Where Do We Stand with Cross Country This Fall?

The Chances of Cross Country Starting On Time

This is the list of schools who have canceled fall sports in Arizona thus far:

Teams / SchoolsState Championship Team Placement in 2019
Buckeye Odyssey Institute (3A)Boys 22nd / Girls no team
Ganado (3A)no team / Girls 3rd
Kayenta Monument Valley (3A)Boys 3rd / Girls no team
Fort Defiance Window Rock (3A)no team / Girls 8th
Chinle (3A)Boys 7th / Girls 5th
Tuba City (3A)Boys 12th / Girls 8th
Page (3A)Boys State Champs / Girls no team
Whiteriver Alchesay (2A)Boys 7th / Girls 6th
Keams Canyon Hopi (2A)Boys no team / Girls no team
Sanders Valley (2A)Boys no team / Girls no team
Greyhills Academy (2A)Boys no team / Girls no team
Many Farms (2A)Boys 6th / Girls 3rd
Sells Baboquivari (1A)Boys no team / Girls 13th
Kearny Ray (1A)Boys no team / Girls no team
Shonto Prep (1A)Boys no team / Girls no team
Rock Point (1A)Boys no team / Girls no team
St. Michaels (1A)Boys 12th / Girls State Champs

If cross country happens this fall, some of our top teams from last season will not be participating as seen from the chart above. Page was the newest addition to this list of mostly northern schools in which Native communities are being hit extremely hard with COVID-19 cases and deaths in the state of Arizona.

When are schools starting?

Depending on the school district, schools are starting at all different times (in person), even as the Governor has set a date of August 17th for back to school. Here are some district plans across the state:

Tempe Unified: Virtually for everyone on August 3rd. In-person (if your student chose this option) on August 17th.

Scottsdale Unified: Virtually starting classes August 10th. The earliest campuses will open up is as of now September 8th.

Chandler Unified: Virtually starting classes on August 5th. The district is waiting to hear benchmarks from Governor and Arizona Superintendent before putting out a return to in-person instruction.

Phoenix Unified: Starting virtually on August 3rd and won't go back to in-person instruction until after 1st quarter.

Glendale Unified: Starting virtually on August 10th and will remain virtually at least until Friday, September 4th

Tucson Unified: Starting virtually on August 10th and transition those interested in an on-campus learning experience when it is deemed safe.

Flagstaff Unified: Virtual learning starting on August 17th and continue online learning at least through the first quarter.

Add to this that different school teams will start practicing together at different times depending on the coaches' and athletes' comfort at training "together". Officially, teams can start on August 17th, but due to each school's health circumstances that date may be pushed back.

So what are your thoughts on when cross country should begin? Participate in our poll below: