Rappers And Candy Bars Help Palmer Lock It In On Race-Day

Name: Braedon Palmer

School: Sunrise Mountain HS

Year: Junior


3200m - 9:36.62 @ Chandler Rotary Invitational
As a freshman, Bradeon Palmer played baseball before committing to running year-round. In one year, Palmer improved his 3200m time from 10:10 to 9:36. Excluding Twilight, Braedon Palmer has placed no lower than 3rd in each of his 5km races this season. At the Desert Twilight Festival, he placed 13th in among several of the top runners in the Southwest region running 15:33 for a lifetime best.
Where are you from and when did you begin running?
I am from Glendale, AZ and I have lived here my whole life. I started running around 9 years ago in 3rd grade.
Do you have a favorite pre-race routine or ritual you could describe for us?
About three or four hours before our race, my team and I play hackysack to keep us loose and not all uptight. We can get very intense and this helps create a fun yet competitive environment. Also, three hours before every race I eat a snickers bar. I have done it since I have been running in 3rd grade and it seems to work. Also, as the race approaches I listen to a Christian rapper NF and it helps me get locked in and ready to compete.
(Right: Palmer led the Sunrise Mountain Mustangs to victory with a time of 14:34 over a hilly 2.9-mile course at the Peoria District Championships.-photo credit to Torin Lattie.)
What has been your favorite moment in your cross-country career and why?
My favorite cross-country moment was this year when our team won districts. I won individually and both the girls and boys teams won. The win definitely showed all of are hard work paid off and it brought us closer as a team. It was a special moment because our guys have been in a bit of a drought at the district meet in previous years. However, we know there is still more work to be done and sectionals and then state.
What is your favorite cross-country meet and why?
My favorite cross-country meet is Desert Twilight because every year I have PR'd there and it is very cool to compete against athletes from all over the Southwest region.
Describe your coach and what they always affirm at practice?
I've been blessed with a great coach. Coach Lattie is a very loving, yet intense guy. He constantly builds us up and helps us strive to get better every day both in running and life. I truly appreciate everything he has done for our team.
What are your goals for the 2018 HS cross-country season?
My goals for the season are to win sectionals coming up and then win state. I also want to break 15 minutes by the end of the year.
How do you spend your 'off-time' away from school and the track?
My time at home is spent with my family whom I love and is so supportive of me. I have truly been blessed. I love the outdoors, hiking, biking, really anything outside. Other times I am studying or doing homework.
I heard you played baseball at one point in high school. What made you commit to running year-round?
My coach kept pushing me to just run because he saw my potential that I did not see yet. At State during cross-country last year I placed sixth and realized that I have a real shot in running and decided to commit right then and there.
Do you have a role-model from years past at Sunrise Mountain? If so what was the most valuable lesson they taught you?
My parents are my role models for sure. They always teach me that anything that is worthwhile takes work and all that they have done for me is truly a blessing from God.
Are you involved in any other activities at Sunrise Mountain? If so which one(s)?
I am a leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and a member of the National Honors Society.
Will you race at any post-season meets?
I will be racing at NXR and Footlocker Regionals.
Is there anything you would like to add?
I want to thank God for the ability to wake up and run every day and I want to thank my family and parents for always supporting me. I love you guys!

Fun Stuff!

If you could have any superpower what would it be?
My superpower would be the ability to give all those who suffer from disabilities, poverty, etc a new chance at life in order for them to live the best life possible.
What's your favorite post-race meal?
My favorite post-race meal is a glass of chocolate milk and some beef jerky.
What's your favorite sports team?
My favorite sports team is Team USA because I love watching the best in our country compete against the best from countries all over the globe.
Who's your favorite professional athlete?
My favorite professional athlete is Galen Rupp.
Would you rather have the ability to play any instrument or speak any language?
I would love to have the ability to speak any language because then I could talk to anyone anywhere in the world and understand how they see me.