Top Returning 1600 and 800 Boys in 2021

(Left to Right) Randy Espinoza, Ayden Schilb, Max Davis, Trent Holiday 

What middle distance boys will dominate in 2021?  

With only a couple meets this year, we need to start looking at the 2019 season to see who may be the young men to beat in 2021. We are going to focus our attention today on the boys' 1600M and 800M runners. We looked back at the best frosh and soph boy middle-distance runners of 2019 and put together a list of the top-82 boys in Arizona who will be back as upper-class athletes in 2021 in both of these events. Below are athletes #63-#82. For the top 62, go to the link beneath our chart.

Note: In the below chart and link, the first data point is what gets you on the list. If you didn't have a 1600M time in 2019 then you won't be on this list. If you didn't have a top-1600 100M time in 2019, then you will not be on this list either.

#63-#82 Boys Combined times in 1600M and 800M (based off of 2019)