VOTE: AIA Proposes An Open Division for State Track Meet

Red Mountain senior Yan Vazquez in the Division I boys 300 meter hurdles race at the 2022 AIA State Track & Field Championships at Mesa Community College in Mesa. 

Photo credit: David McBee/MileSplit Arizona


The Arizona Interscholastic Association will be voting on a proposal on Monday, August 15 that would create an open division for the state track and field championships, allowing for the top athletes to compete against one another in a single race. This approach is similar to what the state of California does for their track and field championships.

There would still be a state track and field meet that would include a championship for each division like what is currently in place. That meet would take place the first week of May. The open race would happen the following week. Additionally, another division -- five in total -- would be added in the proposal.

What do you think of the AIA's proposal of an Open Division Track & Field Championships? Vote in the poll below until the morning of August 15.

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