Final 4 Boys | Athlete of the Decade

The final 4 boys

We are really getting down to it. We have four boys left on this side of the bracket for Athlete of the Decade. It will be interesting to see who will come out of this to make it to the finals. Billy Orman, the pride of Tuba City, will be up against another distance guy, Rylan Stubbs of Campo Verde. And Cole Riddle keeps vaulting over whomever is in his way to make it to the finals; but, Robert Grant just knocked off Leo Dascbach and it looks like his speed and agility may be enough to have Riddle no height.

Next round of boys' voting will be on Thursday, June 25th and will end 10 PM on June 26th.

Girls final 4 voting starts tomorrow (June 22) and will go until Tuesday, June 23rd at 10 PM.

If you missed seeing these guys in action, then go to our article yesterday on the round of 8 boys and watch some videos of them competing.