Athlete of the Decade | Girls Final 4 Results

It's come down to these two amazing young women who have survived four rounds of voting for Athlete of the Decade. Taylor Starkey, the pole vaulting phenom from Casteel cleared the metaphorical height put forth by a formidable opponent, Kayleigh Conlon, the great thrower from Mountain Pointe in a vote count of 61.48% to 38.52% - nearly 700 votes were cast.

But the story was really on the other side of the bracket where Jaide Stepter, the amazing hurdler from CDO held off stiff opposition from Ky Westbrook, Chandler HS track legend, with a 55.5% to 44.5% poll victory. Over 5000 votes were cast for these two!

We are going to try to get both of these ladies in a brief Zoom interview over the next couple of days, so you the audience can get to know them a bit better.

Boys final 4 voting will start tomorrow and go until 10 pm Friday, June 26th.

What we are calling the "Big Final 4" will start on Sunday, June 28th, where voting for the girls' bracket finalists and the boys' bracket finalists will be occurring simultaneously.

And finally, on July 1st we will be down to 1 girl and 1 boy for our AZ Athlete of the Decade voting, which will end at 10 pm, July 2nd...

We are so close!