Casa Grande Kiwanis Invitational 2018

Casa Grande, AZ

Meet Information

Casa Grande Kiwanis Invitational Track Meet
2730 N. Trekell Road
Casa Grande, Arizona 85222
(520) 836-8500 School

Dear Track Coaches and Athletic Directors:

Welcome and thank you for your interest in our
66th Casa Grande Kiwanis Invitational!

If your team is interested in participating at the Kiwanis Invitational please email:

Teams who participated last year will have first priority, therefore the meet will close once we reach our team limit.

. *There will be absolutely no changes in entries the day of the meet. You can submit your entries at If you have any problems you may contact Crannie Hysong at 623-877-3688 or Kurt Kieser at 520-560-5544

All events will be held at the Casa Grande High School Track. The track is constructed of all weather material. Athletes with spikes longer than will not be allowed to compete. Starting time is 9:00 a.m. for Field Events and 11:00 a.m. for running events.

The COACHES meeting will be held at 8:15 a.m. the day of the meet.

All meet information is contained in this packet. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you feel that something is missing or if you have any questions. Again, thanks for your interest.
Meet date is Friday April 6th, 2018 .

Once again, there will be absolutely no changes in entries the day of the meet.

Price is: $375 per school ($200 for boys, $200 for girls team)

Kurt Kieser
Meet Director
Casa Grande Union High School


66th CG Kiwanis Invitational 2018

Meet Director
A. Kurt Kieser/Casa Grande Union High School
2730 N. Trekell Road
Casa Grande, Arizona 85222
(520) 836-8500
II.General Information
A. Location: Casa Grande High School Track
Date: Prelims and Finals Friday April 6 , 2018
Entry Fee: $375 per school ($200 Boys - $200. Girls)
Times: 8:00 a.m. Coaches Meeting
8:30 a.m. Field Events (Prelims)
11:00 a.m. Running Events ( Finals No PRELIMS )

III.Admission Prices
A. Adults - $4.00 Students - $3.00 Passes A.I.A. ONLY
Athletes in uniform or with coach will be admitted free
IV.Scoring and Awards
Scoring will be on a 10-8-6-5-4-3-2-1 basis. A team trophy will be presented to the team scoring the most points in the meet also runner up trophy , also combined team trophy. Ties will be decided in the manner designated in the current addition of the National Federal Track and Field Rule Book. Medals to the top four places .
Entries Both a Girls Team and a Boys Team/School
Each school will be allowed to submit three (3) competitors in each running and field event.
There will be a fast and a slow heat for the finals in the non-lane races. Each team will be allowed to
Enter one (1) relay team in each relay event.
All entries must be legible, listing first and surname of each participant. If entries are not legible we are not responsible for misread names or times.
All entries must be received by Tuesday 7:00 pm, APRIL 3, 2018
Official eligibility for participation is established according to the A.I.A. rules and regulations, as contained in the A.I.A. Constitution and Bylaws.
All participants will enter and compete in events as permitted by the A.I.A.
Enter on
VI.Track Facilities
A. 9 lanes curve 9 lanes straight
Concrete shot and discus rings
All weather runways in LJ, TJ and PV
All weather take off area for HJ
Foam pits for HJ and PV
Track Events
Lanes assigned for in the 100, 200, 400 and hurdle races.
Number of heats will depend on the number of qualifying entries per event.

Note: If there is a malfunction of the electronic time in any of the qualifying heats, they may be redone .

Bull Pen area: This will be located at the north end of the football field.
All athletes will be required to report to the staging area to the Clerk of the Course, who will check them in. NO HEAT ADJUSTMENTS will be made at the staging area.
800-1600-3200 Meter Runs and Relays Boys and Girls races will be run separately.
800-1600 meter runs Depending on the number of qualifying entries, (1) heat or (2) heats will be run with the fastest times in the second heat. The fast heat will be limited to 16 runners and the slow heat will have the rest of the entries. The number of runners in each heat can be changed at the Meet Directors discretion. No more than two heats will be run. Box alley start will be used.
3200 meter run One heat. Box alley start will be used.
(4x800) Relay to be run in one heat. Box alley start will be used.
(4x100) Relay to be run in three (3) heats (if necessary). The fastest teams will be placed in the final heat. Teams will be placed in lanes with lane one (1) to be the best entered time and seeded out according to entered time. The 4x400 meter relay will use a three (3) turn stagger.
VIII.Field Events
Shot and Discus
Participants will be placed in three (3) flights with the best flight competing last. The participants in flight will compete in order with the individual with the best mark competing last.
Any competitor who arrives last because of other conflicting events may be placed in one of the later flights.
After all preliminary throws are completed there will be no additional qualifying except the nine (9) finalists.
Only attempts over the following distances will be measured:
Mens Shot 35 Womens Shot 25
Mens Disc 110 Womens Disc 80
Long Jump and Triple Jump
A flight system will be used for the mens and womens long & triple jump. Four jumps only ,no finals
.All First jumps will be measured . All jumps will be measured.if meet qualifying mark.
Triple 35 Mens 28 Woman
Long 18 Mens 14 Woman
Pole Vault and High Jump
Mens Pole Vault will start at 100 with 6 raises to 13 and then 3 raises.
Womens Pole Vault will start at 70 with 6 raises to 10 and then 3 raises.
Mens High Jump to start a 5 6 with 2 raises to 6 2 and then 1 raises.
Womens High Jump to start at 4 4 and 2 raises to 5 0, then 1 raises.
Note: The starting heights may be changed at the discretion of the Meet Director in the coaches meeting .

1.Measuring line TBD Throws will be from the high jump area

All appeals must be processed through the Meet Referee. No appeals will be processed on judgment Calls of Meet Officials. The Meet Referee will be the final authority on rule infractions. The Jury of Appeals will act only on rule interpretations.
Jury of Appeals
Medals will be given to the top four finishers in each event. Coaches can pick their medals up after the meet is completed.
A team trophy will be presented to the team scoring the most points in the Womens meet and Mens Meet. There will also be a trophy for the school that has the most points combined.

XI.Other Meet Officials
Meet Director Kurt Kieser
Host A.D. Randy Robbins,
Starter Dan Reynolds , Paul Sitter
Finish line judge Mary Wimmer
Clerk Randy Collyer
Field Judge Diane Martin
Referee Dennis Hansen

Timer Crannie and Sue Hysong