Boys Top-16 Bios: 2 Sprinters vs 2 Distance

These are our first four bios on the final 16 boys who made it past round 1. Voting has already begun, so don't forget to cast your vote before the June 12th deadline.

Pace Race Chase Bracket

#1 Seed Carlos Villarreal vs. #4 Seed Trey Johnson

Carlos Villarreal

Believe it or not, Carlos still technically still holds the 1600M boys' AZ record because there was no official split at the 1600M at The Quarantine Classico, where Leo Daschbach ran 3:59.54 in the mile. Either way, if you're giving him the #1 or #2 slot, he still ran a very impressive 4:03.97 in 2015 of his senior year. He is also in the top-10 all-time in the boys' 3200 and top-20 in the boys' 800 list as well. 

In his senior year at Rio Rico, Carlos won the 1600, 3200, and was part of the winning boys' 4x800 relay team at the Division 3 AIA State Championships, where he ran 4:03,97 and 1:54.23. 

Carlos didn't race often his senior year, but when it did he ran pretty darn well. He won the Prefontaine Classic mile in 4:05.25, won the Rotary mile, and took 5th in the Brooks PR mile. He also won the Scottsdale Distance Classic 3200 in an impressive 8:59.09.

His junior year he only lost the 800M once (4th at Great Southwest Classic) and never lost in the 1600M. He won the 800 and 1600 at State that year as well. 

Carlos winning the 1600M at Division 3 State in 2015.

Trey Johnson

Trey Johnson makes Tolleson track and field proud as he is the #2 AZ all-time 110H (13.65), #5 AZ all-time long jumper (24-6), and the #9 AZ all-time 100M runner (10.5). He graduated in 2017 with an impressive senior resume.

At the 2017 Division 1 AIA State Championships he won the long jump (24-5.75), 2nd in the 110H (14.16), and first in the 100M (10.94). That same year he won the 100M at the Great Southwest Classic and took 2nd in the 110H (13.80) He also took 2nd in the 110 at the Brooks PR Invitational but dropped his time there down to 13.75. 

At Rotary in 2017 he won the 110H (13.65) and 100M (10.57). And at the Meet of Champions he won the 100M and long jump.

Trey winning Meet of Champions 100M in 2017

#2 Seed Paul Lucas vs. #3 Seed Rylan Stubbs

Paul Lucas

Paul Lucas has been faster than nearly anyone he competed against since he started running age-group track. He is the #4 all-time 100M runner in AZ (10.42), #3 200M (20.84), #5 400M (46.86), #7 long jump (24-4.5), not to mention he is part of the #1 boys' 4x100 relay team in AZ history (Mountain Pointe, 2012 - 40.46). 

As a freshman he ran 21.76 (200) and 48.34 (400), which got him 1st and 5th place respectively at the AIA Division 1 State Championships. His sophomore year he took 1st, 1st, and 2nd at State in the 400 (47.48), 100 (100), and 200 (21.10). That same year he took 2nd in both the 100 and 200 at the Great Southwest Classic and got 1st (100) and 2nd (200) at Chandler Rotary. By his junior year he managed a clean sweep of the 100, 200, 400, and long jump at State. And the only race he didn't win all season was the 100m at Arcadia where he took 2nd with a 10.48. 

Lucas was injured at the end of his senior year, so was not able to compete at State.

Paul winning Chandler Rotary 100m in 2013

Rylan Stubbs

Rylan graduated from Campo Verde in 2019 and left high school with some great results. He is the all-time AZ boys' #7 ranked 1600m runner (4:10.09) and is also top-25 all-time in the 800 and top-40 all-time in the 3200 in AZ history. 

At State his senior year Stubbs grabbed 1st in the 3200 (9:33.03), 1st in the 1600 (4:13.54), and 2nd in the 800 (1:53.82). That same year he had the fortune or misfortune of winning the 1500m but crossing 2nd in the mile at Arcadia (3:54.28/4:10.09). He also placed 2nd at Rotary in the mile with a strong time of 4:12.18. Rylan was invited to the Adidas Boost Boston Games for the high school mile where he placed 4th overall against a stacked field (4:13.97). 

His junior year was pretty impressive as well. He won the 1600 and 3200 at State, as well taking 2nd in the 800. He also won the Meet of Champions 1600 his junior year as well in 4:12.94.

Rylan winning the Meet of Champions 1600 in 2018