Triple-Threat Sprinters from 2011-2020

In 2018, these three young men were at the top of the mountain in regards to triple-threat sprinters in AZ.

While it's incredible enough to be a standout in one event in track and field, we have some athletes who are amazing at multiple events. For the next few weeks, we will look at these top athletes who are/were "triple threats" in individual events over the past 10 seasons. Today, we start with boy sprinters.

100 M, 200 M, & 400 M BOYS

We looked at the top-100 Arizona boy athletes in the 100, 200, and 400 since 2011. From there we saw which of these athletes had competed in all three events and hence, we have our list of 36 Arizona boys of the past and present who are triple-threat AZ sprinting studs.

100 M

In the 100 meters, there was the fastest time of 10.34 seconds and the slowest time of 10.84 seconds, with an average 100-meter clocking of 10.72 for this group. 

200 M

In the 200 meters, the fastest time for this group was at 20.74 seconds and the slowest time of 23.19 seconds, with an average 200-meter sprint of 21.82

400 M

In the 400 meters, the fastest time for these boys was 46.84 and the slowest crossing of 57.24, with an average 1-lap race taking these boys 50.36 seconds.

Which grad year was there the most triple-threat sprinters?

The class of 2018 had 8 boys make this list, with the class of 2013, 2015, and 2020 having 5 boys each on our list.

Which classes had the fewest amount of boys on the list?

The Class of 2021 had no one on our list. The Classes of 2011, 2016, and 2022 have 1 person each on our list.

Which schools had boys on this list?

In alphabetical order: Apollo, Bisbee, Brophy (2), Buena, Centennial, Cesar Chavez, Chandler (6), Chaparral, Copper Canyon, Deer Valley, Desert Vista, Gilbert, Gilbert Christian, Higley, Lake Havasu, Maryvale, McClintock, Mesa Mountain View, Millennium, Mohave, Mountain Pointe (2), North Canyon, Queen Creek (2), Sandra Day O'Connor, South Mountain, Tucson, Verrado, Washington, and Westwood.

Who made this list?

Find out who is on our list from today and yesteryear.