Final 4 Girls | Athlete of the Decade

We are down to 4!

Thanks to all of you who have been voting over the last couple of weeks. Because of your voting, we are down to these 4 talented young ladies. Final 4 voting will commence on Monday, June 22nd for ONLY 2 DAYS (ending June 23rd at around 10 pm). 

This is all for fun - remember

We've seen some not so nice comments on social media about why someone is "winning" in the votes over another athlete. First of all, every one of these girls on our list (the original 32) are/were phenomenal track and field athletes. Secondly, yes, some of these girls had average or no collegiate careers, some continued to be amazing in college, and even a few compete(d) as professional athletes; but, this voting is supposed to be based on the years 2010-2019 and what these girls did in Arizona while in high school, period. Of course we are not policing this and ultimately you, the ones voting, are determining why or why not you are voting for this or that athlete. As we get to these final voting polls let's remember that and not make snide comments on why this athlete is "inferior" to his/her competitor - thanks.

We got a pretty good spread of events with these girls

Jaide Stepter v Ky Westboork

Jaide Stepter graduated in 2012 from Canyon Del Oro. She was one of the best female hurdlers to come out of Arizona ever with top times of 14.43 (100H), 42.01 (300H), 1:00.60 (400H), and could even long jump 19-3 to boot. She had multiple state championship titles in her career.

Ky Westbrook graduated in 2014 from powerhouse Chandler High School. She is our sole #1 seed remaining on the girls' side of the bracket and for good reason. She competed great on the state, national, and international stage while in high school. She has best marks/times of 11.33 (100M), 14.17 (100H), 23.27w (200M), and 47-9 (shot put). 

Kayleigh Conlon v Taylor Starkey

Kayleigh Conlon competed for the Mountain Pointe Pride up until 2017. She is one of the top throwers in AZ history with top throws of 157-3 (discus), 47-9.5 (shot), and 115-0 (hammer). Kayleigh had huge improvements her senior year, which found her state, regional, and national notoriety. 

Taylor Starkey is our only athlete on the girls' side who was still in high school in 2019 (she graduated this year in 2020) from Casteel High School. Taylor is the all-time leading female pole vaulter in Arizona high school history with a best mark of 13-6, which she was able to squeeze in this March at the Saunders Montague Desert Classic meet at Queens Creek High School. She has had state, regional and national success and was the #14 US vaulter in 2019. 

We want to hear from you (Athletes and Voters)

Over the next few days send us a short 15-20 second video of why you think your athlete should make it to the finals. If you're one of these 4 remaining remarkable athletes, we'd love to hear your pitch to the voters. Make sure you use appropriate language and are pumping up your candidate and not tearing down his/her competitor. We will post these on our site and on social media as well.

Send your short videos to us:

Boys round of 8 voting starts tomorrow (Thursday, June 18th)