Unsigned Seniors | Let's Find You a College

MileSplit AZ Wants to Help Our Seniors

Seniors, listen up. We at MileSplit AZ want to help you reach your goal of getting to that next level of track and field or cross country. If you are a senior track and field/cross country athlete in Arizona and are still looking for a college to compete with next fall then send us the following info (as much as you can - the more you can give us the better and more complete of a picture a coach will have of you):

  1. Your event(s) with your best times or distances that we can confirm.
  2. Video and/or images of you competing (if you have it - we will look in our archives as well).
  3. GPA - Yes, grades help, too (we won't post unless over a 3.0).
  4. Other sports you excel in (coaches like to see you are versatile).
  5. Your strengths
  6. Your goals
  7. Anything you've overcome to get to this point in your athletic career?
  8. What sort of school are you looking to become a part of?
  9. Why do you enjoy track and field/cross country? Why do you wish to compete in college?
  10. Anything else you think is relevant. 
  11. Let us know if we can add your email to the article, so coaches can contact you directly.

Send this to us ASAP: dza@milesplitaz.com

with the headline Unsigned Senior: (Your Name). 

We want to thank Michael Black (father of Jordan Black) for bringing this idea to our attention. MileSplit Ohio has been doing a series of articles like this already and we agree it is a great idea so we are going to steal it from them.