Boys 2nd Round Results - Athlete of the Decade

There were a couple of surprises in round 2 voting. For one, there were upsets in three of the eight races. Two, Leo Dascbach was 6 votes away of being out of this competition for good.

Athletes that were left in the dust after the votes were tallied were Garrett Starkey, Jaheim Brown-Taylor, Cameron Crandall, Turner Washington, Trae Armstrong, Elijah Mason, Trey Johnson, and Paul Lucas.

Next round of voting will be on Thursday, June 18th and will only last 3 days until Saturday, June 20th

Girls' round of 8 voting will start tomorrow (Sunday, June 14th).


Break The Tape Bracket

#2 Tyson Jones | Desert Edge
#5 Cole Riddle | Valley Vista

This should be an interesting match-up for next round. Cole obliterated Garrett Starkey in the last round voting and had the highest vote count of all remaining athletes. Tyson held off Jaheim Brown-Taylor and we will see if his strength and power can overcome Cole's strength and finesse in the round of 8.

Gut Check Time Bracket

#3 Robert Grant | Brophy
#5 Leo Daschbach | Highland

This is the appropriate name for this bracket because at one point both of these boys were down in the voting. Leo came storming back in the final hours to beat Cameron Crandall by just 5 votes and Robert held off throwing powerhouse Turner Washington by only 8% to move him to the round of 8. This will be a close one I think.

Hit Your Mark Bracket

#3 Billy Orman | Tuba City
#4 Isaiah Oliver | Brophy

Billy Orman has quietly but convincingly going through the first 2 rounds unscathed. He had the largest winning percentage of all races (67%) and it will be interesting if anyone can slow him down. Isaiah found out that Bronco Nation is real and came thundering back to beat #1 Seed Trae Armstrong by a little over 40 votes. We will see if Oliver has that backing again when he goes up against Orman in the round of 8.

Pace Race Chase Bracket

#1 Carlos Villarreal | Rio Rico
#3 Rylan Stubbs | Campo Verde

Carlos Villarreal continues to impress in the voting without much push back from his first two challengers, but this next round may get a bit more interesting. Ryaln Stubbs upset sprinter extroadinaire, Paul Lucas, by 100 votes and he is going to see if he can catch lightning in a bottle again versus Villarreal.