Becky Matthews Underclassman Showcase/Last Chance Invitational 2023

Phoenix, AZ

Meet Information


Matthews Last Chance

Track and

Field Invitational

Hosted by

Desert Vista High School

16440 S. 32nd St. Phoenix, AZ 85048


Wednesday, April 26, 2023.

Welcome to

the Becky Matthews Invite. We are pleased to be hosting this exceptional 
track meet.

Enclosed you will find important information about the meet. This will be a 

meet. Please see Exhibit A for DVHS Trainer/Sport's Medicine 


David Klecka - Desert Vista

Athletic Director: (480) 706-7900 Fax (480) 706-7976

email: If you have any questions please direct them to Collin

Mattoon, Boys Head Coach (309) 825-1244 @


$200.00 per gender, or $400.00 for

both boys and girls teams. All payments

should be made to: DVHS Athletics. Payment is due by April 25, 2023.

Please mail

check to Desert Vista High School, Attention: Dixie Prosser, 16440 S. 32
nd Street, Phoenix,

AZ 85048


for Freshman/Sophomore only:
Medals will

be given out to top 3 individuals/ relays.

Coaches will pick up awards packet at the end of the meet.


: Adults: $5.00, Students $3.00, Passes - AIA only, Children under 5 are free.

Coaches and Athletes in uniform will be admitted free.

Facilities: 9 lane (10 sprint lanes) all-weather track.

There are two jumping runways, 2 pole vault

runway/pits, 2 HJ pits, 2 competition discus rings and two competition shot 
rings. Athletes are only allowed to have 1/4-inch Pyramid spikes.

Format: Two separate meets, Freshman/Sophomore and Varsity division. Each school will be

allowed up to
4 entries per

event for Freshman/Sophomore meet and
1 relay per

gender/school. The top 27 marks in the Frosh/Soph division will be qualified

competition. In the Varsity division 2 entries per event, and 1 relay per gender/school.

Please use the varsity spots as last chance qualifiers, not as a tune-up 
meet for state.

There will be standards for each event based on Division Standings for 
the last

chance portion. Athletes that do not meet these standards will not be 

Entries are due
Sunday, April 23rd at Noon

Official rules

will follow NFHS rules. Uniform rules, and electronic devices will not be 
allowed on or

inside the track. This also applies for field events.
No reverse runs or runs in

the non-legal direction during warm-ups will be allowed on horizontal 

pole vault, or javelin runways. Please ensure your athlete is prepared for 


Javelin will be

conducted on grass. Cleats or longer spikes (.") are highly 
recommended for

If an

athlete leaves prior to completion of their field event 
they must

check out, and immediately return after their other event. Athletes will 
be given 10

minutes to return upon completion of the running event. If they do 
not return

within the 10 minutes, it may be considered as a pass/attempt.


Boys track races will go first beginning at noon followed by girls.

All track events will run as finals (heats against time), in multiple sections as needed. 100, 200, 400,

hurdle events will start and finish in same lanes.

Distance events will use a single or double waterfall start depending on the # of entries for the 3200m.

The 800m and 1600m will be box alley starts. 
Track athletes must check in with the clerk of the course in the middle of the field, and field eventsvathletes will check in at the event.

Relays: all 4 athletes must report to clerking AND the starting line. 4 x400 relay will be a three-turn stagger. 4x100m Relay will utilize NFHS new 30m exchange zones.

Throwers must have their own javelins, and for shot put and discus we encourage athletes to

bring their own shots and discs. All throwing events will take place at the field 
on the southwest

corner of the campus.
Weigh in will take place at the throwing fields: javelin from 7:00am to 7:30am and shot put

and discus from 10:00am to 


1) For Frosh/Soph Division: 3 Prelim Throws...Top 9 Get three more throws in finals.

2) For the Varsity Division, Hog Lines will be set based on top qualifying marks for the division meets.

Pole Vault forms will be provided in coaches' packet.

Pole Vault will increase in 6" 
increments, then 3". Special heights due to records and state qualifying will be implemented if needed. Coaches will be allowed in the coach's box for their athletes.

Long Jump and Triple :

1) For Frosh/Soph Division: 3 Prelim Attempt..Top 9 Get three more attempts in finals.
2) For the Varsity Division, Hog Lines will be set based on top qualifying marks for the division meets.

Boys & girls will compete at the same time. 
Triple jump will follow upon completion of long jump. Both long and triple will be done in flights.

Coach's boxes will be provided for 1 coach per gender at each field event. Please make sure your

event coach checks in with head event judge. For Track events, NO 
coach will be allowed on or inside the Track.

Warm up area will be on the infield.

Clerking will be set up on the infield on the south end of the stadium.

Coaches Meeting: There will be a coaches meeting at

the finish line at 10:00am.


Infield is closed for all spectators, it will be used as the staging area for races, and warm-up.

Concessions will be available.Trash bags will be provided for each team camp. Coaches' hospitality will be provided for each team.

 Results will be live.

1 set of FINAL heat sheets will be provided to each team in their packet.

Trainer will be available on the infield, please review trainer information that will be emailed with final schedule after entries close.

Team Camps: must be set up on the tennis courts just south of the track. Team tents can be grouped together as a cohort.

Parking: Parking for spectators is available in at the Park & Ride at 40th and 202. Our main StudentParking lot off of Frye Road will open at 2:45. Map enclosed specifies area.

There will be no spectator parking or spectator viewing of events on 29th Place(This is the

area on outside of school fence that is closest to the throwers areas.) 
Please inform your staff/spectators/athletes of this. See enclosed map for area specified. There will also be no parking in our bus turn-around in the dirt area. This is a direct violation of City of Phoenix Ordinances, and vehicles may be ticketed.

Bus Parking: Buses will drop off at the bus turnaround on the southern portion of campus, off

Liberty. Please have busses arrive prior to 7:45 am, or after 8:45 am, to 
avoid congestion.

If you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Collin Mattoon

Boys Head Coach, 309-825-1244




7:30am (warm up will start)

8:00a competition

on the throwing fields (see map)


Shot, Discus Weigh-ins

9:30a Coaches Meeting - near finish line

Uponcompletion of javelin Boys Shot, Girls Discus (Approx 11:30)

9:30a Long Jump pit open for warm up runs.(Competition starts at 10am) followed by Triple Jump

10:00a Girls High Jump followed by boys

11:00a Boys & Girls Pole Vault

Running Boys followed by Girls (rolling schedule)12:00p:

3200m Relay




400m Relay


300 H




1600m Relay

** We will keep a rolling schedule. Please make sure your athletes listen to calls.

Exhibit A

Desert Vista Athletic Trainers will provide/perform:

1. Multiple drinking stations with water for all athletes.

2. Ice bags for same day injuries.

3. Any form of taping for all athletes who provide taping supplies (tape, pre-wrap, heel & lace pads etc.) for the tape job they need. Any athletes that need to be taped, and don't supply their own tape will be charged $2.00 per athlete. 4. Any first aid, i.e., wound care, to all athletes injured during the course of the Invite.

We will be unable to provide/perform:

1. Massage of any type Pre or Post race.

2. Sunscreen, Gatorade, replacement spikes or spike wrenches.

3. A shady place to sit or hang out, unless suffering from a heat related condition as determined by the Athletic Training Staff.

4. Ice for personal bottles, jugs, or uses other than injuries.

5. Elastic wraps for pre- or post-race injuries. We will wrap any athlete that brings an elastic wrap with them.

6. Icy Hot or any other form of "heat" balms or lotions.

7. Tape for mark spots for relays/ jumps and or to keep shoes together.

Please remind all your athletes with allergies or that are prone to allergic reactions/attacks to bring all inhalers or medications required in case they have an episode.

Please make us aware of any of your athletes that are diabetic and remind them to have plenty of snacks/drinks with them, to keep their blood sugar from dipping too low.

A limited amount of bottles will be provided for drinking water. We ask that all bottles be returned to their original location for collection by the athletic training staff. Please do not keep these as souvenirs.

You are welcome to bring your own bottles to supplement your team.

Ice bags will be provided for same day acute injuries.

Chronic injuries, such as shin splints, will not be 
eligible as we need to maintain our ice levels for acute

injuries or heat related illness.

Lastly, please make sure that you have an emergency transport form for all your athletes participating if they sustain an injury that requires transport by ambulance to the ER.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.