MileSplit AZ Content Shift During Coronavirus

Only a week or so ago we were all still very excited about the next several months of track and field in Arizona, and now there is a looming question mark on what the 2020 Arizona high school track season will ever become. While we know there are many frustrated coaches, athletes, and parents out there, we at Arizona MileSplit want to let you know we are in the process of changing our content plans for the upcoming months until (hopefully) the 2020 track season resumes. Not all of the changes we are planning are new types of content but with the lack of meet results, we will be focusing more of our time and effort in particular areas.

We Need Your Help - Coaches, Athletes, Officials, etc.

Athletes across Arizona


We would love for you to share training videos with us. If you are doing any sort of "time trials" we'd love you to share that content with us as well. Email videos to us with the subject line: "Training Video". Please give us your full name, team and contact phone number as well in the email. Share training videos here.


We would love to interview athletes on how this virus is affecting you emotionally, physically, and psychologically. If you feel you have an interesting story related to the coronavirus, again we'd love to hear from you. You can email us with the subject line: "HS Athlete Interview". 

Training Logs

Not that we want you to give away your trade secrets, but if you are willing to share a page or two from your training logs we would be interested in getting this from you as well. Please email us this with the subject line: "HS Training Log". 

College Signings

If you are a high school senior and sign with a college, please email us this is info right away, we'd love to share your success. Or you can share with us a video of you announcing where you are going to next fall. Share college signing videos here.

Coaches across Arizona


We love to talk to some of you about what you can share with athletes during this time to keep them fit on all levels. How are you handling this time? What are your plans for your team depending on when competition resumes? Please email us, if you are interested in being interviewed, with the subject line: "Coach Interview".

Other content ideas in store

Luckily, MileSplit AZ has a lot of data and so can come up with some fun rankings based on past results. Some ideas we are batting around related to data and video we have are:

Virtual meets - Ex. March Madness set up with 32 of the top teams in the state.

Fantasy relays - Ex. What would be the fastest distance medley relay team of all-time, if a high school could use any of its current or former running greats?

This week in AZ history - Breakdown some of the great high school track and field moments and events on that current week's date range.

Virtual challenges - Each week we will put out a feat for you to share with us. Bragging rights for the winners. Ex. Fastest road mile, longest standing-broad jump, highest jump, etc. (use your Garmin, stopwatch, and video to prove these feats.) Share virtual challenges here.

Where are they now? - Locate former Arizona high school coaches and athletes to see what they are up to today.

Contact Us

Please send any and all ideas to the email below. Please give us your full name, team affiliation and a good phone number to contact you. 

Let's try to make lemonade out of the lemons we've all be handed. We look forward to hearing back from you. 

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