Fabulous Freshmen Watch List - Maya Smith



The Watch List continues until the Nike Southwest Regionals to cover the top freshmen from the Arizona State Meet.  Up next Maya Smith from Northland Prep in Flagstaff who won the division 4 State Meet and finished 19th overall. 


Journal Questions:


Name:  Maya Smith (Maya's Milesplit Profile)


High School: 

Northland Prep


Year of Graduation: 2018


Best time in a 5K and a 3 Mile Race:

5k: 19:02

When did you get started as a runner:

I used to run the 1 mile in the Northland Hospice Race every summer since I can remember. I have always loved exercising and would stay up the night before the PACER, worrying,  because I took it as a personal challenge to beat my best score. I took it to myself to win first in the Northland Hospice Race, so I started running a mile a day to train for a one mile race during the summer, (and I was beat anyway). As a 5th and 6th grader I tried to run as much as I could (2 or 3 miles when I got the chance), but didn’t join any cross country teams because I was involved in training for other sports (namely Tae Kwan Do and soccer). However I really seriously got started in running as a 7th grader.

How was the transition from middle school to high school?

Although the increased mileage was tough, I quickly adjusted and learned to enjoy every part of the high school cross country experience. However the days required that we had to run (4 days for practice) wasn’t really that hard to adjust to, I have been doing 7 days a week exercise (be it running or rock climbing) for a long time.


What is your favorite type of workout?

My favorite workout is L.S.D. (long, slow, distance). The workout makes me feel accomplished as well as I get to talk to all of my really awesome teammates.


What were your goals for the AZ State Meet and what was the experience like?

My goal for the state meet was simply to have fun! The experience, for me was just amazing. I got to see so many talented runners and I got to experience the bigger race aspect as well!


Will you be running at Nike SW Regionals or Foot Locker West Regionals?

I am going to be running in the Nike SW Regional race.


Do you cross train (lift, swim, bike etc)?

I cross train by rock climbing, I always run but sometimes I will do a few hours at the rock climbing gym after a workout.  I love rock climbing because it trains both my upper body and my mind in patience and endurance.



Do you follow any kind of nutrition program or watch what you eat?



So far this season, which is your favorite cross country race or cross country memory?

My favorite memory this season is going to the pool after our state race and just taking a nice cold swim!


Why do you like to run?

I like to run because I love running in the outdoors.  Every time I step outside, no matter how hard the workout, it seems worth it.


When you are not running what do you like to do?

I like to read and to rock climb.  I also enjoy gaming.


How have your coaches influenced you overall?

My coaches have only influenced me in the sense that they always remind me to have fun.  They always encourage me to relax and just enjoy running.


Shout outs?

To everyone on the sidelines, to everyone who cheers me on when I'm suffering most - Thank you.



Quick 5:


Favorite Post-race Meal?

Mexican food (all time favorite type of food)


Kind of shoes you train in?

Mizuno, Dynamotion

Flat course or hills?



Hot or cold weather?



Favorite song at the moment?

This American Life (any episode), I tend to be a person who likes to get distracted while I’m running, and for me a radio program is the best as opposed to music.