Fastest Fantasy US Girls DMR of All-Time

Fantasy U.S. Girls DMR of All-Time

Because of my love for the DMR, which of course won't be contested at any of the big invitationals due to the cancelation of the season, I decided to put together a U.S. girls' fantasy DMR of All-Time. I have already done a fantasy DMR for the guys a month ago if you are interested.

So how does this work? 

We scoured our databases and figured out what the best girls' high school DMR teams would be based on all-time performance lists. The four runners (400, 800, 1200, and 1600) have to be from the same state at any time in history. If a girl has the top times in more than one event (say the 800 and 1600), then we would take the next fastest all-time athlete in that state for that event. To be fair, we would try to create the fastest team. For example, if we had a girl who had both the fastest times in his state of 4:44 (1600) and 2:04 (800), but the second all-time state runners in those races were 4:50 and 2:05, we would make these maneuvers. We would put the 4:44 girl in the 1600-meter leg and the 2:05 girl in the 800-meter leg because the team is only losing a second in the 800 with the second-fastest state girl but would be losing a net of 6 seconds if we put the 4:44 girl in the 800m instead.

No one really ever runs 1200 meters

You're right! So what we decided to do is take the second-fastest all-time 1600-meter runner in each state and convert his time to a 1200-meter using a conversion calculator (rounded to the nearest second) - not perfect, but it's fair enough. We decided to use the second-fastest 1600-meter runner and not the second-fastest 800-meter runner in each state just because we felt there are many 400/800 gals, so moving up to 1200 meters may be a stretch. Also, we converted any mile times run by these girls to 1600-meter times, if they would get a faster time. We used this conversion table to get these times.

And we also converted a girl's mile time (if she had run one) to 1200 meters, if that was a better conversion from her best 1600-meter time. 

Why only top-12?

For one, it's a heck of a lot of cross-referencing that goes into something like this. Two, the top-12 DMR times were all pretty amazing and there was a drop off after the first 12, to be honest.

You're missing a runner (or a state)!

And this is where it gets fun and we can start to debate. We hopefully covered our bases with these top-12 teams, but we obviously could have missed a few runners, and if that is the case, then please let us know.

The data

The girls' DMR national record was set by Harvard-Westlake School (CA), 11:22.23 in 2011 - Amy Weissenbach 3:24.85, K.C. Cord 58.45, Lauren Hansson 2:13.70, Cami Chapus 4:45.23

All of our fantasy DMR teams break this record by an average of nearly 24 seconds. The average 400-meter split is 52.15. The average 800-meter split is 2:02.93. The average 1200-meter split is 3:27.17. And our 1600-meter split average is 4:36.56!

Our number one fantasy team crushes the field by over 18 seconds. This is because their 1200 and 1600 legs are the best on any team.

8 of the 12 teams have a 1600m leg under 4:40. And 10 of the 12 teams had a 400m leg under 53. Lastly, 8 out of the 12 teams had an 800m leg under 2:04.

Lastly, we have 3 teams from the North Eastern U.S., 3 teams from the Western U.S., 2 Teams from the South Eastern U.S., 1 team from the South Central U.S., and 3 teams from the Midwestern U.S.

We have tried to include as many videos of these individuals as we could find (either in our archives or YouTube).

Let's start the countdown

We will start with our #12 team in our all-time girls' US fantasy DMR of All-time.

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