Glendale Showcase 2018

Glendale, AZ

Meet Information


We look forward to having you at the Glendale Showcase this year. It is going to be a great event, and we are confident that you and your athletes will enjoy the challenging course, the tough competition, and celebrations of success. This letter is to provide you with some of the meet information in order for you to have the best experience possible at the meet. Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions. See you soon!
Matt Schmitt

Entry Info
All entries must be made on
Entries will be closed on Wednesday - October 3 @ 11:59 PM
Changes can be made day-of as needed
You may enter as many athletes as you wish into each of the races

Payment Info
$150 for school entry (Boy & Girls)
Unlimited entries
$75 for single gender teams
By athlete payment available for very small teams - contact coach
Check or Purchase Order
Due by October 1, 2018
Contact coach if payment will be late
Please include your school name in and Glendale Showcase in the memo line
Made out to Glendale High School Cross Country
6216 W. Glendale Ave,
Glendale, AZ 85301

Meet Location
Thunderbird Paseo Park
5980 W. Thunderbird Ave
Phoenix, AZ
Meet Schedule
7:00 AM Course open for preview
Packet pickup at the Awards Ramada
7:30 AM Coaches meeting at the Awards Ramada
8:00 AM Open Girls
8:45 AM Open Boys
9:30 AM Varsity Girls
10:15 AM Varsity Boys
11:00 AM Awards
Note: Races may start 5-10 minutes early based on finishing of previous race.

A copy of the course map is provided at the end of this packet.

The course a mixture of grass, canal trail, and bike path. Spikes are not recommended. There are a number of challenging hills on this course.
There will be cones and flagging along the course with directional arrows to help guide athletes. In addition, turns will also be chalked on the ground. As well, course monitors will be located throughout the course to help guide athletes and keep spectators back.
The start line for the course is located at the at the easternmost light pole on the soccer fields. Athletes will travel east through the grass for the first 150 meters, veer left onto the bike path and follow that for approximately half a mile. Athletes will turn down into the ditch, cross the ditch, and run up the other side onto the canal dirt path. Athletes will follow the dirt path under the 59th ave bridge and back up the other side. Athletes will reach the 1 mile mark approximately in line with western-most light pole of the soccer fields .
Athletes continue to follow the dirt canal path under the Thunderbird bridge and back up the other side. Continuing on the canal dirt path until they reach a sidewalk that they will take down back into the ditch. At the bottom of the ditch athletes will turn right and run in the middle of the ditch for approximately a quarter mile. Athletes will turn left and run up the side of the ditch and onto the bike path. This is where athletes will reach the 2 mile mark.
Athletes follow the bike path back toward the start line. Athletes veer off onto the grass under the Thunderbird bridge to follow the perimeter of the basketball courts. Athletes cross back through the start line and down the middle of the ditch, under the 59th Ave bridge and past a group of trees. Athletes will turn left to run up the side of the ditch, and turn left again (back toward the start) following the bike path. After crossing back under the 59th Ave bridge, athletes will get onto the grass for the final 200m sprint to the finish which is approximately 30 or so meters beyond the start line.
Starting Line
Based on the number of teams, the starting line will be fun.
Each team may place 2 runners on the line. Additional runners will line up behind their two runners on the line.
There will be no set order for starting line boxes.

Finish Line
There will be two timers (one main and one back-up) that will record times for each race.
Note - athletes that will require longer than the 40 minutes provided will not receive an official time, coaches will be responsible for timing those athletes.
Athletes will be placed in finishing order by officials in the finish chute.
Athletes will have their race tag torn off at the end of the chute. Race tags will be the official scoring system for the meet.
Athletes finishing 11th - 50th will receive their medal as they leave the finish chute.

Traditional 5 athlete scoring will be used to determine the team scores in the Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys races.
Team scores will not be calculated for the open races.
Results will be available on as soon as results are verified.

The top three teams in the Varsity Girls and Varsity Boys races will receive a team trophy at the Awards Ceremony.
The top 10 finishers in each race will receive a medal at the Awards Ceremony.
The top 50 finishers in each race will receive a medal. (#11-#40 get theirs as they leave the finish chute)

Legal cross country uniforms are highly recommended.
No athletes will be disqualified from competition for uniform violations during the race.
Please ensure that athletes are respectful with pre/post race attire.

Team Camps
Teams may set up camps anywhere on the hill.
Team camps may be set up on the northernmost edge of the fields, but not on the competitive side of the flagging.
Team camps may NOT be set up on the basketball court.
Please see the map for where team camps can be set up.
It is crucial that all athletes, coaches, and spectators be aware when going to/from team campus not to linger on the course or interfere with races.

There are public bathrooms located at the park for athlete and spectator use. They are limited facilities, so please have athletes plan accordingly.
There will be a few port-o-potties located on site which will be reserved for athletes only.

This course is extremely spectator friendly. From the playground area, spectators will be able to see their athlete (for the start up close as they cross the 1 mile from a distance as they run through the start area again up close and as they sprint to the finish up close).

Our number one concern is athlete safety and fairness on the course. There will be flagging along the course near the playground area that spectators are asked not to cross.

Athletes will be moved through the finish chute and finish area as quickly as possible and will be directed to return to their team camps. Spectators are not to enter the finish chute or finish area to greet their athletes after the race. Spectators may greet and celebrate with their athletes back at their team camps.

Course Monitors
There will be a number of course monitors out on the course to ensure athlete safety and fairness. They will be identified by bright neon shirts.
Course monitors directions are to be followed at all times by athletes, coaches, and spectators.

First Aid / Water
There will be an athletic trainer on site for emergency need only.
Water will be available for athletes as they leave the finish chute.
Teams must provide their own water for athletes normal hydration needs.

Full sized school buses may NOT park at Thunderbird Paseo Park.
Buses are asked to please enter the park off of Thunderbird Ave, drop athletes and gear off, then exit onto 59th Ave.
We have arranged for bus parking at Glendale Nazarene Church. Located on the NW corner of 59th Ave and Cactus.
Buses should follow the same route when picking up teams.
Mini-buses and cars will be allowed to park at Thunderbird Paseo Park.
Parking is limited and will fill up quickly.
There is additional parking available at the Frys Food Store located a short walk away (SE corner of Thunderbird and 59th Ave).
Please do not advise spectators to park in the Village Inn or Tutor Time parking lots.

There will be a food truck and Kona Ice truck in the parking lot for teams and spectators to purchase food and drinks from.
There will be a t-shirt vendor on site for teams and spectators to purchase Glendale Showcase t-shirts. (tentative)
There will be a sound system playing a variety of music throughout the day (this includes during races).