Chandler Invite | Boys XC JV Team Scores Combined Sessions

We decided to look at all of the results for Saturday's Chandler Invite and try to figure out who would have been the overall winners if it was scored like a traditional cross country race. What we did was simply take each team's top seven runners and made them the "varsity" team. Then we took the next seven runners and made them the "JV" team. If a team didn't have enough runners for a varsity or JV squad then we left those teams out of the scoring. Teams with more than 14 runners will not see those athletes' names on either the varsity scoring or the JV scoring (shown below).  

Once we removed the varsity runners from the JV, we reordered the places and then scored this hypothetical "meet", which you see below.

We understand that some teams may have run only 5 or 6 runners if there were a varsity race, but we tried to make it simple and not guess what 6 or 7 runners may have helped his team more in the JV race.

We also understand that not all teams ran their top runners at Chandler, so this necessarily doesn't mean these teams will end up this way by year's end.

Lastly, we didn't differentiate between Division I, II, III, or IV in the scoring.


3Crewe Resendez9Highland High17:14.4
4Caden Engel11Highland High17:17.3
16Brandon Ericson12Highland High17:20.7
7Brock Scott11Highland High17:20.8
8Jack Breinholt10Highland High17:31.928
9Jonah Alexander10Highland High17:36.3
15Gavin Nielsen12Highland High17:44.3
2Johnathan Estrada11Desert Vista High School17:07.0
11Diego Rueda11Desert Vista High School17:38.8
213Noah Patch12Desert Vista High School17:41.8
17Caleb Yaso12Desert Vista High School17:49.8
20Shaud Becenti10Desert Vista High School17:58.063
21Stevie Saurini10Desert Vista High School17:59.6
23Kaden Evans9Desert Vista High School18:04.0
1Greyson Akers11Red Mountain High School17:05.6
5Dylan Hartson9Red Mountain High School17:20.0
319Cade Woolf12Red Mountain High School17:57.8
26Logan Beck12Red Mountain High School18:06.8
43Ethan Burleson11Red Mountain High School18:40.294
46Corey Wiseman12Red Mountain High School18:45.6
48Isaac Leapai10Red Mountain High School18:49.9
12Andrew Gardiner11Mesa Mountain View High School17:41.7
14Connor Chaffee10Mesa Mountain View High School17:42.6
416Tyler Judd10Mesa Mountain View High School17:44.3
28Sean Hatch11Mesa Mountain View High School18:08.5
32Manning Millet11Mesa Mountain View High School18:12.5102
35Dallin Cox11Mesa Mountain View High School18:16.6
42Ethan Williams12Mesa Mountain View High School18:38.8
18Matthew Riehm12Shadow Ridge High School17:53.9
24Jackson Bland10Shadow Ridge High School18:04.2
525Curtis Aguirre10Shadow Ridge High School18:06.1
29Jacob Bacome11Shadow Ridge High School18:10.8
31Jaxson Kobel12Shadow Ridge High School18:12.2127
44Diego Avila12Shadow Ridge High School18:41.1
53Charles Mook11Shadow Ridge High School18:57.9
10Ryan Ramsden12Salpointe Catholic High School17:37.6
27Daniel Eisele11Salpointe Catholic High School18:08.3
637Nathaniel Dyson9Salpointe Catholic High School18:24.6
38Wyatt Preble11Salpointe Catholic High School18:26.0
49Brayden Willour10Salpointe Catholic High School18:50.1161
50Hector Jimenez9Salpointe Catholic High School18:51.8
55Diego Flores10Salpointe Catholic High School19:08.3
22Aidan Parr11Brophy College Preparatory18:02.0
34Anderson Baker11Brophy College Preparatory18:16.0
736Zach Loiselle10Brophy College Preparatory18:16.8
40Patrick Cheke11Brophy College Preparatory18:34.0
54Jackson Bernreuter12Brophy College Preparatory19:02.1186
73Daniel Roosevelt12Brophy College Preparatory19:47.1
93Reece Tanella11Brophy College Preparatory20:48.3
30Tyler Negroni11Hamilton High School18:12.1
33Maxwell Porter10Hamilton High School18:14.6
839Noah Sarsam12Hamilton High School18:30.3
45Jacob Cheng10Hamilton High School18:43.6
47Michael Prater11Hamilton High School18:49.9194
51Shayan Mukherjee10Hamilton High School18:54.0
52Wyatt Yenerich12Hamilton High School18:56.7
41Ruben Hernandez11Skyline High School18:34.8
61Caleb Young11Skyline High School19:20.2
963Noah Frier12Skyline High School19:21.8
68Owen Grant11Skyline High School19:38.7
72Edgar Galvez Canez10Skyline High School19:46.6305
105Izaiah Barrera-ramos12Skyline High School21:24.6
145Kano Wittauer11Skyline High School24:44.7
57Felipe Jue9Corona del Sol High School19:13.2
62Stephen Brown9Corona del Sol High School19:20.7
1064Carter Mendoza12Corona del Sol High School19:32.2
67Sean Waters9Corona del Sol High School19:36.5
76Nathan Smith12Corona del Sol High School19:56.0326
78Ethan Abeyta12Corona del Sol High School19:59.1
83Gian Martinez11Corona del Sol High School20:12.4
56Nate Mcmullen12Campo Verde High School19:12.7
60Logan Smith12Campo Verde High School19:20.2
1166Holden Remfrey10Campo Verde High School19:33.6
77Xavier Fellin11Campo Verde High School19:58.1
82Carson Howland11Campo Verde High School20:05.2341
84Tanner Sutherland9Campo Verde High School20:15.8
91Garrett Rosen12Campo Verde High School20:37.7
58Thomas Gauerke10Perry High School19:14.5
59Arnav Arora11Perry High School19:20.0
1274Zach Needham11Perry High School19:48.2
85Tre Chacon10Perry High School20:18.7
95Andrew Gural11Perry High School20:53.7371
103Benjamin Needham9Perry High School21:15.6
115Maxwell Waldron10Perry High School22:04.6
70Hentin Haverkamp11Sandra Day O Connor High School19:44.5
71Morgan Leonard12Sandra Day O Connor High School19:46.1
1375Caleb Johnson12Sandra Day O Connor High School19:54.2
89Ryan Williams9Sandra Day O Connor High School20:31.8
97Drew Krebs11Sandra Day O Connor High School20:54.7402
99Ethan Heyer10Sandra Day O Connor High School21:03.3
117Andrew Hembree12Sandra Day O Connor High School22:05.6
80Bryce Camba12Willow Canyon High School20:01.8
86Evan Branham10Willow Canyon High School20:23.1
1487Owen Weyers11Willow Canyon High School20:25.4
94Evan Berardi12Willow Canyon High School20:51.4
96Nicholas Perry12Willow Canyon High School20:54.1443
106Callum Boysun11Willow Canyon High School21:24.6
116Nathan Catanach12Willow Canyon High School22:04.7
79Talen Tyler10Casteel20:01.1
90Brighton Hatch10Casteel20:32.5
1592Luke Brown11Casteel20:42.8
119Tanner Johnson11Casteel22:08.9
129Spenser Anglen11Casteel23:11.9509
135Danny Farar11Casteel23:45.4
150Luca Sotelo12Casteel25:27.8
81Braden Critchfield11Desert Ridge High School20:04.4
88Mason Pendergast10Desert Ridge High School20:29.6
16112Michael Dietch11Desert Ridge High School21:48.6
113David Gorton12Desert Ridge High School21:58.8
122Jason Burns9Desert Ridge High School22:23.2516
128Dylan Thistlewood11Desert Ridge High School23:00.4
137Samuel Coronado9Desert Ridge High School24:06.4
102Ethan Dopp11American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)21:10.1
104Kaden Hilton10American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)21:22.7
17109Michael Adair12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)21:29.8
110Aiden Schmidt9American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)21:45.0
114Tanner Sweetnam11American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)22:00.8539
121Collin Neilson11American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)22:18.7
126Cole Hilton12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)22:50.5
65Dalton Hoverson12Basha High School19:33.2
69Ethan Wilson10Basha High School19:41.0
18111Rocky Wilson10Basha High School21:46.6
151Jackson Cave9Basha High School25:45.7
152Austin Catlin9Basha High School25:45.9548
98Justin Varela12Vista Grande High School20:58.5
100Ryan Klingsmith12Vista Grande High School21:03.7
19101Jordan Verduzco10Vista Grande High School21:07.5
123Izaiah Hemmings10Vista Grande High School22:28.3
154Kyler Alongi9Vista Grande High School29:03.7576
120Jacob Nemivant12Notre Dame Preparatory22:09.2
125Cameron Short12Notre Dame Preparatory22:44.5
20132Colin Short9Notre Dame Preparatory23:37.5
133Christopher Martin10Notre Dame Preparatory23:38.1
134Dylan Robertson10Notre Dame Preparatory23:43.5644
139Cole Heathcott12Notre Dame Preparatory24:17.5
149Avery Saltonstall11Notre Dame Preparatory25:11.6
107Kyle Duffek10Chandler Preparatory Academy21:26.2
118Edward Campbell9Chandler Preparatory Academy22:07.5
21141Efrain Canizales12Chandler Preparatory Academy24:22.8
143Shamikh Muhsin11Chandler Preparatory Academy24:25.2
144Anthony Caballero10Chandler Preparatory Academy24:29.8653
108Adrian Moreno Ochoa9Saguaro High School21:26.2
124Nicholas Carceller12Saguaro High School22:29.7
22127Adric Brown10Saguaro High School22:51.7
155David McClure10Saguaro High School29:19.8
157Dylan Erickson11Saguaro High School31:30.6671
131Alex Blodgett10Maricopa High School23:20.1
136Slade Miller9Maricopa High School23:54.0
138Charles Liermann11Maricopa High School24:14.2
23142Nickalas Hardenbergh12Maricopa High School24:23.0
146Bobby Coleman11Maricopa High School24:45.0693
156Israel Lunceford9Maricopa High School29:41.2
130Ryan Kralik10Seton Catholic High School23:18.1
140Adam Shirley-lucero12Seton Catholic High School24:22.0
24147Anthony Lopez9Seton Catholic High School25:03.0
148Gerard Gerken9Seton Catholic High School25:03.3
153Lincoln Kellar9Seton Catholic High School26:44.5718