Athlete of the Decade | Boys Final 4 Results

These two amazing young men who have survived four rounds of voting for Athlete of the Decade. Billy Orman kept his pace on beating all competition in his path, by winning by nearly 64% to 36% over Rylan Stubbs with over 18,000 votes cast.

On the other side of the final four boys' bracket were Robert Grant (Brophy) and Cole Riddle (Valley Vista), who had over 24,000 votes cast with Grant coming out ahead 54% to 46%.

We already spoke to Jaide Stepter about her thoughts on being in the finals and we will hope to get the other three on Zoom interviews in the coming days. Please reach out to us ( 

Voting will start tomorrow, Sunday, July 28th with our "Big Final 4" - Jaide Stepter vs Taylor Starkey on the girls' side of the bracket and Billy Orman vs Robert Grant on the boys' side of the bracket. Voting will end July 29th at 10 pm.

And finally, on July 1st we will be down to 1 girl and 1 boy for our AZ Athlete of the Decade voting, which will end at 10 pm, July 2nd.