Triple-Threat Distance Girls | 2011-2020

These three girls were distance dynamos in their time running Arizona high school track. From left to right: Morgan Foster (2019), Danielle Jones (2015), and Allie Schadler (2017).

To continue our "Tripe-Threat" series, today we have our girls' triple-threat distance runners over the past 10 seasons. The 30 girls who made our list were all highly talented distance runners in their time.


800 M, 1600 M, & 3200 M GIRLS

We looked at the top-50 Arizona girl athletes in the 800, 1600, and 3200 since 2011. To formulate this list we first went off of the top-50 1600-meter times from the past 10 years because that is the center distance race out of the 800, 1600 and 3200. From there we found out which of these athletes had competed in all three events and hence, and we have our list of 30 Arizona girls of the past and present who are triple-threat Arizona distance dynamite.

800 M

In the 800 meters, there was the fastest time of 2:06.13 and the slowest time of 2:24.48, with an average 2-lap time of 2:16.36 for this group. Four of these girls ran under 2:10, with an additional six running under 2:16.

1600 M

In the 1600 meter race, the fastest time for this group was 4:44.46 and the slowest time was 5:02.21, with an average nearly-mile journey time of 4:55.53. 26 of the 30 girls got under the 5-minute mark.

3200 M

In the 3200 meters, the fastest time for these girls was 10:05.70 and the 30th-ranked 8-lap jaunt was 11:09.07. 28 girls out of this group broke the 11-minute barrier and 6 of those girls got under 10:30.

Which class years had the most triple-threat distance runners?

The graduating class of 2015 had 6 different runners while graduating class of 2017 had 5 runners, and graduating classes of 2013, 2014, 2019, and 2020 had 3 runners each.

Which classes had the fewest amount of girls on the list?

The Class of 2011 had 1 runner on our list and classes 2012, 2016, and 2018 had two runners each.

Which high schools had girls on this list?

In alphabetical order: Canyon Del Oro, Chandler (3), Chaparral (2), Chinle, Cibola, Corona del Sol, Deer Valley, Desert Vista (4), Flagstaff, Highland (3), Mesa Mountain View, Rincon, Rio Rico (2), Sabino, Sandra Day O'Connor, St. Michael Indian School, Xavier (5).

Where did these young women compete in college?

The colleges and universities these girls compete or competed for are an even dozen: (Alphabetically) Arizona State, BYU, Colorado St., Duke, Georgetown, Humboldt St., Iowa St., Lipscomb, MIT, Murray St., NAU, Northwestern, Oregon St., Stanford, TCU, University of Arizona, University of Colorado, University of Mississippi, University of Virginia, University of Washington, UNLV.

Who made our list?

Find out who below who made our triple threat distance girls list of the past 10 years.