Fabulous Freshman Watch List - Alaina Kautz


I will be continuing the Watch List until the Nike Southwest Regionals to cover the top freshmen from the Arizona State Meet.


Journal Questions:


Name:  Alaina Kautz  (Alaina's Milesplit Profile)


High School: 

Campo Verde


Year of Graduation: 2018


Best time in a 5K and a 3 Mile Race:

5k: 19:06


When did you get started as a runner:

I started running when I was in the seventh grade and joined my junior high cross country team. I went out thinking I was going to hate it because I didn't know anyone on the team. Of course I was completely wrong because I fell in love with it right away. 


How was the transition from middle school to high school?

The transition from junior high to high school was easier than I thought it would be. I was worried I wouldn't be able to keep up with the older kids or the coaches wouldn't like me, but when I got out there everyone was really supportive! I was ready for more intense workouts and longer runs.


What is your favorite type of workout?

My favorite kind of workout would be a tempo run because I feel so strong after I'm finished with them.


What is your goal for the rest of the season (Nike SW Regionals)?

My goal for the rest of the cross country season is to get a sub 19 5k.


Do you cross train (lift, swim, bike etc)?

For resistance training I’m in a weights class at my school, I also hike and trail run on   the weekends.


Do you follow any kind of nutrition program or watch what you eat?

I try to eat healthy all the time, but especially when I’m in season.


So far in your high school career, what is your favorite cross country race or cross country memory?

My favorite memory from this Cross Country season would be when my team traveled to San Diego for the Mt. Carmel Invitational. It was a really cool experience and I feel like we got really close as a team.


Why do you like to run?

I like to run because I like how it makes me feel. If I’m having a bad day, I’ll go for a run and I’ll feel strong and in control.


When you are not running what do you like to do?

When I’m not running I’m usually hanging out with my friends or watching movies.


How have your coaches influenced you overall?

My coaches have influenced me by telling me that it may hurt now, but it will be worth it later. They encouraged me to do my best at every race and for that I am extremely grateful.


Shout outs?

My CVXC Family!!


Quick 5:


Favorite Post-race Meal?



Kind of shoes you train in?


Flat course or hills?



Hot or cold weather?



Favorite song at the moment?

Something I need - OneRepublic