AZ Salute to Seniors | Nicole Hemmerlin

Nicole Hemmerlin

Red Mountain High School 

Q: What does your training look like right now given the current situation?
A: Right now I've been concentrating on getting miles in, and focusing on speed work.

Q: What are you doing to stay busy other than run right now?
A: I've been working lots of hours at Bashas, spending time with family, and doing schoolwork. My brother goes to college in Indiana, so it's nice to catch up and spend time with him.

Q: What was your most memorable race/moment?
A: My most memorable race would have to be at the Red Mountain Rampage my sophomore year in the 800. Me, and former Mountain View runner, Kailey Welch were neck and neck all the way to the line. It ended in a photo finish where I barely win by nearly milliseconds.

Q: What was the funniest thing that happened during your running career?
A: At sectionals two years ago I forgot my jersey at home. I was freaking out and our girls' team had no other option than to compete in the boys' jerseys.

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Q: Who would you consider your biggest competition over your four years?
A: I would consider my biggest competition to be Caroline Mckleskey from Highland. She's such a tough competitor and a great friend.

Q: What was your greatest accomplishment?
A: My greatest accomplishment would have to be when I broke the school record in the mile at the Chandler Rotary Invitational.

Q: If you could do it all over again what would you change about your running career in high school?
A: I've dealt with lots of anxiety over the past couple of years. I would say to ask for help earlier instead of just trying to handle it on my own.

Q: What were the most difficult obstacles you had to overcome?
A: I've had many difficult obstacles during my running career. At the end of my cross country season sophomore year, I ran at the state meet with a stress fracture. Also, during track season my junior year, I nearly walked to the finish line in the mile. I later found out that my iron was really low and I had mono.

Q: What will you miss the most?
A: There are many things I'm going to miss, but the one thing I will miss the most would have to be my teammates. We have such a tight bond and have been through tough times and good times together.

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