Rattler Booster Invite 2020

Phoenix, AZ

Meet Information

21st Annual Rattler Booster Invite


Saturday; March 14th, 2020

North Canyon High School

1700 E Union Hills Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85024

Entry Fee: $375 ($200 girls or boys only). Make Checks Payable to NC Rattlers Track & Field Boosters (If you need to set us up as an approved vendor our Tax ID number is 82-4459852). 1700 E Union Hills Rd Phoenix, AZ 85024 (attn. NCHS TRACK BOOSTERS).

Please have entry fees paid by no later than March 1st.

Admissions: Adults: $5 - Students/Children $3 - 5+Under FREE

TRACK: All-weather, 8 lane track. 1/4 or 1/8 spikes only. Any violation will result in immediate disqualification from the meet. All jump event runways are all-weather. The same spike rules apply as in the track events.

Blocks will be furnished.

Shot Put and Discus surfaces are concrete. Weigh-ins will begin at 8:30am.

Each school will provide their own batons, shots and discs.

Timing will be electronic and backed up by watches. (Lynx/Hy-Tek)

Team tents and camps must be set up in the bleacher area, not on any part of the field.

No coaches or parents will be allowed on the field or track.

No coaches, athletes, or parents will be allowed on the grass North of the track.

Athletes not competing will need to be off of the field.

T-shirts will be available for purchase from Always on Time. Concessions including: Snack Bar & Food Trucks will be available.

Each team will be given a packet which includes: 2 heat sheets, 2 schedules, a pole vault verification, a trash bag, and 6 coaches wristbands. (Coaches will not be allowed into the hospitality room without a purple wristband on. If your school needs more, then please ask after the completion of the coaches meeting in the AM)

Please keep your area clean and make sure your team knows to pickup all trash.

Bathrooms are located on the south end of the track behind the snack bar.

Coaches will be provided with lunch at the 400m break-time.


All non-participants and coaches must stay away from the finish line at all times during the meet. When not participating, please stay in the stands.

National Federation of State High School Association rules will be used. Coaches and spectators are to remain in the stands. A one-point deduction will be assessed to any team in violation.

PARTICIPATION: Each team may enter 3 participants in each event and 1 relay team. All entries MUST be entered online atwww.athletic.net no later than Wednesday, MARCH 11th at Midnight!

Any changes can be made at the finish line. You own the lane. You may change the name, but not the heat or lane.

Any late entries will not be accepted.

Any mis-seedings by coaches will not be changed.

AWARDS: Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers in all events. Medals will be awarded trackside after the completion of that event. Medals will be for the top 3 finishers OVERALL. Not for each heat.

TROPHIES: Championship Trophies for both Boys and Girls. Runner-up Trophies for both Boys and Girls. Third place Trophies for both Boys and Girls.

SCORING: All scoring will be the traditional 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1.

Curve Judges and Exchange Inspectors will be used. Infractions will be signaled with a red/white flag.

Athletes must stay in their lanes at the conclusion of their race. Wait for judges to come to you. Do not go to the finish judge.

Athletes must report to the staging area or bullpen by the 2nd call.

At the staging area athletes will:

Receive starting instructions

Receive their lane assignment

Be checked for proper uniform

Receive hip sticker

If an athlete fails to report by the 3rd call, he/she will not be allowed to participate in that event.

Any lost appeal will result in a 1-point deduction from the team score. Judgments cannot be appealed.The Referee, Airabin Justin, has the authority to run the meet. Games Committee will make any decision appealed past the Referee.

Athletes must compete in a school uniform, relay teams must all be in identical uniforms. Sweats or warm-ups are allowed if school-issued. If the uniform is improper, the athlete will not be allowed to compete.

There will be no phones, iPods, boomboxes, radios, CD players, Frisbees, footballs, soccerballs, etc allowed near the track. NOISE DISRUPTS THE START OF RACES.

Heat sheets and results will be posted on the results board near the concession stand. Coaches are asked to be patient and wait for the posting.

Final results will be available online at www.athletic.net soon after the completion of the EACH EVENT (LIVE RESULTS!!). Official results will be posted within the weekend. If there is a technical problem, results will be mailed to your school the following week.

Track Events:

ALL track events will be girls first, followed by boys.

The 200m will be run on a full curve.

The 400m will be run in lanes.

Box alley starts for the 800m, 1600m, and 3200m. A waterfall start will be used if the number of participants permits.

In the 1600m relay a three-turn stagger will be used.

LANE ASSIGNMENT: Lanes will be assigned by seeded times. Any late entries will be seeded into lanes 1 and 8.

Field Events:

Girls high jump will start at 44 with 2 raises until 50 and then will have 1 raises.

Boys high jump will start at 54 with 2 raises until 60 and then will have 1 raises.

Shot Put and Discus: FOUR THROWS will be allowed.

Pole Vault will start at 60 for girls and 90 for boys with bar raises at 6.

There will be FOUR JUMPS for Pole Vault

Long Jump and Triple Jump: FOUR JUMPS will be allowed.

Javelin FOUR THROWS will be allowed.



Any Questions Contact Meet Directors: Anthony Marchese - anthony@buddysallstars.com OR Ashton Gill - agill@pvlearners.net OR Airabin Justin ajustin20@gmail.com

PHONE - (602) 449-5023