Caroline Mcleskey12Highland High17:43.105
X6Lauren Ping 9Desert Vista High School17:46.006
X7Taylor Whitfield11Valor Christian High School17:46.207
X8Brooke Wilson 9Valor Christian High School17:48.708
X9Joslin Blair12Eagle Valley High School17:58.909
X10Tiaree Towler12Chaparral High School18:10.0010
X11Grace Ping11Desert Vista High School18:13.3011
X12Lauren Boutelle 9Pine Creek High School18:18.2012
X13Brynna Mcquillen12Vista Grande High School18:28.6013
X14Tarikwa Woldemariam12Cherokee Trail High School18:30.3014
X15Ella Johns 9Fort Collins High School18:30.6015
X16Eva Klingbeil10Niwot High School18:35.2016
X17Lucca Fulkerson11Niwot High School18:37.3017
X18Grace Tipton11North Phoenix Prep18:38.6918
X19Amelia Philofsky10Niwot High School18:43.1019
X20Allison Beasley11Peak to Peak Charter School18:43.1020
X21Madeleine Burns12Durango High School18:43.8021
X22Grace Staberg12Summit High School18:48.5022
X23Niki Hemmerlin12Red Mountain High School18:49.2223
X24Tatum Miller12Air Academy High School18:50.4024
X25Taylor James11Niwot High School18:50.4025
X26Ella Chura10Air Academy High School18:52.4026
X27Soonhee Han12Cherokee Trail High School18:52.4027
X28Lanie Szuch10Valor Christian High School18:52.7028
X29Ashley Jones12Valor Christian High School18:55.6029
X30Jade Boyles11Skyline High School18:57.9830
X31Dylan Teeples10Air Academy High School18:58.3031
X32Katy Clausen12Desert Vista High School18:58.4032
X33Isabella Prosceno11Valor Christian High School18:59.2033
X34Kaitlyn Kaye10Sunrise Mountain High School19:00.9934
X35Taylor Jacobs10Red Mountain High School19:01.135
X36Makenna Bray12Prescott High School19:04.2036
X37Haley Smith12Desert Mountain High School19:06.9037
X38Blaklee Butler11Skyline19:10.8038
X39Eva Lennert11Niwot High School19:12.7039
X40Kaylin Lacher10Desert Mountain High School19:13.8040
X41Marina Dear11Highland High19:18.9041
X42Lauren Walls10El Paso Eastwood19:19.0142
X43Lexi Jonart11Skyline19:20.4043
X44Kasey Klocek12Green Mountain High School19:21.0044
X45Campbell Faust11Cherokee Trail High School19:21.6045
X46Olivia Thatcher11Desert Vista High School19:24.8046
X47Cassidy Cann12Casteel19:26.9047
X48Kylie Miller11Perry High School19:27.0348
X49Cami Merickel11Pinnacle High School19:27.8049
X50Ariel Fendenheim10Red Mountain High School19:28.3450
X51Hana Hall12Flagstaff High School19:30.2951
X52Emily Mcmahon12Prescott High School19:31.0052
X53Jadyn Herron-Jonap10Casteel19:32.0053
X54Madelyn Blazo10Pine Creek High School19:33.3054
X55Madison Shults 9Niwot High School19:33.9055
X56Rachel Goodrich12Golden High School19:34.0056
X57Samrawit Dishon12Niwot High School19:35.0057
X58Willow Lott 9Durango High School19:35.7058
X59Natasja Beijen10The Woodlands19:36.3759
X60Izzy Wall12Skyline19:36.6060
X61Emma Finchum11Highland High19:38.6061
X62Joelle McDonald12Niwot High School19:41.00--
X63Olivia Novy11Air Academy High School19:43.2062
X64Grace Abernethy12Coronado High School19:44.0063
X65Quin Gregg10Lyons High School19:45.0064
X66Rachel Winterton12Skyline19:45.5065
X67Kate Brockman11Red Mountain High School19:46.0066
X68Megan Hodges11Cherokee Trail High School19:46.5067
X69Leah Varela 8Rio Rancho High School19:47.4068
X70Bri Teegarden12Valor Christian High School19:47.8069
X71Makala Jaramillo 9Pine Creek High School19:48.5070
X72Maggie McCleskey10Centaurus High School19:50.0071
X73Kayla Anderson10Pine Creek High School19:52.6072
X74Erin Ervin 9Fort Collins High School19:53.2073
X75Riley Geldean12Centaurus High School19:54.0074
X76Brynne Macwilliams11Skyline19:54.2075
X77Tea Forrest10Durango High School19:54.6076
X78Katie Hooten12Centaurus High School19:56.0077
X79Tatum Jaeger10Sunrise Mountain High School19:56.5478
X80Portillo-wal Lauren10El Paso Eastwood19:56.7579
X81Alyx Mastor10Taos High School19:59.1080
X82Kate Miller11Perry High School19:59.2981
X83Annie Kocherhans11Mesa Mountain View High School19:59.5082
X84Kathryn Sewell--Highland High19:59.9083
X85Lauren Hodges11Cherokee Trail High School20:00.0084
X86Anne Sullivan10Fort Collins High School20:01.7085
X87Sarah Turner11Chaparral High School20:01.8086
X88Brooke Coleman12Pine Creek High School20:05.3087
X89Lily Mourer 9Golden High School20:06.0088
X90Briar Williams 9Prescott High School20:07.5089
X91Reese Dragovich11Valor Christian High School20:07.6090
X92Eileen Mclain12El Paso Eastwood20:08.6191
X93Brooke Moss11Air Academy High School20:09.5092
X94Eve Boardman11Desert Vista High School20:10.0093
X95Taylor Krasa10Mountain Ridge High School20:10.9894
X96Sidni Stevens10Perry High School20:11.2095
X97Sarah Winterton10Skyline20:11.4096
X98Brenna Bourgeois11Red Mountain High School20:12.8097
X99Mia Hall 9Flagstaff High School20:14.6398
X100Emily Littlefield--Desert Vista High School20:15.1099
X101Peyton Burnside11Corona del Sol High School20:16.40100
X102Audrey O'Malley11Centaurus High School20:17.00101
X103Zoe Lachnidt10Air Academy High School20:17.60102
X104Chloe Fair 9Air Academy High School20:17.90103
X105Ali Upshaw12St. Michael Indian School20:20.72104
X106Trinny Duncan10Science Hill High School20:20.80105
X107Natalie Kramer11Centaurus High School20:22.00106
X108Desiree Carrillo11El Paso Eastwood20:22.10107
X109Madison Gibson12Cherokee Trail High School20:22.60--
X110Grace Deines10Sunrise Mountain High School20:22.80108
X111Hayden Sparks11Chaparral High School20:24.10109
X112Kennedy Nolde11Perry High School20:24.52110
X113Abigail Welch11Mesa Mountain View High School20:25.50111
X114Ashley Forrest 9Durango High School20:25.50112
X115Jade Bare11Corona del Sol High School20:26.09113
X116Grace Fernley11Skyline20:26.10114
X117Story Alexander11Highland High20:26.70115
X118Kayla Case--Highland High20:29.23116
X119Quinn Boardman11Desert Vista High School20:29.40117
X120Jariel Sebastian12Highland High20:30.10118
X121Meadow Ortiz12El Paso Eastwood20:30.39119
X122Faith Lovato12Rio Rancho High School20:30.63120
X123Emma Elsner12Red Mountain High School20:31.59121
X124Mary Cate Golden11Green Mountain High School20:32.00122
X125Kristin Keller12Highland High20:32.39--
X126Kaliyah Greer-gipson12Prescott High School20:32.70123
X127Latasha Yazzie 9Page High School20:32.90124
X128Abby Fehr10Durango High School20:33.50125
X129Angela McManus10Durango High School20:33.90126
X130Alexis Pagel 9Cherokee Trail High School20:33.90--
X131Ryanna Petersen11Mesa Mountain View High School20:34.30127
X132Isabelle Ritz10Valor Christian High School20:35.00--
X133Tatum Louthan11Cherokee Trail High School20:35.60--
X134Nadine Almasri12Pine Creek High School20:35.90128
X135Grace Armstrong12Centaurus High School20:37.00129
X136Bailee Christofis--Desert Vista High School20:37.30--
X137Josephine Gregory12Desert Vista High School20:37.60--
X138Savannah Selin--Desert Vista High School20:37.70--
X139Emma Baugh--Highland High20:39.79--
X140Sophie Mann--Highland High20:42.40--
X141Destiny Haller12Science Hill High School20:43.40130
X142Sophia Watts--El Paso Eastwood20:44.37131
X143Emily Gerlach12Cherokee Trail High School20:46.10--
X144Trinity Martinez11El Paso Eastwood20:46.47132
X145Faith Brandt11Pine Creek High School20:46.50133
X146Ashlinn Aguayo10Corona del Sol High School20:46.70134
X147Katie Fankhouser12Lyons High School20:47.50135
X148Julia Nelson12Desert Vista High School20:48.00--
X149Perla Gutierrez10Vista Grande High School20:48.80136
X150Brooke Forbes10The Woodlands20:49.87137
X151Eliza Elcock10Mesa Mountain View High School20:50.50138
X152Adalia Olmos10El Paso Eastwood20:50.79--
X153Bailey Snyder11Centaurus High School20:52.00139
X154Mina Altshuler10Niwot High School20:52.00--
X155Tatum Coe10Eagle Valley High School20:52.10140
X156Hailey Gregg11Air Academy High School20:52.10--
X157Jordan Neifert10Eagle Valley High School20:53.60141
X158Jordyn Carter10Highland High20:53.79--
X159Ashley Doyle11Science Hill High School20:55.00142
X160Ashley Edwards10Niwot High School20:55.00--
X161Kayla Medina12Skyline High School20:55.17143
X162Olivia Dalberg11Sunrise Mountain High School20:55.28144
X163Jayme Morris12Desert Mountain High School20:55.98145
X164Kiara Hamlin12Durango High School20:56.30146
X165Michelle Parent10Prescott High School20:57.30147
X166Maddy Shoemaker12Desert Vista High School20:58.90--
X167Tessa Everett10Niwot High School20:59.00--
X168Emily Beckner10Fort Collins High School21:00.80148
X169Rylee Engelken11Perry High School21:01.03149
X170Emma Berg11Green Mountain High School21:03.00150
X171Destiney Martinez12El Paso Eastwood21:04.66--
X172Abigail Proffit 9Mountain Ridge High School21:05.55151
X173Gracey Lovato10Rio Rancho High School21:05.60152
X174Bella Edwards12The Woodlands21:07.09153
X175Lauren Nguyen10The Woodlands21:08.12154
X176Miquedah Taliman10Page High School21:08.92155
X177Jamieson Legh 9Lyons High School21:10.00156
X178Allison Estrada12Desert Vista High School21:10.90--
X179Violet Francisco 9Rio Rancho High School21:13.81157
X180Kayleigh Frazer10Durango High School21:14.60--
X181Emma Wilson10Cherokee Trail High School21:14.70--
X182Nina Quayle 9Durango High School21:17.50--
X183Claryssa Dunigan11Desert Mountain High School21:17.60158
X184Mackie Tate Tygart12Air Academy High School21:17.90--
X185Abby Snogren11Cherokee Trail High School21:18.00--
X186Claire Whisenant10Skyline21:18.00--
X187Mia Rivera10El Paso Hanks21:19.51159
X188Grace Searls12Golden High School21:20.00160
X189Kathryn Vann 9Cherokee Trail High School21:21.10--
X190Harmony McMullin11Golden High School21:22.00161
X191Avery Sprout11Valor Christian High School21:22.10--
X192Silicea Price11Skyline High School21:22.50162
X193Kaylee Freudenthal12Skyline High School21:22.52163
X194Alice Wescott11Summit High School21:24.40164
X195Naomi Rosin 9Pinnacle High School21:24.47165
X196Jocee Henderson12Red Mountain High School21:24.49166
X197Shyla Rogers 9Piedra Vista High School21:24.71167
X198Chelsea Condon--Desert Vista High School21:26.00--
X199Parker Yazzie-umberger11Perry High School21:26.18168
X200Isabel Schinella11Sunrise Mountain High School21:26.70169
X201Selma Licon--El Paso Eastwood21:26.79--
X202Marissa Campano 9Durango High School21:26.90--
X203Kayla Hansen10Red Mountain High School21:27.04--
X204Grace Larson12Highland High21:27.84--
X205Sydney Ellefson11The Woodlands21:27.97170
X206Amber Martin11El Paso Eastwood21:28.59--
X207Brooke Jacobs12Red Mountain High School21:29.80--
X208Anna Harmon12Flagstaff High School21:30.09171
X209Haley Prey11Sunrise Mountain High School21:30.32172
X210Sophie Ragsdale 9Durango High School21:30.50--
X211Maddy Persing11Durango High School21:30.80--
X212Ella Katz11Taos High School21:31.20173
X213Madison Spencer10El Paso Hanks21:31.21174
X214Allie Thurgood11Flagstaff High School21:31.53175
X215Stephany Rodriguez10Skyline High School21:31.90176
X216Nya Valenzuela--Deer Valley High School21:32.70177
X217Sydney Jelleberg10Skyline High School21:32.92178
X218Madeleine Rocha--El Paso Hanks21:33.27179
X219Maika Tanski 9The Woodlands21:33.48180
X220Paige Stockford10Pinnacle High School21:33.80181
X221Mercedes Tiffany11Air Academy High School21:35.20--
X222Sydnee Elliott10Casteel21:35.40182
X223Lindsay Welch 9Mesa Mountain View High School21:35.80183
X224Taryn Bickle12Skyline High School21:35.94184
X225Natalya Pooley11Skyline High School21:36.73--
X226Madison Skrip11Sunrise Mountain High School21:37.07185
X227Allie Leisher 9Coronado High School21:37.41186
X228Mia Gavin11The Woodlands21:37.41187
X229Rosie Nielsen 9Skyline21:37.50--
X230Erica Harris 9The Woodlands21:38.32--
X231Jessica Condon12Desert Vista High School21:39.90--
X232Celia Frazier11Green Mountain High School21:40.00188
X233Kylie Sisco 9Golden High School21:41.00189
X234Rosie McVaney11Valor Christian High School21:41.70--
X235Elin Phillips11Golden High School21:42.00190
X236Lauren Hendershot 9Niwot High School21:45.00--
X237Michaela Wahlheim11North Phoenix Prep21:45.23191
X238Emily Rugg12Corona del Sol High School21:45.40192
X239Alyssa Bickle12Skyline High School21:45.40--
X240Taylor Rorick 9Valor Christian High School21:46.00--
X241Chloe Squires10Highland High21:46.08--
X242Cynthia Chaparro-b11Vista Grande High School21:47.47193
X243Olivia Salter11Durango High School21:47.80--
X244Nalani Briggs10Pinnacle High School21:47.81194
X245Morgan Brown13The Woodlands21:48.02--
X246Dylan Daniels10Valor Christian High School21:48.40--
X247Kiana Littleman11Page High School21:51.49195
X248Kaitlin Laner11The Woodlands21:51.55--
X249Natalie Elsner10Red Mountain High School21:51.89--
X250Makenzie Yazzie 9Piedra Vista High School21:53.05196
X251Mccabe Celeste12The Woodlands21:53.37--
X252Divine Ibarra11Vista Grande High School21:54.10197
X253Sophie Thomas12Valor Christian High School21:54.90--
X254Tessa Dille10Highland High21:55.70--
X255America Morales11San Elizario21:55.79198
X256Zoe Martinez-crook 8Rio Rancho High School21:55.93199
X257Kate Hathway10Golden High School21:57.00200
X258Jordan McIntosh 9Science Hill High School21:58.00201
X259Taryn Seeley10Science Hill High School21:58.00202
X260Chelsea Webber10Air Academy High School21:59.25--
X261Carly Sweeney12Chaparral High School21:59.50203
X262Kara Johnston11Casteel22:00.00204
X263Sarah Thomas11The Woodlands22:00.78--
X264Grace Metcalf11Green Mountain High School22:01.00205
X265Brittany Stratton10Golden High School22:02.00--
X266Katherine Flynn12Science Hill High School22:02.10206
X267Tara Funk--Mesa Mountain View High School22:02.54207
X268Rosanna Pugh10The Woodlands22:03.76--
X269Avery Cerwin 9Durango High School22:04.30--
X270Mel Sartain11Coronado High School22:05.00208
X271Ashley White--El Paso Hanks22:05.09209
X272Grace Pierce 9Cherokee Trail High School22:05.40--
X273Britney Perera--Millennium High School22:06.12210
X274Charisma Cutshall11Rio Rancho High School22:06.39211
X275Sasha Ogburn10Rio Rico High School22:06.50212
X276Ellie Beauchamp11Fort Collins High School22:06.80213
X277Bridget Golden10Green Mountain High School22:07.00214
X278Ryan Sailors10Desert Vista High School22:07.00--
X279Hannah Thomas11Lyons High School22:07.00215
X280Chloe Cook 9Cherokee Trail High School22:08.00--
X281Elizabeth Pickrel12Cherokee Trail High School22:08.30--
X282Alyssa Kimes11Cherokee Trail High School22:08.60--
X283Angelina Kondrat10Durango High School22:08.70--
X284Shelley Jarmen--Highland High22:09.82--
X285Sohalia Schoen12The Woodlands22:10.98--
X286Katie Grabenstein11Fort Collins High School22:11.30216
X287Gabriela Fuentes11Eagle Valley High School22:12.60217
X288Nadya Begay11Page High School22:12.98218
X289Mariah Contreras10Millennium High School22:15.12219
X290Avery Juvan10Mesa Mountain View High School22:15.30220
X291Cynthia Chapparro-belloc11Vista Grande High School22:16.00221
X292Kimi Smith10Red Mountain High School22:17.14--
X293Kacy Grisham10Sunrise Mountain High School22:17.41--
X294Alvina Zhang10Peak to Peak Charter School22:18.10222
X295Hannah Garcia11Desert Vista High School22:18.10--
X296Logan Reid 9Summit High School22:19.20223
X297Sachiko Devine10Corona del Sol High School22:20.20224
X298Anne Gardner-hajek12Chaparral High School22:21.00225
X299Jackelyn Lobatos12Red Mountain High School22:21.56--
X300Samantha Boeke 9Eagle Valley High School22:21.60226
X301Hannah Boday10Fort Collins High School22:22.50227
X302Marielle Gomez 9Taos High School22:22.70228
X303Alyssa Pooley 9Skyline High School22:23.24--
X304Melia Hecht11Casteel22:23.30229
X305Athena Paguio11Rio Rancho High School22:24.55230
X306Lillian Henze--Sunrise Mountain High School22:25.20--
X307H.j. Miller11The Woodlands22:25.65--
X308H.j. Miller11The Woodlands22:25.65--
X309Laura Slater12Cherokee Trail High School22:26.90--
X310Emily Walker12Fort Collins High School22:26.90--
X311Cara Janes11Skyline High School22:27.12--
X312Rylee Jensen--Deer Valley High School22:28.00231
X313Mia Whistler10Durango High School22:28.40--
X314Emma-Rose Hensley 9Golden High School22:30.00--
X315Kyra Mazanec12Desert Vista High School22:30.50--
X316Thalia Russell10Highland High22:30.52--
X317Autumn Carlston12Niwot High School22:30.70--
X318Gabby Lucas12The Woodlands22:30.79--
X319Sienna Vuijsters 9Golden High School22:31.00--
X320Jayda Allen 9Skyline22:31.70--
X321Leilani Luu10Pine Creek High School22:32.10--
X322Madison Burkholder 9Red Mountain High School22:32.92--
X323Madalynn Rodau 9Cherokee Trail High School22:34.00--
X324Ashlyn Adakai12Page High School22:34.31232
X325Olivia Bagby10Desert Vista High School22:34.70--
X326Morgan Rhorer--Desert Mountain High School22:35.92233
X327Grace Vasquez10Chaparral High School22:37.10234
X328Elise Short11Desert Mountain High School22:37.30235
X329Halle Moore10Durango High School22:37.80--
X330Madelynn Potter12Fort Collins High School22:38.00--
X331Kristina Bodewes10Durango High School22:38.00--
X332Lauren Herk 9Fort Collins High School22:38.00--
X333Savanah Jamison10Highland High22:39.09--
X334Amaryllis Rubalcaba11El Paso Eastwood22:39.25--
X335Georgia Jones--The Woodlands22:39.50--
X336Andrea Jacquez 9Skyline High School22:39.54--
X337Alyssa Mcamey11Pine Creek High School22:39.55--
X338Salome Borrego-Marsh11Taos High School22:40.80236
X339Riley Davis10Casteel22:40.90237
X340Bella Klein--Desert Vista High School22:41.40--
X341Sidney Bihrer11Faith Lutheran High School22:41.90238
X342Shelby Ford10Mesa Mountain View High School22:42.07--
X343Brooke Tompkins10Green Mountain High School22:44.00239
X344Alexis Vasquez11El Paso Eastwood22:44.09--
X345Emma Sundberg10Centaurus High School22:45.00--
X346Gaby Gonzalez10Red Mountain High School22:45.42--
X347Paige Wescott 9Summit High School22:45.80240
X348Isabelle Hogan10Desert Mountain High School22:46.10241
X349Mikelle Schild 9Mesa Mountain View High School22:46.74--
X350Teadora Zawilak11Corona del Sol High School22:47.10242
X351Samantha Devivo 9Fort Collins High School22:47.40--
X352Alora Cross12Lyons High School22:48.00243
X353Briana Palacios11Skyline High School22:48.11--
X354Abby Gurr10Skyline High School22:48.72--
X355Chiara Holgate11St. Michael Indian School22:48.85244
X356Riley Irwin11Valor Christian High School22:49.00--
X357Monique Duran12Desert Mountain High School22:49.20--
X358Sarah Roskelley12Deer Valley High School22:50.40245
X359Hannah Holligan11Chaparral High School22:51.18246
X360Amber Woody 9St. Michael Indian School22:51.21247
X361Brie Wood10Desert Mountain High School22:51.35--
X362Alexandra Kerschner10Peak to Peak Charter School22:51.40248
X363Aubree Confer10Summit High School22:52.00249
X364Aleah Keppler10Niwot High School22:52.00--
X365Yajary Quiroz12San Elizario22:52.93250
X366Jaydn Laster 9Green Mountain High School22:53.00--
X367Jade Baca11El Paso Hanks22:53.58251
X368Kira Cenderelli10Fort Collins High School22:53.70--
X369Meredith Overton10Golden High School22:56.00--
X370Lauren Strizich12Coronado High School22:56.35252
X371Kelia Portis12Niwot High School22:57.30--
X372Lucy Madsen 9Skyline22:58.00--
X373Hannah Lopez10Highland High22:58.00--
X374Brooklynn Tucker10Cherokee Trail High School22:58.00--
X375Karelly Gallegos10Eagle Valley High School22:58.10253
X376Parker Anderson10Desert Vista High School22:58.50--
X377Giselle Bojorquez11Rio Rico High School22:59.10254
X378Jade Barron11El Paso Hanks22:59.53255
X379Emily Post10Peak to Peak Charter School22:59.80256
X380Cynthia Marias10Vista Grande High School23:00.80257
X381Brenna Wolf11Durango High School23:00.90--
X382Bailey Freeman10Durango High School23:01.00--
X383Karina Gallegos--San Elizario23:01.03258
X384Meghan Brazeau11Air Academy High School23:02.00--
X385Olyvia Malone10Mountain Ridge High School23:02.24259
X386Sarah Holligan 9Chaparral High School23:02.70--
X387Nika Dassatti11Summit High School23:03.90260
X388Faith Quine10Millennium High School23:03.96261
X389Olivia Coulston 9Chaparral High School23:04.22--
X390Angela Holman10Rio Rico High School23:04.70262
X391Emma Grenier10Sunrise Mountain High School23:04.90--
X392Shelby Hadrick 9The Woodlands23:05.31--
X393Tyne Green11The Woodlands23:07.14--
X394Emma Christensen12Fort Collins High School23:07.50--
X395Annie Somrak10Durango High School23:08.30--
X396Jennifer Roberts10Pinnacle High School23:08.63263
X397Risa Blacker 9Mountain Ridge High School23:10.14264
X398Hayley Hamilton12Pinnacle High School23:10.57265
X399Alicia Mcmanus11Desert Vista High School23:10.60--
X400Kylee Case10Highland High23:11.18--
X401Seanta Begay--Piedra Vista High School23:11.28266
X402Kalli Verzera12Mesa Mountain View High School23:11.30--
X403Nellie Ochoa--Sunrise Mountain High School23:13.51--
X404Kelly Tonrey11Taos High School23:13.60267
X405Anna Chilton 9Cherokee Trail High School23:13.90--
X406Leah Gunter10Corona del Sol High School23:15.82268
X407Sydney Adams10Peak to Peak Charter School23:16.00269
X408Brooke Golightly 9Flagstaff High School23:16.09270
X409Emma Jones 9Red Mountain High School23:16.19--
X410Ruby May 9Durango High School23:16.40--
X411Danielle Ferraro11Pinnacle High School23:16.85271
X412Gillian Holt 9Science Hill High School23:17.00--
X413Jasmine Martinez11El Paso Eastwood23:17.21--
X414Tori Larkin12Millennium High School23:18.21272
X415Emily Guerrero12San Elizario23:18.33273
X416Lena Forbes11Pinnacle High School23:18.54--
X417Nicole Ahn12Cherokee Trail High School23:19.10--
X418Megan Arganbright10Cactus High School23:19.30--
X419Kaelin Love10Summit High School23:20.30274
X420Sarah Gil11El Paso Eastwood23:20.46--
X421Kelsey Gunning 9Corona del Sol High School23:20.97--
X422Haley Maddocks11Centaurus High School23:21.00--
X423Anissa Wheeling11Fort Collins High School23:21.10--
X424Adreanna Eaton11Piedra Vista High School23:23.76275
X425Aubrie Powell11Air Academy High School23:25.50--
X426Alyssa Thomas10El Paso Eastwood23:25.80--
X427Madeline Work12Faith Lutheran High School23:26.60276
X428Amber Denison--Highland High23:26.67--
X429Maya Casillas--Sunrise Mountain High School23:27.30--
X430Annabelle Huddle11Niwot High School23:29.00--
X431Alyssa Mena13El Paso Hanks23:29.36277
X432Genevieve Hegarty11Millennium High School23:29.95278
X433Lily Bell 9Green Mountain High School23:30.00--
X434Tiffany Yie 9Niwot High School23:31.00--
X435Ryann Hanifen--Desert Mountain High School23:33.53--
X436Savannah Fetsco--Highland High23:34.03--
X437Sarah Fetsco--Highland High23:34.85--
X438Layla Pappas10Air Academy High School23:35.00--
X439Miliani Barraza 9Niwot High School23:35.10--
X440Daniela Iniguez12Arete Prep Academy23:35.70279
X441Audrey Ritzert11Corona del Sol High School23:35.75--
X442Mya Baker12Golden High School23:37.00--
X443Kylie Grant12Millennium High School23:37.00280
X444Patricia Lopez12Overland High School23:37.30281
X445Erin Idleman 9Perry High School23:37.49282
X446Star Anderson11St. Michael Indian School23:38.04283
X447Andrea Miramontes12El Paso Eastwood23:38.88--
X448Emma Wall10Skyline23:39.40--
X449Nizhoniibaa Phillips 9St. Michael Indian School23:41.20284
X450Monica Hagerich 9El Paso Eastwood23:41.75--
X451Abby Bowman 9Durango High School23:42.90--
X452Carley Davis12Prescott High School23:43.90285
X453Morgan Mckinney10Deer Valley High School23:44.50286
X454Rena Singleton10Summit High School23:45.60--
X455Belle Bennett11Skyline23:46.20--
X456Rebecca Bowers12Durango High School23:46.60--
X457Mary McLean12Niwot High School23:48.30--
X458Mikaela Vigil 9Fort Collins High School23:49.00--
X459Jasmine Cromer10Cherokee Trail High School23:49.00--
X460Ivy Brethour--Desert Mountain High School23:49.28--
X461Delaney May12The Woodlands23:50.28--
X462Sayti Plank12Flagstaff High School23:50.39287
X463Hannah Helms 9Durango High School23:51.10--
X464Faith Sanders11El Paso Hanks23:52.14--
X465Sabrina Jett11Vista Grande High School23:52.60288
X466Katie Herrington12North Phoenix Prep23:52.84289
X467Carolyn Letzig12Cherokee Trail High School23:53.00--
X468Megan Kuczora11Deer Valley High School23:53.90290
X469Megan King11El Paso Eastwood23:56.70--
X470Cynthia Villagran--Rio Rico High School23:56.80291
X471Andrea Limon--El Paso Eastwood23:56.92--
X472Jordan Aulik 9Golden High School23:57.00--
X473Julia Hacnik12Perry High School23:57.07--
X474Josie Jardon12Summit High School23:57.20--
X475Sara Tollen11Arete Prep Academy23:57.24292
X476Karis Boonzaaijer10Air Academy High School23:57.50--
X477Isabelle O'Neill12Golden High School24:03.00--
X478Ayla Salter12Golden High School24:03.00--
X479Noel Forney 9Green Mountain High School24:03.00--
X480Cheycee Spencer10Mesa Mountain View High School24:03.08--
X481Peyton Idleman11Perry High School24:03.45--
X482Brooklyn Prince10Mesa Mountain View High School24:03.89--
X483Chloe Ragsdale10Durango High School24:04.90--
X484Alli Randall11Valor Christian High School24:06.00--
X485Ellania Marshall11El Paso Eastwood24:06.26--
X486Mckenzie Liu12Mountain Ridge High School24:06.42293
X487Aubrie Bradshaw--Mesa Mountain View High School24:07.51--
X488Melkorka Bustos11Green Mountain High School24:08.00--
X489Tessa Jones12Cherokee Trail High School24:08.50--
X490Nahaniya Fowler11Page High School24:08.59294
X491Kyrene Benfield11Skyline24:08.80--
X492Zenya Nido10Rio Rico High School24:09.70295
X493Jaddah Whitehair10Page High School24:10.40296
X494Ainsley Nystrom11Pinnacle High School24:10.75--
X495Phoebe McLean 9Niwot High School24:11.70--
X496Ashley Phillips11St. Michael Indian School24:12.33297
X497Sydney Miller12Skyline High School24:12.97--
X498Ariada Woods--Desert Vista High School24:14.40--
X499Leah Andersen11Perry High School24:15.73--
X500Addison Marsh 9Eagle Valley High School24:16.90--
X501Claire Caviolo--Desert Vista High School24:17.00--
X502Sydney Marston12Flagstaff High School24:17.50298
X503Cherokee Hanks10Page High School24:17.61--
X504Abigail Anderson12Mesa Mountain View High School24:17.92--
X505Emma Barker--Skyline24:18.00--
X506Brianna Yazzie11Piedra Vista High School24:18.17299
X507Natalie Buchanan10Pine Creek High School24:18.90--
X508Megan Suedkamp11Valor Christian High School24:19.00--
X509Mireya Martinez10El Paso Eastwood24:19.89--
X510Annette Encino12El Paso Hanks24:20.24--
X511Tierra Thomas11Corona del Sol High School24:20.25--
X512Lauren Harris 9Piedra Vista High School24:20.45300
X513Lynelle Slim11St. Michael Indian School24:20.54301
X514Lucy Mccann10Eagle Valley High School24:21.00--
X515Esmeralda Arroyos10San Elizario24:21.57302
X516Emily Mendoza10El Paso Eastwood24:21.63--
X517Catalina Colon11Valor Christian High School24:21.70--
X518Riley Cooper10Peak to Peak Charter School24:22.00303
X519Addisen Snell10Mountain Ridge High School24:23.14304
X520Ella Erickson 9Corona del Sol High School24:23.28--
X521Kaelyn Liberto12Pine Creek High School24:25.00--
X522Zoe Hutcherson12Coronado High School24:25.00305
X523Shelby Roberts--Desert Mountain High School24:25.26--
X524Alexis Lott11Flagstaff High School24:25.79--
X525Alexis Morici12Summit High School24:26.10--
X526Campbell Traylor 9Golden High School24:27.00--
X527Mary Mathews 9Casteel24:27.39306
X528Alysse Blaire12El Paso Hanks24:28.12--
X529Olivia Schepper12Flagstaff High School24:29.87--
X530Sadie Schroder11Summit High School24:30.30--
X531Aspen Wyatt12Durango High School24:30.80--
X532Havens Webster11Durango High School24:32.60--
X533Jessica Moise 9Prescott High School24:32.60307
X534Tea Castro11Prescott High School24:33.17--
X535Paulina Soto11Rio Rico High School24:34.10308
X536Serina Barrera 9Skyline High School24:34.22--
X537Lilly Tichi11Durango High School24:36.40--
X538Dacia Marquez--Rio Rancho High School24:36.42--
X539Sawyer Smith 9Niwot High School24:36.80--
X540Katie Roberts10Lyons High School24:37.00309
X541Riley Miller11Centaurus High School24:37.00--
X542Kenzie Ortmann11Valor Christian High School24:37.90--
X543Tori Fugitt11Faith Lutheran High School24:40.70310
X544Tessa Ermeling10Faith Lutheran High School24:40.80311
X545Grace Reinhart 9Fort Collins High School24:41.00--
X546Jessica Hilts--Desert Vista High School24:41.50--
X547Regina Raimo 9Mesa Mountain View High School24:43.18--
X548Annika Cuellar--El Paso Eastwood24:43.55--
X549Autumn Fairbanks10Skyline High School24:43.64--
X550Madi Giacomo12Valor Christian High School24:44.00--
X551Kerie Jenkin 9Page High School24:44.96--
X552Hannah Yoon12Cherokee Trail High School24:45.00--
X553Emma Axness10Deer Valley High School24:45.40312
X554Breana Biggambler10Flagstaff High School24:45.54--
X555Kylie Merrill10Perry High School24:47.57--
X556Maria Alvidrez Rivera12Pine Creek High School24:48.20--
X557Rabun Shropshire 9Durango High School24:48.50--
X558Haylee Hughes10Highland High24:48.92--
X559Anna Camargo 9Cherokee Trail High School24:51.00--
X560Leah Thompson--Casteel24:51.10--
X561Yoseline Torres--El Paso Eastwood24:51.79--
X562Alesandra Fairchild 9Fort Collins High School24:52.00--
X563Kira Beck12Green Mountain High School24:52.00--
X564Rush Webster12Durango High School24:52.60--
X565Auri Quintana11St. Michael Indian School24:52.76--
X566Tess Leuchten11Niwot High School24:53.00--
X567Madison Hening10Durango High School24:53.00--
X568Lilah Hwang12Durango High School24:53.10--
X569Jasmine Mornes 9Fort Collins High School24:53.40--
X570Naomi Wagoner 9Piedra Vista High School24:55.64313
X571Lindsey Castillo11Eagle Valley High School24:55.80--
X572Kate Shoemaker10Mesa Mountain View High School24:56.01--
X573Anna Nordlander 9Valor Christian High School24:56.10--
X574Amya Begay10Page High School24:58.65--
X575Grace Stoops 9Arete Prep Academy25:00.52314
X576Gwen Turney10Fort Collins High School25:01.00--
X577Ximena Jimenez10San Elizario25:01.41315
X578Sierra Manygoats 9Flagstaff High School25:02.02--
X579Alyssa Amador11Red Mountain High School25:02.11--
X580Bella Margolies10Mountain Ridge High School25:02.84316
X581Hannah Sommer11Centaurus High School25:04.00--
X582Nikita Marlin11Centaurus High School25:05.00--
X583Skylar Williams12Eagle Valley High School25:05.00--
X584Lauren Eaton10Red Mountain High School25:05.21--
X585Monika Brewster11Piedra Vista High School25:05.44--
X586Andrea Doyle12Golden High School25:06.00--
X587Madelyn Mykytiuk10Desert Mountain High School25:06.19--
X588Liliana Wiethake 9Summit High School25:06.50--
X589Sophia McFarland 9Summit High School25:06.80--
X590Ella Bowman11Coronado High School25:08.00317
X591Catherine Young12Faith Lutheran High School25:10.90318
X592Taylor Rogers10Valor Christian High School25:11.40--
X593Saylor Stottlemeyer12Durango High School25:13.40--
X594Grace Callan10Mesa Mountain View High School25:13.97--
X595Melanie Giedt11Pinnacle High School25:14.31--
X596Grace Knutson 9Perry High School25:16.16--
X597Lorena Ramirez12Cactus High School25:16.70--
X598Reagan Guess 9Science Hill High School25:18.00--
X599Elizabeth Marshall 9Niwot High School25:18.00--
X600Hillary Moreno12Overland High School25:19.70319
X601Bry McDermott10Valor Christian High School25:20.00--
X602Jerica Engle10Fort Collins High School25:20.20--
X603Audree Yobst 9Science Hill High School25:20.70--
X604Sofia Arner10Golden High School25:22.00--
X605Claire Potter 9Fort Collins High School25:22.00--
X606Lucyanna Glenn10Fort Collins High School25:22.00--
X607Gavriella Santiago11Pine Creek High School25:22.00--
X608Alexes Hernandez10Rio Rancho High School25:22.22--
X609Paige Davis 9Centaurus High School25:23.00--
X610Lauren Pickles10Mesa Mountain View High School25:23.66--
X611Kiri Murdock 9Pine Creek High School25:24.00--
X612Bryce Fairchild--Sunrise Mountain High School25:24.20--
X613Sunny Webster 9Durango High School25:24.30--
X614Cameron Nelson12St. Michael Indian School25:24.44--
X615Elise Gillett12Niwot High School25:26.10--
X616Ahnika Torres 9Fort Collins High School25:27.90--
X617Kenna Hoven10Valor Christian High School25:28.80--
X618Audra Welch10Perry High School25:28.91--
X619Virginia Edwards12Overland High School25:29.60320
X620Emma Middleton 9Science Hill High School25:31.00--
X621Salem Dietrich12Fort Collins High School25:32.00--
X622Maria Caruso--Sunrise Mountain High School25:32.52--
X623Ivy Chiroux10Coronado High School25:32.94321
X624Analisia Argenziano12Desert Vista High School25:35.50--
X625Chaunelle Penn12Piedra Vista High School25:37.71--
X626Saleen Russell10Highland High25:39.20--
X627Maya Ratledge 9Cherokee Trail High School25:39.80--
X628Leila Blal10Fort Collins High School25:41.60--
X629Peyton Martin--Desert Vista High School25:41.80--
X630Riley Gallagher12Red Mountain High School25:41.96--
X631Angela Deanda--San Elizario25:42.28322
X632Lauren Distler12Pinnacle High School25:42.80--
X633Carla Guardado11Overland High School25:43.90323
X634Lauren Schutt 9Fort Collins High School25:44.00--
X635Kendra Fair10Highland High25:44.36--
X636Jaselle Blacktaild 9Flagstaff High School25:44.55--
X637Brooklyn Brown11Coronado High School25:46.00--
X638Jade Singer11Chaparral High School25:46.16--
X639Alysa Waits10Valor Christian High School25:47.00--
X640Ella Peterson10Flagstaff High School25:48.00--
X641Jessi Smith 9Red Mountain High School25:48.26--
X642Basia Nolton12Desert Mountain High School25:49.11--
X643Hailey Hagburg 9Summit High School25:51.90--
X644Fiona Benson11Niwot High School25:52.50--
X645Vanessa Atallah11Desert Vista High School25:54.61--
X646Sarai Ortiz12Desert Vista High School25:54.80--
X647Teagan Reginald--Desert Vista High School25:54.83--
X648Emerie Bean12Flagstaff High School25:55.25--
X649Megan Selenke 9Cherokee Trail High School25:55.90--
X650Emery Skinner11Flagstaff High School25:56.43--
X651Iva Halacheva 9Eagle Valley High School25:57.00--
X652Lydia Bowden10Green Mountain High School25:58.00--
X653Sami Fredriksen12Red Mountain High School25:58.11--
X654Ella Ricci10Golden High School26:00.00--
X655Sydney Cross11Science Hill High School26:00.90--
X656Kristen Quinn 9Niwot High School26:01.60--
X657Ella Suchamski 9Summit High School26:02.10--
X658Ximena Trejo Juarez10Mesa Mountain View High School26:03.39--
X659Kirsten Browning10Science Hill High School26:04.00--
X660Kiley Cole10Centaurus High School26:05.00--
X661Jada Neely--Rio Rancho High School26:05.57--
X662Jada Mornes11Fort Collins High School26:07.00--
X663Liyanos Abate12Overland High School26:08.10324
X664Keaton Roof10Durango High School26:11.80--
X665Kendall Downs11Valor Christian High School26:12.10--
X666Brynn Allen11Skyline26:12.70--
X667Madeline Gibson11Desert Vista High School26:13.34--
X668Ava Wright 9Durango High School26:13.50--
X669Paris Cedillos--El Paso Eastwood26:13.90--
X670Sarah Sadler 9Overland High School26:16.50325
X671Makennah Mitchell 9Flagstaff High School26:17.29--
X672Katie Spreitzer11Desert Vista High School26:17.30--
X673Ashtyn Nuckols10Pinnacle High School26:17.36--
X674Torrey Brown10Fort Collins High School26:18.00--
X675Myrna Ramos11El Paso Eastwood26:18.01--
X676Kaylee Mercurio 9Cactus High School26:19.87--
X677McKenna Ralston12Green Mountain High School26:20.00--
X678Erica Li--Desert Mountain High School26:20.94--
X679Casey Greenlee 9Perry High School26:21.71--
X680Emily Beyale 9Piedra Vista High School26:22.00--
X681Makayla Douglass 9Centaurus High School26:22.00--
X682Daniella Caro12El Paso Hanks26:22.09--
X683Jeannette Vazquez 9Mountain Ridge High School26:22.25--
X684Haylee Martin 9Skyline High School26:23.91--
X685Katherine Crowder10Faith Lutheran High School26:24.80326
X686Erin Wilson 9Cherokee Trail High School26:28.00--
X687Lilliana Bruguier11Vista Grande High School26:29.00--
X688Isabelle Parsons--Rio Rancho High School26:29.76--
X689Leah Finkle 9Air Academy High School26:30.50--
X690Olivia Dunn12Prescott High School26:31.30--
X691Mckenzie Kelly10Highland High26:32.96--
X692Sariah Scherrei 9Valor Christian High School26:35.00--
X693Ashlyn Twiss11Eagle Valley High School26:36.00--
X694Iliana Vigil--San Elizario26:38.05--
X695Emily Fung11Faith Lutheran High School26:38.60327
X696Kendall Weaver10Desert Mountain High School26:38.78--
X697Jade Brossman10Eagle Valley High School26:39.10--
X698Emily Hayes12Chaparral High School26:42.95--
X699Keelin Wittkamp 9Air Academy High School26:43.00--
X700Josie Billups10Valor Christian High School26:43.60--
X701Lexi Stroud12Millennium High School26:43.63328
X702Savanannah Frost--Highland High26:44.37--
X703Abby Anderson10Summit High School26:44.70--
X704Mollie Porch10Valor Christian High School26:45.00--
X705Nicole Spreitzer--Desert Vista High School26:45.65--
X706Abigail Scohera 9Cherokee Trail High School26:46.00--
X707Kcey Slim10Page High School26:47.42--
X708Julia Tester--Desert Mountain High School26:48.06--
X709Kat Hagar11Coronado High School26:49.05--
X710Marleigh Smith--Rio Rancho High School26:50.04--
X711Jocelyn Mutchlet11Air Academy High School26:50.70--
X712Rylee Harinck 9Valor Christian High School26:54.00--
X713Alyise Trujillo10Perry High School26:54.17--
X714Kimberly Todacheeny11Piedra Vista High School26:56.97--
X715Bella Cogar 9Valor Christian High School27:01.00--
X716Amora Bradley11Millennium High School27:01.35--
X717Sophia Hollins11Millennium High School27:02.51--
X718Talia Hightower10Perry High School27:03.10--
X719Ele Huber 9Science Hill High School27:04.50--
X720Emmelien Coumou 9Faith Lutheran High School27:04.90--
X721Sophie Morgan11Green Mountain High School27:05.00--
X722Kalandra Muse11Pine Creek High School27:09.00--
X723Amelia Echols 9Coronado High School27:11.00--
X724Sophia Brown11Coronado High School27:11.00--
X725Hayley Rhorer12Desert Mountain High School27:13.10--
X726Clara Schaeffer11Corona del Sol High School27:13.75--
X727Hadhie Campbell10Highland High27:13.79--
X728Brin Copp 9Science Hill High School27:13.80--
X729Charlotte Reynolds 9Valor Christian High School27:14.00--
X730Ava Castrellon10Golden High School27:14.00--
X731Ayianna Sandoval11Piedra Vista High School27:14.01--
X732Casseia Watson 9Peak to Peak Charter School27:15.00329
X733Kyra Gebicki 9Cherokee Trail High School27:15.00--
X734Riley Shea 9Centaurus High School27:16.50--
X735Jade Swanson 9Golden High School27:17.00--
X736Marissa Paredes--Rio Rancho High School27:17.47--
X737Chloe Flannigan 9Golden High School27:20.00--
X738Ally Odekirk12Golden High School27:20.00--
X739Catherine Darrow12Lyons High School27:20.00330
X740Ricki Young 9Sunrise Mountain High School27:20.42--
X741Lily Taylor11Faith Lutheran High School27:21.20--
X742Katelyn Eckenboy 9Red Mountain High School27:23.15--
X743Geneva Raber12Prescott High School27:23.32--
X744Stevi Cameron12Durango High School27:23.80--
X745Julea Trank-Greene12Niwot High School27:24.60--
X746Alisha Merritt--Sunrise Mountain High School27:27.96--
X747Kiersten Lavelle10Fort Collins High School27:31.00--
X748Hana Tollen 9Arete Prep Academy27:32.56331
X749Trinity Cathers 9Green Mountain High School27:33.00--
X750Amber Bakken10Coronado High School27:33.60--
X751Sariya Oliver11Millennium High School27:34.43--
X752Lina Stecher 9Summit High School27:35.00--
X753Sydney Howk10Fort Collins High School27:35.00--
X754Payton Kruse10Golden High School27:38.00--
X755Emily Rodgers11Rio Rico High School27:39.30332
X756Madison Guerin10Pine Creek High School27:44.60--
X757Maxamilia Hackert11Desert Mountain High School27:45.98--
X758Malia Henriques 9Niwot High School27:46.00--
X759Nivedita Prabhu10Peak to Peak Charter School27:46.40--
X760Katherine Ellenber10Flagstaff High School27:46.78--
X761Natalia Perez12San Elizario27:46.88--
X762Niki Mccabe12Flagstaff High School27:47.89--
X763Jocelyn Esquerra--Deer Valley High School27:49.90333
X764Summer Stickler 9Sunrise Mountain High School27:51.22--
X765Bella Shotnik 9Valor Christian High School27:51.60--
X766Taryn McGraw11Green Mountain High School27:52.00--
X767Meena Singh10Pine Creek High School27:54.00--
X768Lylah Bautista--El Paso Eastwood27:54.73--
X769Anastasia Markovich10Overland High School27:55.40334
X770Michelle Ganbat12Cherokee Trail High School27:55.50--
X771Madeline Trilling 9Flagstaff High School27:57.36--
X772Angela Li12Peak to Peak Charter School27:58.00--
X773Cora Moore11North Phoenix Prep27:58.39335
X774Misha Martin Williams11Summit High School27:59.40--
X775Kasidi Mortensen 9Mesa Mountain View High School28:01.75--
X776Olivia Duval12Millennium High School28:03.35--
X777Amanda Gummow10Perry High School28:03.49--
X778Megan Rogers10Valor Christian High School28:04.00--
X779Avery Nieto--Highland High28:07.11--
X780Olivia Rasheta 9Mesa Mountain View High School28:09.28--
X781Dayna Weber11Golden High School28:10.00--
X782Katie Youngson11Faith Lutheran High School28:11.90--
X783Liberty Espinoza 9Perry High School28:15.82--
X784Sophia Bridge11Skyline28:17.60--
X785Caroline Blum 9Niwot High School28:18.00--
X786Yara Ahmed12Overland High School28:21.00--
X787Chloe Els10Lyons High School28:24.00--
X788Lindsey Hinshaw 9Air Academy High School28:25.50--
X789Geneva-Grace Douillard11Niwot High School28:29.00--
X790Viola Zanna11Science Hill High School28:29.10--
X791Iliana Vigil--San Elizario28:30.91--
X792Tatum Cobles10Corona del Sol High School28:31.04--
X793Cambria Baker--Sunrise Mountain High School28:33.90--
X794Allison Martin 9Centaurus High School28:46.00--
X795Libby Hubbeling12Fort Collins High School28:47.30--
X796Star Pham-ortiz10Vista Grande High School28:51.11--
X797Ashley Tsingine11St. Michael Indian School28:51.61--
X798Kaylee Scott 9Fort Collins High School28:52.00--
X799Sophia Kimble12Desert Mountain High School28:52.73--
X800Emma Flaherty11Pine Creek High School28:53.00--
X801Anna Brown12Centaurus High School28:53.00--
X802Sydney Greenlee10Perry High School28:53.33--
X803Adelaide Randall12Desert Mountain High School28:55.76--
X804Yani Begay 9Rio Rancho High School28:56.30--
X805Brenda Rios Adame11Overland High School29:00.00--
X806Isabela Roldolfo12Green Mountain High School29:00.00--
X807Rachel Guerrero12Desert Mountain High School29:05.34--
X808Natalie Heywood--Highland High29:05.73--
X809Priyanka Sharma11Overland High School29:07.00--
X810Riley Rudin11Eagle Valley High School29:07.40--
X811Brianna Williams11St. Michael Indian School29:12.75--
X812Brianna Herrera--El Paso Eastwood29:19.65--
X813Arlene Saucedo 0San Elizario29:23.06--
X814Kelly Linsday11Rio Rancho High School29:24.46--
X815Eilene Heo10Niwot High School29:26.00--
X816Emily Ramey11Highland High29:26.05--
X817Sarah Maul10El Paso Eastwood29:26.37--
X818Lauren Montgomery10Cherokee Trail High School29:27.90--
X819Erin Harwell12Valor Christian High School29:28.00--
X820Megan Mcmufrey--Rio Rancho High School29:29.10--
X821Robin Lasswell11Coronado High School29:30.40--
X822Megan Yarnell12Desert Mountain High School29:30.57--
X823Natalee Gates 9Cherokee Trail High School29:33.50--
X824Abby Galen11Rio Rancho High School29:37.47--
X825Kaitlyn Larsen 9Pinnacle High School29:38.63--
X826Kailee Miller11Science Hill High School29:39.00--
X827Kilynne Hunsaker10Perry High School29:41.92--
X828Aidan Briggs11Chaparral High School29:43.55--
X829Kendall Floyd12Durango High School29:47.30--
X830Mariani Molina12Millennium High School29:49.00--
X831Maddie Pyles 9Pinnacle High School29:50.05--
X832Ava Santiago11Air Academy High School29:51.90--
X833Sunshine Burnside11St. Michael Indian School29:52.45--
X834Laura Johnson11Desert Mountain High School29:58.48--
X835Nizhoni Atencio--Rio Rancho High School30:04.06--
X836Haley Victor--Rio Rancho High School30:06.85--
X837Haley Nunley 9Valor Christian High School30:09.80--
X838Ritika Ravindron12Mountain Ridge High School30:10.97--
X839Maya Poley 9Green Mountain High School30:11.00--
X840Lindsay Kelly--Rio Rancho High School30:11.68--
X841Isaabela Rodolfo12Green Mountain High School30:16.70--
X842Brenda Montes 9San Elizario30:17.31--
X843Isabelle Marceles11Corona del Sol High School30:17.39--
X844Arden Hammond12Pinnacle High School30:17.40--
X845Ashlyn Allred 9Perry High School30:17.98--
X846Megan Mahon 9Niwot High School30:21.90--
X847Karleigh Liberto10Pine Creek High School30:24.00--
X848Daniah Elgomati12Overland High School30:30.00--
X849Savannah Braden 9Air Academy High School30:30.10--
X850Annalise Dana--Highland High30:35.60--
X851Xochitl Triana12Prescott High School30:35.63--
X852Abby Balog10Desert Vista High School30:37.91--
X853Mai Tran11Prescott High School30:39.64--
X854Hazel Adams12Green Mountain High School30:47.00--
X855Abby Gerber12Coronado High School30:56.00--
X856Danielle Bauling12Fort Collins High School30:56.20--
X857Abby Harberson11Coronado High School30:57.40--
X858Georgianna Varangis--Rio Rancho High School31:03.21--
X859Nautica Thomas--Rio Rancho High School31:03.22--
X860Savannah Niebur12Valor Christian High School31:07.40--
X861Kimberly Clark Cruz11Mesa Mountain View High School31:07.97--
X862Lindsey Johnston10Durango High School31:11.70--
X863Faith Rabin--Desert Vista High School31:14.65--
X864Adele Morales11Chaparral High School31:21.42--
X865Alexa Tuscano10Pinnacle High School31:29.00--
X866Donnalynn Sloan10Page High School31:35.86--
X867Dejane Howell--Deer Valley High School31:44.10--
X868Brooke Gloudemans10Summit High School31:47.10--
X869Lauren Mayes 9Highland High31:48.25--
X870Dagny Mccrory10North Phoenix Prep31:53.48336
X871Elena Galbraith--Rio Rancho High School31:54.62--
X872Jackie Pinos10Coronado High School31:59.00--
X873Vivian Hoang Nguyen10Pine Creek High School32:09.60--
X874Alexa Hamilton 9Pinnacle High School32:13.99--
X875Alva Lindgren12Summit High School32:15.50--
X876Lillian Lewis11Air Academy High School32:16.00--
X877Abriana Maize11Page High School32:18.14--
X878Steph Boyd11Coronado High School32:19.00--
X879Helen Johnson 9Science Hill High School32:23.10--
X880Van Nguyen12Cactus High School32:26.88--
X881Gabriela Peralta Reyes11Overland High School32:28.00--
X882Sophie Russ11Centaurus High School32:32.00--
X883Camila Bastidos 9North Phoenix Prep32:32.13337
X884Haley Thibodeau 9Chaparral High School32:34.49--
X885Abbi Hunt12Golden High School32:35.00--
X886Amy Delevoryas11Centaurus High School32:40.00--
X887Ria Marlin 9Centaurus High School32:52.00--
X888Natalie Wagner12Green Mountain High School32:55.70--
X889Hannah Clah 9Piedra Vista High School33:07.00--
X890Lucia Bona 9Centaurus High School33:10.80--
X891Emily Ha 9Mountain Ridge High School33:22.79--
X892Ailyn Iniguez12Overland High School33:37.00--
X893Anisha Koirala12Overland High School33:40.70--
X894Emma Rees12Desert Mountain High School33:41.60--
X895Kay Altshuler12Niwot High School33:45.50--
X896Elizabeth Robele11Overland High School34:13.00--
X897Samantha Amaya12Overland High School34:14.00--
X898Emily Sharp10Coronado High School34:21.00--
X899Reagan Parker11Millennium High School34:27.53--
X900Julia Donnelly10Desert Vista High School34:33.34--
X901Ashley Delgado--El Paso Hanks34:33.72--
X902Alex Lopez 9Pinnacle High School34:38.44--
X903McKenzie Campbell10Niwot High School34:44.00--
X904Bailey Smith12Fort Collins High School34:44.60--
X905Cece Burnham10Golden High School34:46.00--
X906Eleana Wright11Valor Christian High School34:49.30--
X907Grace Barker 9Valor Christian High School34:52.80--
X908Erin Kennedy12Prescott High School35:08.40--
X909Amaya Mendoza--Deer Valley High School35:09.80--
X910Jisu Yoon 9Golden High School35:25.00--
X911Brianna Caspari10Coronado High School35:31.00--
X912Bethany Zapata12Overland High School35:33.00--
X913Paige Riley11Corona del Sol High School35:42.34--
X914Maddy Mares12Rio Rancho High School36:06.20--
X915Lilly Mcgever 9Pinnacle High School36:24.69--
X916Jacqueline Jaquez 9El Paso Hanks36:35.61--
X917Nirmala Rusli10Overland High School36:37.10--
X918Janai Shanta--Rio Rancho High School37:04.43--
X919Lauren Montana11Corona del Sol High School37:14.52--
X920Kaylyn Sorney 9Mountain Ridge High School37:36.61--
X921Max Campbell11Niwot High School39:55.00--
X922Clara Rutledge12Golden High School40:51.00--
X923Megan Godlewski11Red Mountain High School40:56.33--
X924Alyssa Bradley11Arete Prep Academy41:10.17338
X925Kyla Laney--Pinnacle High School41:18.70--
X926Tracy Ariunbold 9Overland High School44:01.00--
X927Aryianah Eaton11Piedra Vista High School44:03.59--
X928Fatima Mahdi10Overland High School50:43.00--
X929Hannah Fox10Air Academy High School52:57.00--

Championship Meet - 54 Teams Team Scores

1Cherokee Trail High School9224142745--
2Valor Christian High School10578282933--
3Niwot High School1161617192539--
4Desert Vista High School188611324693--
5Air Academy High School2352426316292--
6Red Mountain High School2712335506697--
8Pine Creek High School2951254707287--
9Highland High3055416183115--
10Durango High School392215876112125--
11Centaurus High School429717477101106--
12El Paso Eastwood438427991107119--
13Prescott High School447365289123147--
14Perry High School483488195110149--
15Eagle Valley High School51039140141217--
16Sunrise Mountain High School5333478108144169--
17Fort Collins High School534157385148213--
18Science Hill High School5791105130142201--
19Desert Mountain High School6133740145158233--
20Chaparral High School6331086109203225--
21Mesa Mountain View High School64182111127138183--
22Golden High School6545688160161189--
23The Woodlands67359137153154170--
24Skyline High School67430143162163176--
25Rio Rancho High School69668120152157199--
26Green Mountain High School70944122150188205--
28Vista Grande High School76013136193197221--
29Corona del Sol High School763100113134192224--
30Flagstaff High School7655198171175270--
31Lyons High School81364135156215243--
32Pinnacle High School85249165181194263--
33Summit High School89822164223240249--
34Page High School924124155195218232--
35El Paso Hanks972159174179209251--
36Taos High School98480173228236267--
37Coronado High School101463186208252305--
38Peak to Peak Charter School101520222248256269--
39Mountain Ridge High School106194151259264293--
40St. Michael Indian School1162104244247283284--
41North Phoenix Prep116918191289335336--
42Piedra Vista High School1203167196266275299--
43Deer Valley High School1229177231245286290--
44Millennium High School1240210219261272278--
45San Elizario1281198250258273302--
46Rio Rico High School1314212254262291295--
47Faith Lutheran High School1453238276310311318--
48Arete Prep Academy1554279292314331338--
49Overland High School1567281319320323324--
--Cactus High SchoolNTS