Girls 2nd Round Results - Athlete of the Decade

There were a couple of surprises in round 2 voting. For one, all #3 seeds are still standing and have a chance to break into the final 4. Second, almost every track and field discipline is covered with the remaining female athletes. 

Athletes that were left behind after the votes were tallied were Makaila Flannigan, Ma'kayla Dickerson, Allie Schadler, Jai Gruenwald, Tiana Poirier-Shelton, Hannah Carson, Jasmine Schauffacher-Gray, and Jadyn Mays. 

Next round of voting will be on Saturday, June 13th and will only last 3 days until Monday, June 15th

Boys' round 2 voting will start tomorrow (Tuesday, June 9th).


Finishing Kick Bracket

#1 Ky Westbrook | Chandler
#3 Morgan Foster | Chandler  

Both Ky and Morgan have won their first two rounds without much of an challenge, so this will a good one. On top of that they are both from Chandler, so it will be interesting to see who the Wolf fans throw their votes towards.

Trail Leg Bracket

#3 Jaide Stepter | Canyon Del Oro
#4 Dominique Mustin | North Canyon  

Jaide had a big upset against Allie Schadler of Rio Rico and Dominique held off hurdler and jumper, Jai Gruenwald to get to the big 8. This will be an interesting match-up for sure of Tucson vs. Phoenix.

Jump and Stride Bracket

#3 Jasmine Todd | Chandler
#5 Taylor Starkey | Casteel  

Triple jumper, Jasmine Todd had to get past Hannah Carson in the tightest race in round 2. Taylor Starkey doesn't seem to be only able to get over high bars easily, but is vaulting without much effort over her last two competitors. Todd has a big social media presence, so it will be fun to watch how this voting plays out.

Gun Lap Bracket

#1 Dani Jones | Desert Vista
#3 Kayleigh Conlon | Mountain Pointe  

Dani Jones has had little resistance finding her way to the big 8, but another former Ahwatukee athlete may make this next round a bit more competitive. Kayleigh Conlon has gotten by Alyssa Thompson and then shocking the Arizona track and field world by handling #2 Jadyn Mays without much of a fight. It will be a track and field version of the 'Tukee Bowl as Jones vs. Conlon to see who gets to the final 4.