Colton Sattler: Mountain Lion to a Bronco

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Cover photo of Colton running at NXR-SW by Alan Versaw. Colton requested we use this photo with the article of him signing (contributed photo). Milesplit wishes him well in Nebraska next fall!

Arizona Milesplit: Start by explaining what drew you to Hastings..

Colton Sattler: Wow it has been such a journey ever since I started running. I never honesty thought that I would be running in college! I started the recruiting process a little late and got really attracted to Hastings. Hastings is technically a Division 2 school that runs NAIA. I love the coach and feel like I will benefit the most compared tot the other schools that were recruiting me. The campus is amazing and I really like the team that I will be joining next fall. Also, getting a full ride is nice too!

AZ MS: What has been your favorite high school running memory (so far)?

Colton: There have been so many memories that I have had the opportunity to experience in my high school running career. One of the best experiences was sprinting to the finish line at Footlocker! I will never forget all the screaming fans and the incredible atmosphere! In all honesty, the best experience has to be repeating as sectional champions this season. In 2013, we had such a strong senior class that we expected to win and we were the favorites to win. Going into this season, we weren't even supposed to make it to state let alone repeat as sectional champions! My team consisted of Senior Wesley Gray, Junior Nick Mayers, Junior Killian Martinez, Sophomore Caden Midkiff, Freshman Reier Gilbertson, Junior Dennis Negrete, and finally myself. We edged out a close race with North Canyon and we could not have done it without a solid performance from our team. We had a fairly young team and it made even more special. This season was amazing and I have to thank all of my teammates for making my senior year thebest year in my high school running career.

AZ MS: What has been your favorite distance event in high school track?

Colton: I have had trouble deciding this question throughout my years of running in high school. My freshman and sophomore year I loved running the Two Mile. Junior year came and my coach decided to put me in the mile a bunch of times and the Mile just grew on me! I really love the feeling of the mile and it always gives me the biggest rush! I'm no the biggest fan of the 800, but once you make that 800 part of a relay, it becomes so much fun! In my opinion this is the best and most entertaining race of any track meet or than the 4X400 meter relay! I love the feeling of holding the baton and running two laps to exchange the baton to the next runner! Track honestly used to be my least favorite sport and now I live and breathe Track!

AZ MS: Do you have a planned course of study yet?

Colton: I honestly can't believe that next fall I won't be in High School anymore! I do however know what I plan on studying in college. I plan on double majoring in Sports Management and Physical therapy. I had to go to Physical Therapy over the summer and fell in love with it. As for the sports management major, I have just invested my whole life into sports and I don't want to throw all that away! I always want to be associated with sports in the some way!

Extra Note: I want to take this opportunity to thank my parents for giving me the opportunity to run. In addition I want to thank my Coaches, Coach Richard Stein, Coach Don Tate, Coach Scott Mayers, and Coach Ron Lareau for putting up with me and making me the person and runner that I am today! I also want to thank other teammates this year like Jordan Todd, Emily Peck, Jack Gilbertson, Ronnie Pederson, Ben Messerly, William Mitchell, and many others! I could not have accomplished so much without the support of my fellow teammates. I look forward to making the leap into college running next year!