Q & A Interview: Sevanna Hanson


Name: Sevanna Hanson

School: Desert Vista

Grade: 10th

MileSplit AZ: When did you start pole vaulting? Have you competed outside of school such as USATF?

Growing up at the track, I picked up my first pole at eight years old and just kind of messed around with it. I have done club pole vault with both AZ Elite and Ultimate High Track Club since I was thirteen.

MileSplit AZ: What does a typical training week look like for you?

A majority of my week is centered around solid jumping days and pole vault specific conditioning workouts in which I often do sliding boxes or mini hurdles. However, I do compete in long jump and hurdles as well so I usually dedicate a day to work on those two separately, taking the day off from pole vault.

MileSplit AZ: What is something that helps you mentally prepare before a meet?

Before each of my events I try and visualize myself completing a perfect vault, jump, or race to get that good mental picture in my mind.

MileSplit AZ: What is your favorite track and field invite?

I would have to say the Arcadia Invitational in California is my favorite invite because of all the incredible competition.

MileSplit AZ: How did it feel to win Chandler Rotary? What are some goals you would like to accomplish this season?

It felt great to win Chandler Rotary and was such a humbling experience to be up there jumping with the other competitors. My goal for every meet is to compete to my full potential and be consistent from meet to meet.

MileSplit AZ: Do you have any role models you look up to?

I definitely admire all of the elite pole vault women and have been lucky enough to hear many of their stories at the Pole Vault Summit and Kiss the Sky Camp. Also, as a freshman athlete last year, I had the opportunity to train with Aliya Simpson and Shannon Fritz who both graduated and now compete at Division 1 colleges. They have positively impacted the way I view pole vault today.

MileSplit AZ: What motivational advice would you say to a new pole vaulter?

I would tell them to focus on having fun with pole vault because the second you stop enjoying it, it becomes scary and difficult.

MileSplit AZ: What is it like to have your father, Chris Hanson, as one of the track coaches for Desert Vista?

Having your dad as a coach has its perks. My dad and I have a great relationship and track and field is something we definitely bond over.

MileSplit AZ: Will you be competing at any national invitationals this season?

I am undecided at this point in the season, but I have been to the USATF JO Nationals for the past three years so there is a strong possibility that I will be returning to that.

MileSplit AZ: Outside of pole vaulting is there any other hobbies or sports you participate in?

I did cross country through my freshman year, but track and field definitely has my heart and my time.

MileSplit AZ: What is something interesting or unique about yourself that you would like to share?

Usually my answer to this question is "I do pole vault", but I guess something else unique about me is that I love to travel. I have been all over the U.S. and have traveled to several different countries. Costa Rica has to be my favorite place I have been.