How to Enter Your Roster

I have been getting a couple e-mails from coaches about how to update rosters on Arizona Milesplit. I am happy to field questions, but due to the volue I thought I'd type out an article. Here's how....

Note: All instructions in this article assume you have established a username and have been approved as a coach for your team account. If you have not done these already, I can happily send you instructions.

You may find it handy to print out this article prior to attempting to update your roster or to keep this article visible on one screen while you go through the steps to update your roster on another screen.

Sign into your MileSplit account and go to your team page (Teams/your school name) on AZ Milesplit. Then click on the black Team Manager button below your school name in the banner area of your team page. This takes you to the admin side of your team page.

It the column on the left side of this page, click on Roster. This, naturally, takes you to your roster admin page.

On this page you will see a list of all athletes currently associated with your school. Those athletes with lines through their names are inactive. They will not show on the user side of your team page and are not available for online registration. If you need to make one or more of these athletes active again, simply check the box next to their name(s) and click on the Move to Active button at the top of the roster page.

To add athletes to your roster (either new freshmen or students who are going out for track or cross country for the first time--all others should already appear on your roster), click on the Add Athlete button at the top of your roster page. In the dialog that appears, fill in the athlete first name, last name, gender, and year of graduation. Do not skip the year of graduation or you will simply have to go back and add that later when you try to enter the athlete into a meet. Then click Add New Athlete. Once you have done that, the athlete is added to your roster. Repeat the process for as many athletes as you need to add. Note that any freshmen who ran cross county in the fall should already be added to your roster.

Now look at your roster page again (still on the admin side). You will note that each athlete has an XC, a TF, or both after his/her name. XC means the athlete is included on the cross country roster. TF means the athlete is included on the track and field roster.

If you have cross country athletes who are not out for track (or vice versa) but have both an XC and a TF beside their name, you can remove the TF (or XC, as appropriate). To remove these athletes from your track roster, simply check on the box beside each name with an XC and TF. Then click on the Remove from TF button. When you have done this, these athletes will no longer appear in your pool of available athletes when you are doing online entries for a track meet.

Similarly, if an athlete has come out for track and only has an XC beside his/her name, you can check the box and then click on the Add to TF button. That athlete is now part of your track and field roster.

Continue this process until all athletes are listed for their proper sport(s). Do not make an athlete inactive unless they have moved from your school or are not any longer competing in either track and field or cross country.

If a graduated athlete appears on your roster, please do not make that athlete inactive. Simply click on the athlete name and add in the year he/she graduated. When that change is saved, the athlete will be removed from your current roster and added to your alumni roster.

If duplicate athletes appear on your roster, do not make either listing inactive. Simply send me an e-mail at, and I will merge the athlete profiles in question. If there are two spellings of the athlete name to be merged, please indicate to me the correct spelling when you send me the request to merge profiles.

Please do not edit spellings of names during the season without notifying me. Doing this tends to create duplicate athletes in the statewide rankings.

That should take care of getting your rosters done!