Arizona CC Journals #3 - Kylee Kieser

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Kylee Kieser returns this season as a top distance runner in Arizona.  Kylee has already had a great start to the 2010 Cross Country Season placing 2nd at the Sole Sport Invitational and winning the Padre Invite.  Keep checking back as Kylee shares her final prep cross country season.


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Kylee Kieser

(Sr., Marcos de Niza, AZ)


Journal Entry #3 (November 3, 2010)


Hey Again Readers,

            This journal starts with my race at Mt. Sac 2 weekends ago on October 23, and also the wonderful experience that I had getting to run there once again my senior year. I am also going to be talking about my sectional race as well. For Mt. Sac,  I flew out with my coach (Anna Rodriguez) on Thursday night to get a good night’s sleep. Friday was spent watching race after race, altogether there were over one hundred races total for both days. My coach and I both went to watch the races and see the thousands of people that were there. It was exciting just spending the whole day just relaxing and focusing on my race to come. Later that night we went out to eat with the Xavier team and their parents! That was fun, getting to enjoy dinner and draw on the tables at Macaroni Grill with Katie Penny, Julianne Vice, Laura Orlie, and Allison Maio.

            Saturday morning came and I was ready to race! We got up and had breakfast. We made it to the course at 8:05, just in time for the start of Rex Woodbury’s race. It was great getting to see him run and have a chance to cheer him and his beastly teammates on! Congrats to both Rex and the Catalina Foothills boys for an outstanding performance. After that I got ready to warm up with my coach, as we were warming up she told me my race plan. Before I knew it they were calling the girls individual sweepstakes to the line to get this show going. They lined us up and called our schools name and we ran past a camera to the start line. We were able to get a few fast strides then the gun went off and the race began. I went out in about 40th place around the first valley loop. Just before switchbacks at the mile mark I was at 5:40 and in about 30th place. I then maintained a good pace up the hill and then let the downhill pull me past people. As I was running up poopout hill I passed a few more girls and used that downhill on the back side of the hill to move from about 20th to 17th. When I got to the top of reservoir hill I was in 15th.  At the top my coach and my dad were yelling 5 more girls and you are in top 10. I then began to run faster and caught 6 girls but got passed by one at the finish, leaving me in 10th with a time of 18:13.  Way faster then my 19:04 last year with a 28th place finish.  I was so much happier with my finish from this year as compared to last year.

           I also ran the Tempe city on meet Wednesday the 20th and won!   My girls team did amazing and we ended up with a second place finish and we were happy about that.  Now were just getting ready for the final week of the cross country.


           On Friday, October 29th, My team adnd i ran sectionals against 18 other teams in our sectional. My race went really well and alot of you might have been shocked when you saw my sectional time of 19:43 but there was a reason for that. The race plan for this race was different, I was to go out and pull our number two and three runners and help them pr(personal record), our goal was also to get 1,2,3.  We were able to do just that, myself and my two team mates where overjoyed by the race they had run and how good they had done. We were even more happy to find out that our 4th,5th and 6th runners runners placed in the top 10. That day we ended up with 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and  10th and also had 22nd place for our 7th runner. With so many of our girls placing in the top ten we were able to win with an outstanding score of 19 points, 4 points off of a perfect score. Well done to everyone of you MDN XC girls, I am so proud of how much hard work you have done, we have one more race so lets give this one everything we got!  Hope everyones season is still going well and I wish everyone the best of luck.


~ KK ~