Social Distancing Signing Day Surprise

During this time we wanted to pass along some uplifting news to our readers.  Ellen Dempsey, mother of Ryan Dempsey of Hamilton High School wanted to share the good news during this crazy time with us and we thought it would be fun to pass along to our readers as well.

Basically, Ryan's coach, Scott Moomaw, submitted this idea to AZ Central, which is doing a signing day series and Ryan was surprised by this event, which his parent put together for him.

According to Mrs. Dempsey, "It was a great event that will not be forgotten!" 

Ryan Dempsey, Hamilton High School cross country & track MVP and team captain had been anxiously awaiting his admission decision from prestigious Boston University (decisions were available on 3/21), which meant he had to wait for Spring signing day.

He had been waiting for his spring signing day as long as he can remember, and was really looking forward to the event. When school was canceled, it was the first thing he was super bummed about. His mom told him they could have a signing in our yard with just our family, and he said that if long-time Hamilton signing day announcer, administrator Dick Bano, would not be announcing his signing day, then he didn't even want one.

Luckily for the Dempseys, Dick Bano's daughter is Ryan's best friend, Lexi. So, Mrs. Dempsey got on the horn and called Lexi and asked her if her dad wanted to help surprise Ryan. He responded with an all caps ABSOLUTELY, and Mrs. Dempsey was thrilled.

On national signing day (April 15), The Dempseys pulled off the great surprise "social distance" signing day for Ryan. They decided to surprise him with a front yard signing, so he didn't have to miss out on his big day! The day was announced by Hamilton's official signing day announcer, administrator Dick Bano, and attended by his cross country and track coaches Scott Moomaw and Priscilla Schultz, as well as a few of his best friends, teammates (some home from college because of coronavirus), neighbors, and family (all standing 6 feet apart in the yard).

To make it extra special, the day was complete with a BU cross country & track custom cake and cookies by some sweet friends - it was an event the whole family we always remember! 

Congrats Ryan and great job mom for pulling this off!

Do you have a social distance social signing you want to share with us - we'd love to hear about it.

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