Chandler Invite | Girls XC JV Scores Between Both Sessions

We decided to look at all of the results for Saturday's Chandler Invite and try to figure out who would have been the overall winners if it was scored like a traditional cross country race. What we did was simply take each team's top seven runners and made them the "varsity" team. Then we took the next seven runners and made them the "JV" team. If a team didn't have enough runners for a varsity or JV squad then we left those teams out of the scoring. Teams with more than 14 runners will not see those athletes' names on either the varsity scoring or the JV scoring (shown below).

Once we removed the varsity runners from the JV, we reordered the places and then scored this hypothetical "meet", which you see below.

We understand that some teams may have run only 5 or 6 runners if there were a varsity race, but we tried to make it simple and not guess what 6 or 7 runners may have helped his team more in the JV race.

We also understand that not all teams ran their top runners at Chandler, so this necessarily doesn't mean these teams will end up this way by year's end.

Lastly, we didn't differentiate between Division I, II, III, or IV in the scoring.


(Use the links to see th hypothetical boys' breakdown of JV and varsity team scores at Chandler Invite)

TeamPlaceNameGradeSchoolTimeTeam Score
1Lindsay Schlink10Highland High20:54.0
3Vanessa Finchum9Highland High21:06.5
4Shelley Jarman11Highland High21:11.3
5Natalie Allred11Highland High21:31.6
112Tessa Dille11Highland High22:05.425
13Trynitie Garcia9Highland High22:06.5
14Ryleigh Bayola11Highland High22:09.2
8Lindsay Welch10Mesa Mountain View High School21:50.2
10Alexandra Wang12Mesa Mountain View High School21:51.3
11Olivia Lamoreaux10Mesa Mountain View High School22:00.4
15Lauryn Dillard9Mesa Mountain View High School22:09.2
216Tess Thomas11Mesa Mountain View High School22:11.960
18Yasmin Pooley10Mesa Mountain View High School22:12.8
29Rachel Pearson9Mesa Mountain View High School22:44.5
7Chelsea Condon10Desert Vista High School21:48.2
22Peyton Martin10Desert Vista High School22:22.6
25Savannah Kveton10Desert Vista High School22:31.0
28Marlee Billeter9Desert Vista High School22:44.1
330Ariada Woods11Desert Vista High School22:45.2112
31Gryffyn Geist9Desert Vista High School22:47.6
34Desiree Perez9Desert Vista High School22:59.1
2Rylee Hatcher9Perry High School21:06.2
19Leah Andersen12Perry High School22:17.4
23Isabella Schaller10Perry High School22:29.7
37Peyton Idleman12Perry High School23:02.5
58Heather Pilon9Perry High School24:13.9139
461Kylie Merrill11Perry High School24:26.4
67Erin Idleman10Perry High School24:51.6
6Jennifer Roberts11Pinnacle High School21:42.3
20Nicole Friedman10Pinnacle High School22:18.7
21Lena Forbes12Pinnacle High School22:18.7
27Danielle Ferraro12Pinnacle High School22:35.8
566Ashtyn Nuckols11Pinnacle High School24:46.0140
76Kaitlyn Larsen10Pinnacle High School25:29.9
83Brynn Davis9Pinnacle High School25:57.5
9Paige Davies-Boerner9Corona del Sol High School21:51.2
32Jade Bare12Corona del Sol High School22:56.7
33Sachiko Devine11Corona del Sol High School22:57.9
42Maria Gonzales9Corona del Sol High School23:23.4
660Kelsey Gunning10Corona del Sol High School24:18.2176
70Mia Brannon9Corona del Sol High School25:07.6
85Lauren Luscombe9Corona del Sol High School26:02.7
35Grace Mcclelland10Xavier College Preparatory22:59.8
36Julietta Tavizon H9Xavier College Preparatory22:59.9
38Cassara Ryan10Xavier College Preparatory23:12.8
39Bella Titus10Xavier College Preparatory23:16.3
749Barbara Paez10Xavier College Preparatory23:35.5197
54Madison Gould9Xavier College Preparatory23:45.6
69Alma Melendez10Xavier College Preparatory24:59.9
17Brook Sivley12Hamilton High School22:12.2
24Solenn Vincent10Hamilton High School22:30.9
45Siena Warriner10Hamilton High School23:33.1
46Caitlyn Nelsen11Hamilton High School23:33.6
872Emmalynn Skaff12Hamilton High School25:10.5204
78Emma Yang11Hamilton High School25:43.7
88Saige Stelling11Hamilton High School26:18.2
40Abbie Mcgarvin12Campo Verde High School23:18.1
41Mia Foley10Campo Verde High School23:22.2
47Ellie Brooks12Campo Verde High School23:33.7
50Haley Mckern11Campo Verde High School23:36.5
52Bradyn Riggs12Campo Verde High School23:38.9230
974Erin Syring10Campo Verde High School25:15.3
84Tala Vasquez11Campo Verde High School26:01.5
43Ava Hunsaker10Shadow Ridge High School23:25.2
51Mackenzie Bethanco10Shadow Ridge High School23:36.5
62Emma Horton11Shadow Ridge High School24:33.4
64Kayla Truax9Shadow Ridge High School24:36.8
1065Chloe Combs9Shadow Ridge High School24:38.0285
73Olivia Eames11Shadow Ridge High School25:14.3
75Rachel Bethancourt10Shadow Ridge High School25:27.8
26Kimi Smith11Red Mountain High School22:31.2
55Jessi Smith10Red Mountain High School23:54.4
56Mackenzie Luna10Red Mountain High School24:01.1
68Blythe Brown9Red Mountain High School24:52.4
1199Ileanna Jimenez Bu9Red Mountain High School28:45.0304
48Jaelyn Gardner12Queen Creek High School23:35.2
57Danika Douglass9Queen Creek High School24:02.0
59Madisyn Rodriguez11Queen Creek High School24:17.5
82Genesis Zimmerman11Queen Creek High School25:54.2
1286Kinley Anderson12Queen Creek High School26:03.9332
87Linden Zimmerman9Queen Creek High School26:05.1
44Jenny Sanders9McClintock High School23:26.6
53Alexia Moreno12McClintock High School23:39.5
80Tyra Jordan10McClintock High School25:51.7
81Eloise Hales10McClintock High School25:52.7
1393Sophia Moreno10McClintock High School26:45.8351
105Serena Youngblood9McClintock High School31:53.2
63Jocelyn Kent12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)24:33.7
77Rachel Zobell12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)25:40.3
91Caitlin Dopp9American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)26:34.3
95Rebekhah Kendall11American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)27:10.1
1496Kassidy Lawlor10American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)27:13.1422
97Priscilla Gonzalez10American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)27:39.4
98Hannah Gilbert12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)28:16.9
71Anna Smith12Desert Ridge High School25:09.8
79Keira Duggan9Desert Ridge High School25:45.5
90Abby Kobylinski9Desert Ridge High School26:33.4
1592Abbie Gorton10Desert Ridge High School26:34.6
108Katelyn Kinnaird11Desert Ridge High School34:37.5440
89Lauren Weber9Willow Canyon High School26:30.1
94Alexia Gonzalez9Willow Canyon High School26:48.5
103Jillian Ping12Willow Canyon High School30:19.2
104Kayla Morse10Willow Canyon High School30:21.6
16106Breeona Pucket11Willow Canyon High School32:00.9496
107Lea Learner10Willow Canyon High School32:11.1
100Tegan Kelley11Notre Dame Preparatory28:57.8
101Katelyn Kitchen9Notre Dame Preparatory29:19.8
102Isabella Brodeur9Notre Dame Preparatory30:19.2
109Janina Eddy11Notre Dame Preparatory37:49.3
17110Morgan Smith10Notre Dame Preparatory39:07.5522