Chandler Invite | Boys XC Team Scores Between Both Sessions

We decided to look at all of the results for Saturday's Chandler Invite and try to figure out who would have been the overall winners if it was scored like a traditional cross country race. What we did was simply take each team's top seven runners and made them the "varsity" team. Then we took the next seven runners and made them the "JV" team. If a team didn't have enough runners for a varsity or jv squad then we left those teams out of the scoring. Teams with more than 14 runners will not see those athletes' names on either the varsity scoring (shown below) or the jv scoring (which we will have later this week). 

Once we removed the jv runners from the varsity, we reordered the places and then scored this hypothetical "meet", which you see below.

We understand that some teams may have run only 5 or 6 runners if there were a varsity race, but we tried to make it simple and not guess what 6 or 7 runners may have helped his team more in the jv race.

We also understand that not all teams ran their top runners at Chandler, so this necessarily doesn't mean these teams will end up this way by year's end. 

Lastly, we didn't differentiate between Division I, II, III, or IV in the scoring. 


5Noah Czajkowski11Red Mountain High School15:51.0
7Elijah Davis11Red Mountain High School15:56.7 
116Joseph Hamilton12Red Mountain High School16:18.5 
21Thomas Sewell12Red Mountain High School16:23.4 
25Garrett Palmer10Red Mountain High School16:26.774
32Matthew Hamilton9Red Mountain High School16:31.7 
39Tyler Mathews9Red Mountain High School16:44.7 
6Brady Eagar11Mesa Mountain View High School15:53.5 
11Joshua Judd12Mesa Mountain View High School16:02.1 
223Kevin Degroff12Mesa Mountain View High School16:26.3 
24Mark Anderson11Mesa Mountain View High School16:26.3 
68David Judd10Mesa Mountain View High School17:06.1126
77Bradley Jensen11Mesa Mountain View High School17:19.3 
85Griffin Arnett10Mesa Mountain View High School17:25.2 
10Elijah Poelman12Highland High16:01.6 
31Wyatt Williams11Highland High16:29.5 
336Lucas Witcher9Highland High16:37.6 
37Mason Ashby10Highland High16:41.7 
46Miles Mcleskey11Highland High16:47.4160
62Jagger Zlotoff12Highland High16:59.1 
63Evan Sewell11Highland High17:01.8 
14Ethan Bukowski11Desert Vista High School16:07.4 
28Nolan Billeter11Desert Vista High School16:27.7 
429Tyler Anderson10Desert Vista High School16:28.7 
44Chris Broze12Desert Vista High School16:46.6 
67Jacob Cardon12Desert Vista High School17:04.2182
69Johnathan Estrada11Desert Vista High School17:07.0 
107Diego Rueda11Desert Vista High School17:38.8 
3Javier Garcia11Gilbert High School15:37.5 
4Terence Keys11Gilbert High School15:40.4 
552Jefferson Sees11Gilbert High School16:53.8 
80Leo Freestone10Gilbert High School17:20.4 
113Oscar Gregorio11Gilbert High School17:42.4252
199Brendan Beals12Gilbert High School19:20.9 
269Evin Greenfield9Gilbert High School21:09.1 
13Xander Black12Brophy College Preparatory16:04.6 
17Jackson Moran12Brophy College Preparatory16:19.5 
656Charlie Fallon12Brophy College Preparatory16:55.8 
74Daniel Chavez11Brophy College Preparatory17:17.7 
99Jessie Salinas12Brophy College Preparatory17:35.5259
111Kaden Stillwagon11Brophy College Preparatory17:40.3 
123Reymundo Perez12Brophy College Preparatory17:54.6 
15Kaden Passey11Shadow Ridge High School16:16.7 
27Elijah Levin11Shadow Ridge High School16:27.1 
755Erik Winter11Shadow Ridge High School16:55.4 
66Haden Pittson12Shadow Ridge High School17:04.0 
100Brayden Levander9Shadow Ridge High School17:36.5263
101Andrew Retzlaff10Shadow Ridge High School17:36.7 
120Kaleb Goltiao10Shadow Ridge High School17:52.2 
22Aiden Tinen12Skyline High School16:23.7 
50Jaxon Mills12Skyline High School16:49.2 
854Jordan Gloria12Skyline High School16:55.3 
61Carter Owens11Skyline High School16:58.6 
76Jorge Ponce-nava11Skyline High School17:19.2263
105Enrique Gonzalez12Skyline High School17:38.1 
158Kevin Gutierrez10Skyline High School18:27.4 
41John Harris11Salpointe Catholic High School16:45.9 
45Diego Veliz10Salpointe Catholic High School16:46.6 
957Michael Urbanski10Salpointe Catholic High School16:56.5 
58Diego Delgado11Salpointe Catholic High School16:56.9 
65Ethan Mobley11Salpointe Catholic High School17:03.0266
70Diego Logan-behshad11Salpointe Catholic High School17:09.1 
87Diego Martin-valdez12Salpointe Catholic High School17:25.6 
1Dayton Carlson12Casteel15:26.0 
47Kaden Vetsch12Casteel16:47.6 
1086Jacob Hullings12Casteel17:25.6 
90Joesph Meagher12Casteel17:27.9 
93Andrew DJ) Coulbo11Casteel17:29.3317
205Gibson Calamia10Casteel19:22.6 
225Cooper Stoughton9Casteel19:47.0 
33Austin Hutchings12Perry High School16:32.9 
48James Kinney12Perry High School16:47.8 
1172Matthew Camp11Perry High School17:11.7 
75Sean Flynn11Perry High School17:18.9 
115Jack Fasano11Perry High School17:48.5343
182Rylan Biggs11Perry High School19:01.6 
189Brady Hutchings10Perry High School19:12.0 
53Hayden Gelder12Basha High School16:54.2 
60Logan Oachs10Basha High School16:58.4 
1273Braydon Lundgren11Basha High School17:16.0 
82Caydn Baldwin12Basha High School17:22.1 
83Connor King12Basha High School17:24.5351
97Carson Stoltzfus12Basha High School17:33.6 
145Isiah Johnson11Basha High School18:11.2 
43Carter Lewis12Hamilton High School16:46.0 
51Jacob Slater10Hamilton High School16:51.0 
1389Cade Russo12Hamilton High School17:27.2 
106Nicholas Valle10Hamilton High School17:38.7 
118Andrew Mickey10Hamilton High School17:49.0407
124Joshua Mickey12Hamilton High School17:57.4 
131Giovanni Casciato11Hamilton High School18:03.5 
19Mitchell Jones10Campo Verde High School16:21.3 
78Martin Breinholt10Campo Verde High School17:19.5 
81Wil Hanson10Campo Verde High School17:21.6 
14109Caleb Weaver10Campo Verde High School17:39.3 
129Donoven Ong12Campo Verde High School18:03.1416
151Mason Lundin12Campo Verde High School18:14.6 
155Anthony Cox12Campo Verde High School18:20.6 
34Tyler Tisinger10Corona del Sol High School16:33.9 
98Grant Murad10Corona del Sol High School17:34.1 
15102Zackary Wiesner9Corona del Sol High School17:37.2 
117Logan Sywank10Corona del Sol High School17:49.0 
136Callum Rohrer11Corona del Sol High School18:07.4487
173Bennett Gunning11Corona del Sol High School18:49.1 
181Robbie Wright12Corona del Sol High School19:00.0 
26Nate Pestka11Shadow Mountain High School16:27.1 
84Ryan Brass10Shadow Mountain High School17:24.8 
1695Colton Pestka10Shadow Mountain High School17:32.8 
103Jack Rea10Shadow Mountain High School17:37.8 
193Austin Pestka10Shadow Mountain High School19:15.5501
228Nathan Sario10Shadow Mountain High School19:49.8 
316Zayne Peelle9Shadow Mountain High School36:04.4 
30Jon Barney11Veritas Preparatory Academy16:29.1 
42Nicholas Logan12Veritas Preparatory Academy16:45.9 
17119Peter Schillinger12Veritas Preparatory Academy17:50.1 
130Timmy Soukup11Veritas Preparatory Academy18:03.2 
183Jacob Soukup10Veritas Preparatory Academy19:02.1504
227Jake Hirsch11Veritas Preparatory Academy19:49.7 
266Andrew Logan10Veritas Preparatory Academy21:06.4 
35Kaleb Ross12Chandler High School16:37.2 
40Tomas Soqui12Chandler High School16:45.3 
18146Jeremiah Hadnot11Chandler High School18:12.0 
152Jackson Moxley11Chandler High School18:17.1 
170Christopher Ishac12Chandler High School18:46.5543
246Landon German10Chandler High School20:26.1 
312Xavier Diaz9Chandler High School28:27.8 
38Noah Fleming11Sandra Day O Connor High School16:41.9 
92Mario Fernandez10Sandra Day O Connor High School17:29.2 
19134Seth Gardiner10Sandra Day O Connor High School18:05.2 
147Brantley Holm10Sandra Day O Connor High School18:12.7 
165Vi Middendorf9Sandra Day O Connor High School18:35.5576
167Zachary Fitzpatrick11Sandra Day O Connor High School18:38.3 
192Logan Rogers12Sandra Day O Connor High School19:14.3 
9Noah Plaza11Williams Field High School16:01.5 
127Jakob Johns12Williams Field High School17:59.4 
20137Gustavo Bemis12Williams Field High School18:08.1 
142Daniel Walker10Williams Field High School18:10.2 
177Caleb Odashi9Williams Field High School18:58.0592
206Richard Perez9Williams Field High School19:23.5 
210Jackson Lee11Williams Field High School19:27.2 
18Chaz Miller11Willow Canyon High School16:20.0 
143John Grant12Willow Canyon High School18:10.4 
21160Tyler Hernandez11Willow Canyon High School18:31.1 
162Adam Covarrubio10Willow Canyon High School18:32.0 
197Adrian Torres10Willow Canyon High School19:18.8680
208Eli Holman11Willow Canyon High School19:24.2 
224Robert Adams12Willow Canyon High School19:45.8 
49Brecken Fonnesbeck12Higley High School16:49.0 
125Harrison Bennon10Higley High School17:57.4 
22144Kyle Mundy12Higley High School18:10.5 
186Charlie Carrillo10Higley High School19:07.5 
195Ethan Morgan10Higley High School19:16.6699
207Zigy Shively12Higley High School19:23.8 
270Spencer Pospisil10Higley High School21:09.1 
12Alexander Rafferty12Millennium High School16:02.4 
149Tyler Rafferety11Millennium High School18:14.2 
23157Cayden Perez12Millennium High School18:25.6 
175Kasen Bolin10Millennium High School18:54.3 
233Connor Miga11Millennium High School20:01.0726
255Matthew Burton9Millennium High School20:46.4 
261Cameron Brown12Millennium High School20:59.5 
2Ethan Rodriguez-Story12Saguaro High School15:26.2 
132Nathaniel Dunckley10Saguaro High School18:04.6 
24150Broc Berg12Saguaro High School18:14.2 
226Van Kathol9Saguaro High School19:49.4 
237Luka Smolens11Saguaro High School20:08.5747
240Charles Mann11Saguaro High School20:13.5 
272Parker Marriott11Saguaro High School21:16.8 
88Andy Martinez11Queen Creek High School17:26.4 
135Max Voornies10Queen Creek High School18:05.8 
25140Kaleb Frazier9Queen Creek High School18:09.7 
178Karson Penrod10Queen Creek High School18:58.1 
212Keaton Payne11Queen Creek High School19:28.9753
218Gavin Monahan11Queen Creek High School19:40.0 
223Michael Venard11Queen Creek High School19:45.3 
94Tyler Ellis12Valley Christian High School17:30.6 
141Harrison Merritt12Valley Christian High School18:09.9 
26161Curtis Manges12Valley Christian High School18:31.7 
185Thomas White10Valley Christian High School19:06.8 
200Dylan Ellis9Valley Christian High School19:21.0781
220Jose Ruiz9Valley Christian High School19:43.3 
267Will Robinson10Valley Christian High School21:08.7 
20Sammy Johnston11North Phoenix Prep16:21.9 
59Richie Johnston12North Phoenix Prep16:58.3 
27164Jonah Pearson9North Phoenix Prep18:34.1 
268Kaden Duryea9North Phoenix Prep21:08.9 
281Troy Holderby9North Phoenix Prep21:56.0792
300Thomas Rotchford12North Phoenix Prep23:22.3 
303Truman Nack10North Phoenix Prep24:09.8 
8Gilbert Olivas Jr12Cactus High School16:01.4 
71Alex Murphy11Cactus High School17:11.0 
28247Nathan Black12Cactus High School20:28.0 
250Garrett Armstrong11Cactus High School20:36.2 
252Blake Lowe9Cactus High School20:36.9828
256Jack Murphy9Cactus High School20:49.4 
263Matt Black9Cactus High School21:00.0 
104Jack Piorkowski12Mountain Pointe High School17:37.9 
108Macadam Vasquez12Mountain Pointe High School17:39.0 
29188Austin Brandon9Mountain Pointe High School19:10.6 
202Marcus Holder12Mountain Pointe High School19:21.5 
229Charlie Amodei9Mountain Pointe High School19:55.4831
306Davis Celaya9Mountain Pointe High School24:35.0 
96Josh Morris11Seton Catholic High School17:33.5 
126Jack Rodriguez10Seton Catholic High School17:59.4 
30172Ethan Cleland10Seton Catholic High School18:48.3 
179Zachary Albanese9Seton Catholic High School18:58.8 
280Emilio Llanas9Seton Catholic High School21:52.6853
286Elliott Shewbridge12Seton Catholic High School22:10.7 
287Samuel Bartoszek10Seton Catholic High School22:18.2 
116Nathan Hunt11Desert Ridge High School17:48.8 
171Trevor Martin11Desert Ridge High School18:47.8 
31176Ronald Smith10Desert Ridge High School18:56.5 
196Caden Wenzel11Desert Ridge High School19:18.2 
198Aiden Childs11Desert Ridge High School19:20.7857
217Jarron Stevens11Desert Ridge High School19:39.9 
232Tony Todora12Desert Ridge High School19:58.8 
112Caden Edgerton11American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)17:41.3 
156Justin Varney12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)18:25.1 
32166Colby Whiting12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)18:37.0 
211Caden Cluff12American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)19:27.3 
230Aidan Mcbride9American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)19:56.5875
239Jackson Edgerton9American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)20:10.2 
262Stuart Wellock11American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek)20:59.9 
159William Watkins12Poston Butte18:29.4 
168Kris Carrillo11Poston Butte18:43.9 
33180Noah Watkins10Poston Butte18:59.9 
184Anthony Jett12Poston Butte19:02.3 
190Ean Broussard12Poston Butte19:12.7881
245Gannon Crist10Poston Butte20:23.1 
274Kaeden Christenson9Poston Butte21:28.8 
79Cole Bolen10McClintock High School17:19.7 
163Taven Sanders10McClintock High School18:33.9 
34201Parker Walsh9McClintock High School19:21.2 
203Dylan Benito9McClintock High School19:21.6 
257Adam Noel9McClintock High School20:49.6903
273Wyatt Allen9McClintock High School21:26.8 
292Christian Palmer12McClintock High School22:29.0 
121Jd Ouellette10Chandler Preparatory Academy17:52.3 
138Parker Stoft9Chandler Preparatory Academy18:08.3 
35204Riley Glaze9Chandler Preparatory Academy19:21.7 
234Andrei Sheydayi12Chandler Preparatory Academy20:01.7 
236Peter Chang10Chandler Preparatory Academy20:07.7933
243Dustin Garcia10Chandler Preparatory Academy20:20.0 
248Ben Richey12Chandler Preparatory Academy20:34.3 
110Damian Araiza9Vista Grande High School17:39.3 
133Kenneth Hernandez11Vista Grande High School18:04.7 
36213Brandon Maldonado12Vista Grande High School19:34.1 
222Raul Hernandez9Vista Grande High School19:44.6 
259Arain Salazar10Vista Grande High School20:50.7937
260Tayes Laughing11Vista Grande High School20:52.6 
148Collin Ramey10Arizona College Prep18:13.1 
154Ethan Fawkes12Arizona College Prep18:19.3 
37191Oliver Williams10Arizona College Prep19:13.4 
219Ayden Zinn9Arizona College Prep19:43.3 
244Garrett Pirretti9Arizona College Prep20:22.6956
249Evan Da Rosa9Arizona College Prep20:35.4 
258Abraham Tropp11Arizona College Prep20:50.6 
301Elijah Flannery12North Pointe Preparatory24:06.0 
314Alex Beaver-alvarez10North Pointe Preparatory33:55.0 
3891Evan Grawer9Notre Dame Preparatory17:28.3 
122Cameron Graninger12Notre Dame Preparatory17:53.8 
187Noah Zygmunt10Notre Dame Preparatory19:10.21015
235Alex Matura10Notre Dame Preparatory20:01.8 
242Peyton Matura10Notre Dame Preparatory20:16.0 
169Ethan Larsen11Pinnacle High School18:46.3 
174Christian Kerr11Pinnacle High School18:50.5 
39209Aiden Squires9Pinnacle High School19:25.4 
238Luke Simonian10Pinnacle High School20:10.0 
241Owen Jones9Pinnacle High School20:14.51031
254Luke Radford10Pinnacle High School20:42.7 
282Daniel Radford10Pinnacle High School22:00.8 
128Filimon Kednmarey9Maricopa High School18:01.5 
194Jovanni Fentes12Maricopa High School19:16.4 
40221Tanis Palmer11Maricopa High School19:43.5 
231Maverick Miller11Maricopa High School19:58.4 
271Matthew Coles12Maricopa High School21:13.91045
284Syon Cordova11Maricopa High School22:03.5 
295Lance Grist12Maricopa High School22:45.2 
114Corbin Pyle9Benjamin Franklin17:43.5 
215Jake Murray11Benjamin Franklin19:37.9 
41253Caleb Wood10Benjamin Franklin20:38.1 
288Nathan Ivey12Benjamin Franklin22:18.9 
296Preston Hilton9Benjamin Franklin22:46.31166
297Porter Dunaway9Benjamin Franklin22:47.0 
299Carson Bailey10Benjamin Franklin23:19.6 
64Lucas Grunden10Paradise Valley High School17:02.4 
265Evan Leshinskie12Paradise Valley High School21:06.3 
42285Sam Rixford12Paradise Valley High School22:08.6 
290Abbel Mamo12Paradise Valley High School22:19.8 
298Kian Francis10Paradise Valley High School22:54.71202
307Marc Ssennya10Paradise Valley High School24:44.0 
153Thomas Reyes12Casa Grande Union High School18:18.0 
264Ricky Rodriguez10Casa Grande Union High School21:02.2 
43275Ethan Mitchell10Casa Grande Union High School21:35.3 
276Jordan Ute11Casa Grande Union High School21:37.4 
277Noah Pineda12Casa Grande Union High School21:39.71245
279Kyan Demarest10Casa Grande Union High School21:51.2 
291Jose Atrian11Casa Grande Union High School22:20.0 
139Jacob Ortiz11Lincoln Preparatory Academy18:08.5 
289Nathan Schweinberg10Lincoln Preparatory Academy22:19.2 
44293Garrett Bevill11Lincoln Preparatory Academy22:37.1 
294Jake Yamada9Lincoln Preparatory Academy22:38.8 
305Geoffrey Kim10Lincoln Preparatory Academy24:19.31320
309Jonathan Cornell9Lincoln Preparatory Academy26:17.9 
214Bladimir Bojorquez11Yuma Catholic19:36.0 
216Caleb Harman10Yuma Catholic19:38.6 
45308Jose Solano10Yuma Catholic25:03.9 
310Lorenzo Solano12Yuma Catholic26:37.4 
313Takeo Imai9Yuma Catholic30:50.11361
315Maddox Harrington9Yuma Catholic35:36.3 
251Hans Helfer12Anthem Preparatory Academy20:36.7 
278Taylor Beeman11Anthem Preparatory Academy21:43.6 
46283Grady Baggett11Anthem Preparatory Academy22:02.3 
302Ben Motter10Anthem Preparatory Academy24:06.1 
304Ryan Quirk9Anthem Preparatory Academy24:15.91418
311Sean Baggett11Anthem Preparatory Academy27:34.1