AZ 2013 Watch List - Kyle Cajero


The 2013 Cross Country Arizona Watch List series continues.   As the season gets underway new athletes will be added to the list.  

This is the last Watch List I have.  If you have sent me your watch list and it has not yet posted, I probably did not get it.  Please resend.  I am also waiting for about 10 athletes to get their Q and A's in.  Please send before the season if over!!!


Journal Questions:


Name:  Kyle William Cajero  (Kyle's Milesplit profile)


High School: 

Pusch Ridge Christian Academy


Year of Graduation:



Best time in a 5K and a 3 Mile Race:

My best 5K time is a 16:02 and my best 3 mile time is a 16:56.


What are your goals for the upcoming season:

This season, I would like to focus on having fun, enjoying the company of my teammates, and simply trying my best every single race.


How is your  training going?   Your favorite workout?

My training has been swell so far, to say the least. Aside from upping my mileage by running on the weekends, this season has involved plenty of hill workouts, paving workouts, and—my personal favorite—sixteen 400s at race pace or faster.


How long have you been running and how did you get started:

Four years ago, amidst a tumultuous eighth grade year, I decided on a whim to run Cross Country. Surprisingly, my brash decision was the lone bright spot from my last year in middle school. Since then, I have been blessed with the opportunity to compete for four fantastic years; although it is cliché, I would not trade this experience, the teammates I have met, the friendships I have fostered, and the memories that I have made, for anything else.


What are your favorite and toughest courses to run in State and out of State?

Blue Ridge High School's Shane Morris Invitational course is, by far, my favorite. The 3.14 mile starts on a baseball field, dips into an Instagram-worthy poppy field, loops around a scenic lake, winds through a forest, and loops back around the lake...which is nothing like my home course. Pusch Ridge's course does not have a poppy field, does not have a lake, and isn't Instagram-worthy.


So far in your high school career, what is your favorite cross country race or cross country memory?

My favorite Cross Country memory is our team’s performance last year, hands down. Both teams had a marvelous and dare I say, “magical” season on and off the course.


What do you look forward to the most this season?

Naturally, I am looking forward to Sectionals and State now that the regular season has come to a close. Specifically, I look forward to seeing how my fellow Pusch Ridge runners handle adversity and overcome obstacles in the postseason. I believe in you guys (and ladies, of course)!


Out of all your running accomplishments so far, which stands out the most?

Normally I would answer with a vague statement such as “merely surviving,” but in all honesty, I believe that my best accomplishment was winning the Division IV State Cross Country meet last year.


When you are not running , what do you like to do?

When I am not running, I like to make cassettes with semi-obscure indie music, socialize with my friends, watch hours of NFL games, write the occasional memoir, and pretend to be a multi-musician.


Do you cross train (lift, swim, bike etc)?

I do cross train but I'm afraid that I don't cross train enough. Weights, (have you seen my arms?), stationary cycling, and water running are definitely in my future.


How have your coaches influenced you overall?

My coaches have been major influences during my tenure as a high school runner. They have taught me the basics of running, the joys of competing, the virtue of moderation, and they have been excellent role models in all facets of life. Words cannot adequately express my gratitude towards them and their roles as both coaches and as noteworthy figures in the Pusch Ridge athletic community.


Are you considering running in college?

At the moment, I do plan on running in college.




First and foremost, I would like to thank God for surprising “a wretch like me” with four memorable seasons of Cross Country. Of course, I would like to thank my parents and extended family for your constant encouragement and support. Extra special thanks to my college friends Sarah Macdonald and Josh Tvrdy for being nothing less than the best. I miss you both. I would also like to thank my dedicated coaches and my eclectic teammates, from the lively non-seniors (Frankie Jacquez, Ben Cajero, Daniel Macdonald, and Kyle Cottrell) to my fellow senior boys: Micah Spegman, Avian Robles, Brendan Fay, and Nelson Sandoval. Don't change.

Lastly, I would like to give shoutouts to seniors outside of Pusch Ridge that I have had the opportunity to become familiar with throughout the years: Josh Hoskinson (of Arizona Lutheran), Harvey Nelson (Catalina Foothills), Brandon Corke (Veritas Preparatory), Zach Alderete (Saint Augustine Catholic), Christian Santa Cruz (Pueblo), Jacob Stewart (Benson), and Claren Fraher (Prescott). I am rooting for all of you this postseason!


Quick Six:


Favorite Pre-race Meal?

Pepperoni pizza is my (unorthodox) pre-race meal.


Kind of shoes you train in?

I train in Mizuno Wave Inspires, however, I don't know the version number offhand so I'll just stick with saying “12.”


Favorite athlete (running or otherwise)?

Drew Brees.


Favorite song?

Four Races, Four Songs:

Sectionals, 2012: "Don't Save Us From The Flames"—M83

State, 2012:"Amor Fati"—Washed Out

Sue Fletcher Invitational, 2013: "I Don't Fit In"—Suburban Living

Twilight Invitational, 2013: "Apocalypse Dreams"—Tame Impala


What time of day do you run?

Strangely enough, I always seem to run between 3:30 and 5:45 P.M.


Favorite quote?

“Aim at Heaven and you will get Earth thrown in: aim at Earth and you will get neither.”—C.S. Lewis