Brophy Prep AMDG Invitational 2020

Phoenix, AZ

Meet Information

Brophy Prep AMDG Invitational - Thursday March 12, 2020

Running Events

Event Order Estimated Time

*Boys 4x800m Relay 3:30 PM

*Girls 4x800m Relay 3:45 PM

Boys 110m Hurdles 4:00 PM

Girls 100m Hurdles 4:25 PM

*Boys 4x100m Relay 4:50 PM

*Girls 4x100m Relay 5:05 PM

Boys 400m 5:20 PM

Girls 400m 5:45 PM

Boys 800m 6:10 PM

Girls 800m 6:25 PM

*Boys 300m Hurdles 6:40 PM

*Girls 300m Hurdles 7:05 PM

Boys 100m 7:30 PM

Girls 100m 7:55 PM

Boys 1600m 8:20 PM

Girls 1600m 8:45 PM

*Boys 4x400m Relay 9:10 PM

*Girls 4x400m Relay 9:35 PM

Field Events

Boys Pole Vault 2:00 PM

Boys Discus 2:30 PM

Girls Shot Put 2:30 PM

Boys High Jump 2:30 PM

Girls Long Jump 2:30 PM

Boys Long Jump 2:30 PM

Girls Pole Vault 6:00 PM

Girls High Jump 6:00 PM

Boys Shot Put 6:00 PM

Girls Discus 6:00 PM

*Boys Triple Jump 6:00 PM

*Girls Triple Jump 6:00 PM

Coaches meeting 1:30pm

Brophy Prep AMDG Invitational - Thursday March 12th, 2020

Welcome to your high school boys and girls track and field teams at our seventh annual Brophy

Prep AMDG Invitational. This is a varsity track competition that follows the format of the Nike

Track Nationals team championship meet that was held in June, 2010 and 2011, in Eugene, OR.

Each school will compete for points in ten track and field events including: 100m, 110/100m

Hurdles, 400m, 800m, 1600m, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Discus Throw.

Each is allowed to enter up to 3 athletes for each event, with a two-event maximum per

individual athlete in scoring events. The performance marks will be scored in decathlon fashion

with performance marks awarded a point score. Competition consists of ten scoring events, all

10 events will count and the team total score will be the sum of the ten events. The highest score

earns the team championship trophy.

Each school can also compete up to 3 athletes in Non-Scoring Triple Jump, 300m Hurdles. Each

school can enter two relay groups in the 4x800 and 4x100 Non-Scoring relays and one relay

team in the Non-Scoring 4x400.

Team Clarification: Coaches do not need to enter a specified A competition team. The

A,B,C determination of the athletes was removed from this meet in 2018. The scoring will

consist of up to 10 athletes from the school in the scoring events. All athletes will be competing

for the one varsity championship (there is no B or C competition level). The athletes event

score will count for their team if they perform the best mark for their school. An athlete can only

register to compete in 2 scoring events. Athletes can compete for any of their schools teams

for relays and non-soring events. A school can enter only two relay teams in the 4x800 and

4x100, and one relay team in the 4x400. Non-scoring events can be an athletes 3rd and 4th

event (maximum of 4 events per athlete).

1. This meet will be an AIA sanctioned state qualifying meet.

2. Track is all-weather. 1/4" or 1/8" spikes only. No food or drink allowed on the FieldTurf infield inside the


3. All running events are timed finals there are no prelims. Athletes will check in before each event near the

starting line. Hip numbers will be used for the long distance races.

4. Long and Triple Jump competitors will be allowed 4 jumps. All boys and all girls will jump in seeded flights.

There will be no finals.

5. For Shot Put and Discus we will provide an implement pool. If you want to share your own implement, please

bring it to the SW room outside the track at 1:30. Throwers will get four throws, no finals. (Decathlon

performance points are used for scoring in the team competition, so to be fair it is reasonable to have all

throwers receive the same number of throws).

6. Pole vault weigh in will also be in SW room outside the track at 1:00 and 5:00pm.

7. The Brophy Sports Complex is located at 7th St. and Highland (entrance to Xavier College Prep) (4700 North

7th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85012). Track Facility: 8 lane all-weather track opened in April 2010. There is limited

parking there so buses will drop-off off teams at the track entrance (7th St & Highland) and then park at Brophy

(Central Ave and Highland).

8. Team camps will be outside the south turn of the track or in the east side field. The limited bleacher

space is for spectators and coaches. Athletes can warm up on the FieldTurf infield, but no camping in

there, and please no food, seeds, or drink inside the track.

9. Entry fee due Friday, March 6th. $360 for a school to register a boys team (3 entries per event) and a

girls team (3 entries per event). $180 for boys only and $180 for girls only. A school can choose to only

enter 2 athletes per event and pay $240. Please have checks made out to Brophy College Prep, and

send to Brophy College Prep, 4701 N. Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012 - Attention Track and Field.

10. Entries will be submitted on-line by 11pm on Monday March 9th at State qualifying:

All 15 events will be state qualifying events. The races will be seeded by submitted times/distances and

the fastest heat will run last. See the unique Order of Events page for the meet schedule.

11. The top 3 performances in all 15 events will medal. A team trophy will be awarded to the winning

boys and girls teams.

12. Spectator admission is $5 for adults. Programs will be available for $1. Food and drink will be

available for purchase at the concession window at the SW corner of the track.

13. Coaches/Officials hospitality: Located in the team meeting room at the Northwest end of the track.

Brophy Sports Complex Scratches and Changes will be taken at the 1:30pm coaches meeting and put

into the system before events begins at 2:30pm.

Finish line and meet management services provided by Clyde Resendez with Wingfootfinish.