Coronavirus: AIA Lastest Update

The AIA sent out a press release yesterday:

"The AIA reached out to all member schools this morning in regard to current discussions involving the COVID-19 virus, or Coronavirus."
"All regular season games and tournaments are under the governance of the member schools and districts. Therefore, the AIA will respect any athletic competition decisions made by those entities in regards to COVID-19. If events are canceled or changed specifically due to COVID-19, the AIA will waive the fees associated with this. Athletic directors at the member schools will follow regular procedures of canceling or changing events should this occur."

Majority of Schools

Many schools in the state are relying on the County and State Departments of Public Health for accurate reports and have not made decisions on closing or suspending school openings and/or sporting/extra-curricular events.

Some School Responses

Dysart Unified School District #89 stated:  
"In light of concerns related to COVID 19, high schools in the Dysart Unified School District will be suspending scheduled athletic competitions through March 27."
Glendale Union High School District #205:
"Out of an abundance of caution and for the safety of our students and staff, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all out-of-state travel until further notice. As of this moment, trips and athletic events within our state will continue as planned."
Peoria Unified School District #11
"At this time, out of an abundance of caution, we are suspending all previously approved out-of-state student and staff travel until further notice."
The Phoenix Unified School District put out this information on its website:  
  • "All in-state travel to large, public venues will be canceled. Only travel to small venues, such as a sporting event, will be allowed.  
  • All sporting events held at Phoenix Union Schools will continue yet spectators will not be allowed.
  • More information in regards to non-essential events will be shared prior to Monday, March 16 when students and staff are scheduled to return from spring break."

If and when information changes in regards to track and field competition, we will let you know.