Rahni Turner - Returning 100 and 300 Hurdler


We put out this top returning girls' hurdle list yesterday and we were told that we had missed Rahni Turner who is one of the top returning girl hurdlers in 2021. 

All we can say is that our database has some sort of snafu that wasn't pulling Rahni's times onto the list we created, even though when we looked for her times this morning we found the fast times she had laid down last season. Based off Rahni's 2019 times, she should be the #2 returner in 2021 with a combined time of 58.63 for the 100H and 300H.

We apologize for this mistake and are looking into how to rectify this incorrect data pull on our end.

(Rahni's times are not on this list due to a technical snafu)